grandself , mygrandself update

# I still feel that life is so short. The life that we thought was long as a child is no more. If you waste your fun 20s then your 30s are serious ones. Then is 40. It is few years away and should not be that old. But it is. Unless you do something good that contributes to your legacy it is not enough.

# Decision needs blind action. Over criticism. self-destructs the decision. The reality is life is always s unreasonable. Its possible outcomes are not always controlled and determined. It is better to take the first step and wait to see where you stepped. And learn a better place where to step the next foot.

#I have to make random and out of the box changes just now to fulfil the plans I have for the next one year. This could demand breaking the pattern of the current life I live. And that could backfire on me at any moment.



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