Time management : 5 tips for productivity and to achieving your purpose

Time management is everything. Time is the only resource that everyone in the word has, unless you are 100 years old guy with cancer or something. If you are not that person then you probably have few years on the schedule. The question is not how long you live, it is what will you do with in these times.

Last year was probably one of the hardest time of my whole life. It was a time I was taking few risks and breaking the rules, knowingly and unknowingly. I was a bit carried away with the process. The result was tough. One of these days, in the midst of my suffering as the results of my actions, I was deeply troubled to the point of regret. By the time I had almost forgotten all of my purpose, my dreams and my happiness. Without knowing I was crawling holding my perfectly working feet. Sitting in my office, my life flashed before my eyes. I was surprised.

How did I get here? What went wrong. When was I supposed to stop? My egoistic mind started questioning. I put my life in the narrowest point of the room immersed in deep anxiety. For the first time in my life I thought I had no point of return. It was as if I was dying without solution. I pictured my previous life as perfect. I said, what is wrong with having family? What is wrong with my Job? And what is wrong with current myself. I said, if I could go out of this mess, I promised, I will use my time smart. I will love my life to death.

Time passed and I found myself procrastinating again, thinking I have the time.

Time is liner for some. And it could be circular for others. But let’s talk in terms of life we know: Past, present and future. I will show 5 tips to learn time management to achieve your purpose fast.

1- Time is what we have in common: a free beginning tool.

Think, what do you have more than others when you were born? Good family, money a house. You might have more. You might have less. But the only thing that is given to man is time. Don’t get me wrong there are things that waste your time without your willingness. But having everything on same line, yours and my time are same, 24 hours. What you will do for the next few years of your life is up to you. You can take it and burn it or you can rent it or use it. It is up to you. You are the master of your time. Think of the man that hide his talent in the bible. (see the example in previous post)

The first secret to learn time management is to learn that only time is given free and possibly equal.

time management productivity _ grand self2- Life is like a tent, stay warm under it.

Many religious people claim that life is short and the real eternal life is somewhere else or on earth in another form. Even the bible mentions that life is like a tent, temporary. But that does not imply you should not time manage yourself to be your purpose. Being temporally on earth does not mean you should avoid doing what is worthwhile. The first path to time management is to remove these thoughts. Life is precious. It is created with deep pain and constipation. Its value is worth more than all these pains. You can’t take your life for granted and waste it as if it came for free. Even your short life on each needs a good rest and a hard work. Even if life is like a tent, it is up to you to stay cold or warm in it.

The Second secret to learn time management is to learn that life is short.

3- Thinking in goals.

Many people tackle life in a general vision or purpose they want to achieve. I am reminded of a book I read when I was teenager. The man gives an example how people don’t get to their dreams. He gives an example of a woman he met some years back. She wanted to be an author. And she could not publish a single book. The first question he asked her was ‘’what type of author you want to be?’’ She was confused. ‘’What do you mean?’’ she asked. ‘’What type? nonfiction, fiction, children book…? ‘’

That was her day of realization where she lost. Thinking in general could be necessary. But dangerous. You should detail your vision in to tasks. Instead of saying ‘’I want to be an author’’, say ‘’I want to be children book author and be able to write in English 101 for kids, colouring book for kids…And I will be able to do it in a year time.’’ Instead of thinking ‘’I have to finish the report in two days’’, say ‘’I will write the introduction before 9 in the morning. I will write the first two chapters until evening.’’ With this you will be accountable.

The third secret to learn time management is to think in bits, not only the big picture.

Read more: on how to achieve through goals.

4- Document your life

Documenting your progress is necessary. You have short life but you forget a lot. That is some big irony. But you should be able to document every step along the way. Write what happened yesterday and revise it once a week. Learn what took most of your time. And improve up on it along the way.

The forth secret to learn time management is note your experience and progress.

5-  Time management is a skill.

Some start is since childhood and others at adulthood. If you started early, you are lucky and you probably have it in you no matter what is happening in your life at this moment.Time management is something you practice. It is better when you learn it along the way. Improve your skill with practice.

The fifth secret to learn time management is to understand that everything is a skill and you can’t get to it if you don’t practice it.

Time management is necessary. To be good at managing your time first you have to understand your value. Then you should avoid discouraging yourself from valuing your life. Breakdown your vision in goals. Keep documenting your life and revise it to see where your strength and weakness are. Finally, keep practicing. After all life is a process and time management is a skill.

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