Working on yourself : 10 step process to change your life in 6 month

Many people don’t like how they look. Others don’t like their current status in life. They don’t like where they live, where they spent their time. They only dream tomorrow to be better and live life without purpose only wake up one day and see that nothing has changed.

Many people compensate their non-satisfaction in life with compulsive behaviour, eating like a pig, acting crazy, heavily drinking and shopping.

What it takes in life to change is to decide, to pull out and bury what has died and go on in life. Working on your self is necessary.

I will show you the steps on working on yourself for the next 6 months to one year to change your life for the better.

  1. Imagine your role models. What good they have that you wish to have. Car, money… yes write them down.
  2. What do you wished to have for long. Bigger body, taller height, fair skin, better job.
  3. Now see how you can achieve them. Things like taller height seems to be impossible once you passed certain age. SO, don’t waste time on finding solution. Of course some things are possible like having better skin.
  4. After categorizing them, choose top five things that you should achieve within the next 6 months. It could be like, learn French, get muscle, get new job, have a date and renovate my room. Be as specific as possible to make sure they are attainable.
  5. In this stage, get real. Don’t only say get muscle, research and write like gain 30 pounds in 6 months. Then follow a certain training. Don’t just write I want to get a job. write I will look for 10 offices and call 30 offices every day and ask for job.
  6. Here change the already made organisation of life you have. Change your bed; how your cloth and change where you stay. Even change your friends if you feel they are dragging you back.
  7. Hire someone to make you do what you have to do. Persona trainer, business trainer, body trainer. Or go out yourself and grind. Look for people with similar desire, register on the internet forums or communities. Participate.
  8. Change does not happen in a day. So, follow your schedule. Never listen to your wobbling mind. It is trying to help you save energy by telling you to quit. No need to listen. Avoid its little mummers and go on to that gym you started. Don’t even waste a second. Just do it.  Don’t listen to others when encouraging you quit. People usually tend to do that. Follow your dram that you had when you leave home.
  9. Have a journal. Journal helps you notice ups and downs. It helps you stay true to yourself.
  10. After 6 months look back and rewrite what was good, what went wrong. Ask if you achieved your goals. You have written a lot with in the last six months. Write your summary of the six months. Organize then and reread them.

You can publish them, share them with the world on the internet. You can share them with people you know. And for the rest of the days go on second part of your life. Continue doing what you have done for the rest of your life.

Changing life is not easy. However; working on your self is necessary. It is must to change your life when you think you don’t need them anymore. Instead of sitting and thinking and daydreaming, act today, follow these steps and achieve your greatness.

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