11 things you should know to find your purpose in the world

Your purpose,

your purpose _ grandselfHere are 11 things you should know for discovering and cultivating your deepest purpose as a human being.

1- Deepest purpose comes in stillness.

You can’t understand life in a chaos. As some eastern religions teach you can understand some things by being still, out of present, meditating on a small thing.

2- Change the pattern of life to find your purpose

The day to day life gives you a homework. You don’t have time to envision your life and find your purpose. If you are lucky you have a job that you can take off a day or two or more. If you don’t use your weekends. Change your location, change your actions every time for the next two days, fast, pray and rethink your purpose.

3- Your purpose does not change but your mind does.

Some authors like…the way of the superior man…said your mind wanders, moody based on your experience. Once you like something and other times you hate it or you get bored of it. In any case your purpose still awaits to be unveiled.

4- Finding and working on your purpose pays off.

Some people work for money and lose their purpose for materials. Others live for a purpose for long, they perfect it or recreate something though it and make money for life, even though it could be late.

5- Others usually don’t like it when you live your purpose.

When you live your purpose, you have to have your own rules that negates other’s rules. You are different and unique in some ways. You have a goal that you follow and you tend to forget being a friend for all. People usually hate you for it since you show them their unfulfilled purpose. Others hate you because they will see you leave in the middle of wasted time. People judge you because they see you through their life. Look in history you can’t find anyone who is not ridiculed for their ideas.

6- At the end of the day your purpose will be accepted.

Ideas are scary, especially when you are the one who have them. If you fear the status quo, you will die with it. If you are strong enough to take risk of the consequences then you speak it and take whatever comes. Many are pushed away, killed for their ideas and belief. It is the weak responsibility to display congruity through violence. The smart shape the idea and the rest execute it. Live your purpose even though you are persecuted for it. At the end, probably after you passed away, you will be remembered for your contribution. That will be your legacy.

7- It takes time.

purpose takes cultivation. It needs continuous growth before seeing its results. It took Beethoven 4 years for its genius masterpiece and Jesus 30 years to teach and have followers and Einstein many years to write his papers. The result of purpose is seen out of unseen practices and studies. What you have inside is seen on outside. Perfecting something takes time. Don’t rush through life. Don’t look for shortcuts in life. Take the hardest way out. You won’t regret it.

8- Read books.

People live based on experience. And experiences are limited. If you live on leftovers of your limited perspectives then you lost a lot. You should see far from the shore. There is land that has beautiful trees, sunny sky and fertile land. With reading you change your world fast. You get perspective of many authors.  For some of you reading is a habit. If it is then you should take care of information overload. Some people read as an addiction. When it becomes an addiction, then it gives you a constant check point where you reflect on yourself but you can’t change that fact for you don’t have the time and the space in your mind. If you know your purpose, then you are lucky already. Leave this pc and go live it.

9- If you find your purpose then you are lucky.

This means you found something that you live for 24 hours a day. It is something that you could work for, for free. You are unique here. You are one of the few out there in the world. If you’re in this category, you should start producing something that could be seen and useful.  Thinking and reading, contemplating ideas is good, but your purpose is best expressed though action. Have an idea or a project and go do it, no matter how small or useless it seems and learn from it.

10- You have the right to change your destiny.

I don’t believe we are destined to some written destiny. We can choose our life where we live, whom we marry and more. Adam and eve changed their face by not respecting the commandment they got. Criminals change their destiny by breaking the rules. The scientist says we can’t say the rat is dead or not dead until it eats or pass the poisoned food. You have minimum of two options in any situation : to speak or to silence; to be happy or to be sad. You can live your purpose or live your night mare. It is up to you.

11- Money is the least of things to measure worth of your purpose.

You are wrong if you think your highly paid friend is living better than you in his purpose. Money doesn’t measure purpose. There are millions of people who hate their jobs regardless of the payment. I remember times I wanted to run away even having an attractive position and good salary. These riches do not reflect your purpose. Don’t measure yourself or your purpose against material gains.





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