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Purpose of life: 5 tips to build your life of the rock with firm purpose of life

Purpose of life: 4 tips to build your life of the rock with firm purpose of life

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John came to me with a big despair on his face. He was throwing stuff around. “What happened?” I asked him expecting a compliant. “My girl friend left me”, he said scratching his head.

As he tells me his story, I noticed his confidence was crushed. He was terrified of the future. He was totally lost. I don’t remember most of the things he told me that day, but he said one final word before the stops talking. He said, I don’t know what to do here anymore, I am useless without her. I don’t know what to do. Trying to hold his tears.

I noticed, how some people break under pressure. How they despair on life when something small happens on them. This human being that used to fight with a lion for survival is weak enough to quit on life for losing a woman. Don’t get me wrong. Love is good, but loving and losing happens. In fact, it is not about the events that happens in one’s life, it is how we respond to them that matters. One should not love to fill his/her emotional or economical emptiness. One should not live to live and pass. To be rock solid under a storm, you should start from the base. The rest of the decoration, passes away under the storm.

And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house, but it did not fall, because it had been founded on the rock.    Matthew 7:25

Christ compares the house built on a sand and on a rock. He says the one built on a sand will be destroyed under the storm and the one under the rock stays.

Here I will show you five things I learnt to build your life on a rock.

1 The base is everything.

Building a house, the engineer spent some time on the base for they know it is probably one of the top on the list of the safety issue. They change the soil, they use stones to support structures, they fill concrete. They make as much as necessary precaution and preparation for the rest of the structure to stand upon. Your strength in life is made sure from where you are round. Without your grounded purpose, your job, your family won’t last long.

2-You are challenged in fire

Challenges are like a fire, and life pass through them dead or alive. The bible compares the strength of each person or character or achievement when passes thought the fire. It says when achievement passes though the fire, it could be as a gold as iron or as a grass. If it is gold or iron, it turns on the other side as beautiful or as shiny as they could be. But then the grass passes through the fire, it burns away. Life is not about the strength of the fire, but it’s the strength of us. It is about how strong we made our selves to be. Without this self-made progress, you would perish even though water or crushed with foot, on the side of the foot path.

3-Life is a progress.

A person who was once drunk, could become sober. A person who is once a loser in front of other’s eyes can become a master of the art. If you see closely to the people you admire, most claim that they were not good in school. They were not the most silent ones in life. They were perceived as failure. But these people made themselves someone after failures, and win this judgemental world.

Gary vee talks about finished product where one sees today’s basketball players, today’s actors, today’s executives and think that he can’t wat to be like them. If you think it through these people were as small like you probably are. Life is a progress. And winning challenges need a constant work. Lifting 100 pounds is possible but if you are willing to work as much as these who lift 100 pounds. Without it your effort is built on the sand. And you will probably hurt your self-lifting what you are not trained to lift.

4-The rock itself matters

You can’t waste time building your life on a wrong rock. No matter how beautiful the rock is its purpose is to ground us and hold us safe in life. The wrong rock could serve its purpose but it won’t make us happy. A rock at a beach is always wet while a rock at mountain areas is cold and a rock at desert is dry and hot. Where ever it is located it has its own purpose and is beautiful. But where you want to be grounded it your choice that you should make carefully.

5-Learn to let go those that don’t appreciate the rock

Your relation with the rock is necessary for your future. You grow on the rock, you become happy on the rock and you lose on the rock. The rock is your world. It makes you proud. It makes you realize your potential. Don’t let anyone criticizes your rock. Don’t let others dig the rock for treasure. And treasure should pass though you, the structure. You could invite other for the warm of the house but you can’t let them see the rock. That is your valuable asset that you can’t let others destroy.



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