This is your life? Whose life are you living?

This is your life? Whose life are you living?

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Many people suffer of losing the game for the unknown. For this they live a life they don’t want to live, to only keep themselves on the edge without falling. The reality is most people are living what is not their dreams. They are living a life that could make money or a life that only gets them an applause. Many couples spent years and years in abusive relationships before realizing it’s too late. Many people work on jobs they don’t like to survive their family. The funny part is most get used to it, even if they are worrying each day. They give birth for more kids, they marry people they don’t like hoping to share their sorrow.

The question at the end of the day is whose card are you playing? If the things you are doing are not in your life book, then, it is probable that you will lose the lost battle for real.

I have thought about games in life some months before. I was in a deep worry for someone whose life was a living misery. His dysfunctional relationship with a dysfunctional woman was a viral disease for the surrounding. His worry makes us live in a deep pit where is hard to leave without giving them a solution. The game was not invented or was not a creative one. It was simply a kind that I despised when I grow.

The process took a lot of money, lots of entry and sleepless nights. Their worry and kid character created a new scenario and new game for everyone around them. And the process affected everyone around.

Months after a funny thing happened. Most of the people around them was already broke trying to lull them in to peace. And everyone forgotten their life thinking these peoples less life.

And when everything was over and when the chaos was finalized for once and for all, everyone was on the field. Thinking what am I doing there.

The actors had left the field making it barren land. They went on with their life that seemed better. They never blinked twice to break the friendship. The friends were the losers in the relationship after all. For this they received lashes from themselves.

You probably have to ask yourself who is the magician in your life. Who is the one to ask it this you card? If you can’t answer this question, you should probably have to continue reading. I will show the way to identify who has the card.

1-You find yourself in other’s life.

If you continuously find yourself cooking other’s dinner you should watch out. I was a huge fan of entering other’s yogurts, like that fly. I intervened to help anyone whom I think needed a help. As the story above is written, at the same time I find myself being demanded more. And sometimes it feels I am too much there and I don’t have life myself. I read advice from elderly people hat, helping others is good but you can’t forget that they have their own destiny and you don’t have to interfere in their destiny without being asked.

2-You are confused and following the wrong pedestrian.

Have you noticed a stray dog on a street? They follow everyone they see until that person looks back and freaks out and bash them off. If you feel your life is following then you should watch out. following leaders is good for most people out there. But following others without no purpose at heart is dangerous. When the leader changes mind, you should do too. This is your life , create something of it.

3-You have no map of the future.

This is your life, living your life but caught up with the dream of the past. If you don’t have the general picture of what you want to be or if you don’t have a purpose in life then you are living off the leftovers. It is like the mouse who asked for a single wheat seed in front of her, when she is offered the whole wheat in the storage. If you cannot at least see the glitter afar from today, then you are surviving.

This is your life

If at least two of the above points express your current situation, then may be someone is having the card or there is a huge probability that anyone can manipulate you or use you for the fulfilment of their purpose. They can show you the magic in the way that fits. They can flip the card or even cancel the show. If you feel you have no control in life, you should get up from this screen and do something about it. As we always say, the key to your life is in your own hands.

This is your life. Live it for yourself first.


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