More things to stop doing in life to grow: grand self

More things to stop doing in life to grow

Don’t fear change

Growth is brutal. It demands leaving what is enjoyable and becoming responsible. It has a challenge, uncomfortable situation and hurdles to jump to become the next. Growth in life is usually demonstrated in two ways. Growth is physical and also spiritual.

And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man. Luke 2:52 

Once one said the purpose of life is to grow. And this true in many cases. If a kid crawls for a decade, we notice and we pity of them. We expect them to dare and stand up and walk not matter how they turn out to be.

To grow in life, first, you need to solve your challenges, fight your demons. Solving these challenges could help you become a better person, a better wife, a betterfather. For a heavy drinker to stop drinking is hard. For a sports fan to spent game night with family is like dying.

We all have our own challenges and habits that harm us than help us. Deciding to stop them is the first leap.

…for example find and write your challenges and explain why and how they affect you and how can you solve them..

Today, I decided to stop doing two things, stop spending time and resources on others and stop passing responsibilities to others.

I have noticed that for the last two years I was responsible for spending most of money for food with friends. I was labelled as careless while I was spending too much only to comfort them on their grief over break ups and life disasters.

Why was I giving priority to others over myself. The more I do something for others, the more they expect I do it again and the more they take me for granted. I didn’t find earth a fairy tale space with rewards. In fact, it is a cruel place.

Then the decision is to help others to solve their own problems.

Second, I will not pass to others properties under my responsibility.

I will not give my property to others with out a pay back. Some of you might consider this as cruelty or unfriendly. However, I believe that for me to grow I have to grow out of the shell first. And my shell is too much self-sacrifice and putting finger in other’s pot before putting in to mine.

Third, I have to be out spoken.

If I become too out spoken, as I have tried few times, life would be chaos, at least for me. I noticed people blaming and criticizing me for speaking my mind. Other compete with me trying to equate themselves with me and drug me down. Life hidden is more secured, less risky. Life bold is risky but the result is beautiful.

Life is about growing and facing the weakness. Your perceived weakness could be other’s strength. But as long as you find it a weakness, then you should face it. You have to stand against it.

Change is hard. Because the mind avoids it. The mind prefers the body to sleep than work. This is not laziness. This is energy saving mechanism.  Energy gave ancestors more time to survive in life. These days you can’t possibly need much energy saved as you won’t go for days without food or as you are not afraid of finding food.

Don’t run away from pain of change.

Then the pain of solving your challenge makes you stronger and bigger.

The pain is beautiful in itself. Because the size of the pain is relevant to the size of the reward. And the size is measured against us, our capability, our DNA.

This is my weakness: being too nice, pleasing others. I have to beat myself out of it or I have lived in the dirt for long trying to please every pedestrian.

What is yours? List them down, see how you can solve them and solve them. Enjoy the process. Remember the pain can not be compared to the reward you reap at the end.

Tell us your challenge.

More things to stop doing in life to grow 


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