What is life about? Reflection on the purpose of life on earth

What is life about? Sex, money, drugs, power? what is all this about.

When comparing the life of those who pursue these paths and others who sit dormant negating these. All have same destiny, of course death. But what is all this about it death is inevitable? What is life about above the pain and despair in our hearts.

What is life about? Serving god, being happy, or being spiritually fulfilled?

Is life being like these monks who sneak in to a forest, departing oneself from the rest of the world? Or is life about finding what it is about or theorizing your suffering as a purpose?

It is all a loop. What every you do you still have one think that one question that you still ask what is life about?

Here is what makes sense. Think of yourself as a person who lived it all and you are 70 sitting on your bed waiting to die. What would be that one thing that you would say would made you a better person? Just think of the time that you lived up to now and criticize it from the 70 years old of you.

What would you have done?

Life is about daring and doing your best. That is it. There is no perfection or the right way but being a better person each time.

There are two things that drag us down and make us doubt thinking what life is about.


Fear is the first killer. It has been a hormonal change to keep our ancestors safer in the woods. In this age, it is mostly a negative response. If you fear things would go wrong, you avoid doing.


This is the second life killer.

Then the purpose is to live for yourself than for others. This world is mostly a lie. Don’t tell me you are working on these thick papers at office to make a better world? You obviously do it for the money. And I tell you that does not fulfill your path.

The world is built when destroyed. The world is unfair settlement of human history. One throws a fist and others crumble on skeletons of their children. Nothing is fair and that is life. you can’t change that. The question is to find what life is about among this chaos.

First, is doing your part. Do what you do as perfect. Don’t do things that does not make you better person. Don’t waste energy on things that you think are hip. Never follow the crowed. Do what you do and what you like best.

Then, give as much as you received. If you have two shares one. But never give yours that is important.

Love your wife, your children no matter what they think of you. Don’t tell them show them. Don’t think do. Instead of telling your husband you love him, give him something he likes, be with him, do something for him to make him happy. Never follow a cause that doesn’t fulfil you. Causes has been here for long that we thing they are culture and obvious. But the world is a portion of what is accepted of these causes. Don’t be the sheep for these causes no matter what. Instead examine and take what is good for you. Don’t expect unrealistic and what you don’t have, instead look back to yourself. Start from what you have. Appreciate it. Don’t despise your body, instead embrace it and work to change it.

What is life about?

Life is living for one self and living for others. It is a way of surviving for a better life. Don’t be jealous or cruel instead be humble. Protect your beloved. Never every see them being harmed. Do whatever is necessary to protect them. Do as much as you can to put a legacy, not for yourself, but for the generation. And that is stupid to think on in terms of only yourself. This is the curse of youth as the young thinks only in terms of the life without the conception of death at the end of the tunnel.

But life is temporary and you soon will be forgotten. What matters is to put a legacy in terms of the world and the people. Think also of your spiritual life. As man is not purely a flesh, we need spiritual food. Love others, love god, live to benefit other, help the poor. And lastly, make your own list and make your own principles. And follow them have a vision of what you want to be in 10 years and grind to get to it.







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