what is the point of life? How to understand life to be successful

We have all asked same question at least once in our lives. What is the point of life? What is the point of all this.  Especially this generation is weak and whiny always asking “what is the point of education, what is the point of having a girlfriend. What is the point of me involving when others can do it better?”

We prefer sleeping and wishing than working. Most of the “what is the point”questions are not asked from the point of getting answers but from getting despaired. Many are tired of the way in their head before getting started on the first step.

Why do people ask what is the point of life? The misunderstanding.

Before talking about what the point of life is ,it is necessary to talk about why we question the worth of living.

1-Religion is misunderstood.

Most children brought up with relation have the idea of the temporary world. They later ask “what is the point of life” when the world is very temporary and our struggle are futile. Why should I have to work this hard and why should I solve a problem of a world that passes like a wind. Religion is misunderstood because of ignorant teachers and ignorant us.

Most religious revolutionists have made an impact in the world. They have developed their own way to interact with the world so that the people could benefit from it. They live their life with their own standards and they worked their things off and made a change. But their ways are confusion for the rest.

2-Hard work is left out.

People this days get prize for any think, worst actor of the year, worst student of the year and more. Students get prize for not coming to class and for being lazy. What is the point becoming a way out of hard work? Our visions and our deeds are left and right. We became a generation of story tellers and not doers. We have nothing to show for our life but we have a lot of images on our phones. So, if you want to easily answer what is the point of life, then you should embrace hard work.

3-The internet motivation of life is people jumping off mountains in parachute and jumping on trampoline.

This is considered to be living the life you want in this age. What is the point of life. “I have to live a life the way I like.” Believe me we all need to live that that jumping and falling 365 days a year. But we have something to do. we have something we should do that is much harder than jumping off a cliff. That is called purpose.

4-Schools become a breeding compound for useless habits.

The western education does not solve a social and economic problem the student will have after school. They are usually theories and useless facts that not one benefit from, except to win arguments. Knowing about Mitochondria only helped these who joined zoology or related field. The rest of us have no idea why we wasted their time learning about it. Our schools teach about electric current where the students could not even fix their room bulb. The excessive parties and immorality kills the morals of students. Most are confused before asking what is the point.

5-Parents have no idea how to raise a child.

A primitive child is raised as cruel as possible to teach him the cruelty of the outside world. A single mistake could land him or her in a lion cage. The parents should be as specific as possible to keep their families alive. This is not the case today. But still the world is full of dangers and every activity needs struggle and effort. The parents are not example for children. They don’t tell them how to live life better. Most parents are obsessed with their personal life. One author said most boys are not masculine because they have grown without fathers, in mother’s hands. No one is there to tell them what the point is of life.

6-The world is pretending to be perfect.

The makeup celebrities, the perfect life, the pretentious society all seems to be on a perfect place where individuals are suffering from mediocre life. Without further study, the world seems to be perfect. The people we know have perfect mirage, perfect body, perfect skin, until we experiment closely. Reality and what it looks like are different. Usually despair of not having the perfect thing makes us ask what is the point of life , I am not that perfect.

So, what is the point of life. To say the least, I believe, life has no point. This is accidental life for bible. Whatever you do,surely, you will pass away. It is like living for a while. A person paints and decorate its house even though they don’t know how long they live in it.  What matters is not how long you live, what matter is how you live.

When trump was bankrupted again, the bank promised to give him some money but on one contingency, if he stops his luxurious life that costs him a great bunch of the money. But he refused, he refused even under bankruptcy.

Here are 4 things to do to figure out ” what is the point of life .”

1-Work is the primary point of the world.

Without work, you are nothing. Success and happiness are in achievement from work. You can try it yourself. Live a week without work on you couch, you will get bored. And you will ask what is the point of life. The one thing that Adam was told to do was cultivate. In other words, work. Once you find your purpose, what makes you intrinsically happy, then you have to work your things off to fulfil your vision.

2-Question everything.

Don’t accept everything written and published. Start from this article. The point is not having fun but to be fulfilled and help others. To care for yourself and care for one another. You should know that life on earth is not the end. It can’t be. Our soul is superior than our flesh that is the bag, the container.

what is the point of life _ grand self

 but test them all; hold on to what is good, 1 Thessalonians 5:21

No one have the full answer, you should question yourself.

3-Take care of others opinion.

The schools are becoming business places. And parent don’t care until you behave. You can watch TV for hours or drink and nude dance like we have seen in some schools, the teachers don’t care much.  What is the point is a wise man question here? The point is to question that as well. You could be the idealist that question everything.

4-The world is pretentious.

The ads are fake. The pretty face is makeup. The perfect body figure is because of the cloths. The height is from the extra sole. Don’t blindly follow the perfect image of this pretentious world. You are better off with your own ideas and day dreams.

What is the point of life is appropriate question, but without perfect answer. For one to answer this question, one has to leave this pretentious, false world and has to question and live life itself.






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