Introduction The paleo diet is becoming a choice of millions of women and men around the world. The paleo diet is proved to benefit the body to become healthier and lose more weight. In this post, I will explain What does paleo meanPaleo definitionThe paleo diet basicspaleo benefitsThe paleo rulespaleo diet weight loss what is the paleo diet? So, what does paleo mean? From the definitions and practices, you can say paleo is a holistic approach to be healthier and more fit by returning the long-lost practices of human ancestors. This approach defines paleo as eating healthy like cavemen. The dieta paleo contains unprocessed food, fresh and merely pesticide-free vegetables, and more natural foods. The approach demands to be mindful of what we eat every day and help the body to help us become more active and present. The paleo diet ( dieta paleo) became famous after 2008 and 2009…