How to overcome low self-esteem

Low self-esteem is a problem that many of my readers share. We all had that time that we were self-conscious and with low sell-esteem. That is no problem as we are imperfect beings. The problem is when the issue of low self-esteem becomes a lifestyle. It is to be though of when low self-esteem makes us a slave of its own and we fear and sweat on daily situation. This includes, how we respond on social situations: fear of speech, fear of holding a conversation, fear of rejection,fear of the unknown fear of tomorrow. These are some of the fears that are reflected through low self-esteem.

Don’t believe when other sources tell you that you have low self-esteem when in reality that you are uninterested of a specific social situation or when you are afraid of speaking on your next meeting. This is normal. Everyone, until educated otherwise, have been through that.

This article is not for that kind of situation. This is for those who believe that they have a constant challenge of expressing themselves because of fear of the unknown.

People with low self-esteem have that avoidance and shadow character where they are invisible in the crowed even if they are the mind behind the whole thing. Their work is unrecognised since their low self-esteem push them to hide it for fearing the response.

If you truly believe you have low-self-esteem issue than I write six points on how to overcome low self-esteem.

1-First, is education.

Knowledge through reading and learning is worth solving a challenge. If you read this then you have more probability to figure out how to respond to your challenges. Leaders and strong people out there have a history of reading or gaining constant relevant knowledge that gives them the advantage to standout in life. If you look closely , there are thousands and thousands of materials out there on every topic. what you have to do it to read and learn.

John was fearful when in social situations, especially in dating. when ever his dating time gets closer, the gets deep in to mind freeze. he sits there clicking the mouse on his PC , with no progress. His life was this way till one day we discussed about his issue. I suggested him to read three books and a recorded seminar on dating. His doubt was obvious until i met him again after six months. for my surprise , he was bold, knowledgeable and he was out of his box, already.

2-Avoid perfection

perfection is a mood killer. Acting perfect all the time is boring. For me, times I tend to be perfect were times that took all my energy and left me helpless. And at the end I learn everything I did could be done another way. And all these tiny things that I picked are unnoticed. This left me on the air. I feel I have no power to defend myself of the comments. The criticism against the time I spent on the work could not be equivalent. This created a defensive character. And as you know defensive people struggle with lose self-esteem. To overcome low self-esteem, you have to learn to let go. You have to agree with your imperfect part. You should be willing to fail. It does not matter after all.

3-Be vulnerable.

This is cliché, I know. But how many people you know are vulnerable enough for you to see inside their heart. Too much of vulnerability is weakness. But when you are able to let go of yourself and express yourself, there the magic starts.

People are begging to see inside you all the time. They need you to speak your mind. Everyone one is waiting for someone else with the character to intervene and save the day. How to overcome low self-esteem starts with being open of your ideas.

People always argue with you at first when they hear your opinions. But later your ideas and actions become a norm. Every worth idea has been argued with. If you keep your ideas to your self, they will die with you. But if you let it out, then you will see their strength and weakness and the is beautiful. To overcome your low self-esteem, practice to be open and vulnerable all the time.

4-Change your lifestyle.

Days before, I met a woman who had a bad body Oder. She was constantly telling me how other guys are not attracted to her. I could clearly read her despair on her. She said, ”I am beautiful, why is everyone avoiding me? Why are they mocking me?”

You don’t know yourself like others could tell you, sometimes. You have to be vigilant enough to see who you are and how you act. A slight of mistake could give you a different image. What is your life style? Visit a doctor for a general check-up or change your cloths, change your style. Low self-esteem is usually a result of a subconscious reflection of unidentified conscious reality. Avoid illegal scenarios in life, they say, ”a monkey with a fart can’t jump since others would laugh on her.” Then to remove the fart, remove the source first, then your will be OK.

5, Break the immoral.

This is not religious text. But all we have that moral code in life. At the same time, we have worries and regrets. To overcome self-confident, remove all these immoral things that gives your mind a work. This could be pornographic contents, bad habits, drugs. These are usually unacceptable for the sane in the society. And living with these give you a hard time to be true to yourself. To overcome your low self-esteem, remove these things that makes you regret. When you meet life with clear mind and clean conscious , you will act with self esteem.

Continue reading how to improve self-confidence: 5 secrets to improve self-confidence . That post will teach you how to overcome low self-esteem with detain steps and actions. Before going there, please be true to yourself and do the homework you read on this post. Read books, watch seminars, and try to be vulnerable even if you are to blame. Change your day by changing your life style and change your environments. Identify problems you have against the five pointers and list them and figure out with to do with them.




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