7 things you should know for successful time management plan

Time management plan

time management plan

Time management plan needs a systematic way of planning your time to the tasks you have. Here are 7 things to know for a successful time management plan. Identify each point and compare them with your current efforts.

Learn where you lack and where you are good.

1-Time management plan needs goals.

As we have discussed before, you cannot plan your future with only big unattainable pictures. You should have smaller goals that you could achieve through a certain period. These goals will take you to your life dreams and fantasies. Rather than dreaming about being a millionaire, dream in steps on how to get there. When you plan your time, start from these bits.

2-Time management plan should be attainable.

Plans should be attainable. Period. If you truly believe that you cannot get to your goals with your plans, stop. Don’t plan to finish writing 20 pages within 2 hours, if it is impossible for you. Be realistic.

3-Time management plan should consider your current situation.

I have noticed in life that I am not as active as I was 10 years ago. I can’t plan my time as was years ago. And I give a bit of a break for myself. I know my strength and weakness. And I plan on them. And you should do too.

4- Time management plan needs resources.

A calendar or a simple table or a reminder are some tools of time management. When you plan your time, use a table to put your goals and the time they need to finish. Never contemplate your plan in mind as they dissipate as fast.

5-Time management plan needs you to consider your family.

Life is not only work. It is also fun, family and other unforeseen events. The first pillar of life is family, besides your health. If your plan overlaps with your responsibilities, that is not a good time management plan. Learn to balance.

6-Time management plan needs a check point.

We always plan. Some of us plan at the beginning of every year, others every evening and others every hour and minute. We are obsessed in planning than doing. How do you get yourself accountable? Well by check points. Instead of planning to write a book in a year time, plan to finish a chapter in a month. And some pages in a week. And check your progress every week and see where you lag and where you excel.

7-Time management plan demands change.

Nothing of your plans are perfect since they depend on your emotions. And emotions change. In fact, most of the plans we have based on emotions are rather useless and does not fulfil a purpose. Learn to change and tweak your plans with time. If you see something better fit it in to your plans.

time management plan should be attainable, noted and should be checked with time. Life is all about progress and your time management plan should be as well. Learn to follow up your progress and change through time.




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