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Paleo diet bible: Everything you should know about the paleo diet

paleo diet


The paleo diet is becoming a choice of millions of women and men around the world. The paleo diet is proved to benefit the body to become healthier and lose more weight. In this post, I will explain

  1. What does paleo mean
  2. Paleo definition
  3. The paleo diet basics
  4. paleo benefits
  5. The paleo rules
  6. paleo diet weight loss

what is the paleo diet?

So, what does paleo mean? From the definitions and practices, you can say paleo is a holistic approach to be healthier and more fit by returning the long-lost practices of human ancestors. This approach defines paleo as eating healthy like cavemen. The dieta paleo contains unprocessed food, fresh and merely pesticide-free vegetables, and more natural foods.

The approach demands to be mindful of what we eat every day and help the body to help us become more active and present.  The paleo diet ( dieta paleo) became famous after 2008 and 2009 online and offline. People were using the dieta paleo methods and tips discussed by the experts in the field. Many saw a big change and started sharing them with others.

Many scientists were concerned with the question of what is paleo, and what does paleo mean. They worked to find a way to link a hunter-gatherer diet plan to the modern idle man, notes Loren Cordain, an author of the paleo diet.

Generally, the idea of bringing back fresh food into modern life gave the paleo meaning.

Paleo diet definition

There are many definitions of paleo in the world. Some define paleo as a caveman diet other as an unprocessed food diet to cleanse a body. The goal, says the above link website, is to eat like a caveman, healthy and natural. The processed food has a side effect on our lives in this day and age. Many people consider the time it saves to eat them and easy delivery as the primary lure into processed food.

The diet definition also claims that the food that the cavemen and women consumed had an influence on their body. The average caveman was muscular and the average woman was slender. Today, people are becoming weaker and thinner for the main reason of what they frequently take into their bodies.

That is the place of the paleo diet.

The paleo diet, therefore, is designed to resemble the meal plan of the hunter-gatherer society that existed thousands of years before. That is, it contains a whole food. Healthline claims that the hunter-gatherer had a lower rate of disease, lower obesity, diabetes or heart disease.

The paleo diet also has the power to help lose weight and make you happier, faster and healthier.

 Another closer definition of paleo is related to how modern life made us sedentary. The sedentary lifestyle that was different from what it used to be, long ago, made us consume more and consume unprocessed food full of fat and sugar. Paleo diet way is to cut these products of the modern world and return to the basics.

Wikipedia states that the similarity of food that has existed long ago to today’s says all about the unchanging human digestion over time. Above the difference in climate and food in various geographies, the appetite and overall system stayed similar.

The paleo diet definition is to return to the time before where human beings started to settle.  This paleo definition includes foods like vegetables, fruits, nuts, roots, and meat and typically excludes foods such as dairy products, grains, sugar, legumes, processed oils, salt, alcohol, or coffee.

The paleo diet basics

paleo diet basics 1– Paleo diet encourages dieting to bring back the cavemen practice that is to eat fresh.

Paleo diet basics 2 – The modern world makes us idle and we go for fast food and processed food. This affected our demeanor and our health.

Paleo diet basics 3 – The vegetables and fresh food help to restore health.

paleo diet benefits

The Paleo diet benefits are twofold. One is a diet that is intended to replace processed food. The diet benefit starts with creating a healthy lifestyle in your life. We are trained to live fast and we rarely care for our body and mind. Most of our food has preservatives, chemicals, and ingredients that re not good for health in the long run. No wonder why many people are obese, or older than their real age.

Some studies show that paleo diet benefit extends to better health. People with blood pressure have shown improvements. It also helps get rid of fat and excess weight by adjusting your calorie intake. Most of the modern food you eat have high calorie in small portions.

Here are a few of the benefits of a paleo.

  1. Clean diet- The paleo removes most of the everyday foods that we take without considering their consequences. It only focuses on the fresh and natural food that is useful to our body. The paleo diet has low toxin or no toxin level compared to western food.
  2. Inflammation- The paleo diet highly supports your digestive system and decrease inflammation. It helps your immune system and helps the body heal itself. The reckless sugar intake, or alcohol or fat clearly has side effects on the digestive system. The diet benefit is it helps the body by reducing inflammation.
  3. Better rest and better health- Since the diet takes care of the internal body, you will get better sleep. The western fast food is mostly associated with blood pressure and another related disease that disturb your sleep pattern. The clean diet benefits the brain rest more. The paleo diet benefit also extends health benefits, including the healthy gut, low digestion problems, better metabolism, low fat and low prevalence to disease.
  4. Nutrition- The paleo diet has a variety of food that is included in the study and proper calorie mechanism. Instead of bland meat for dinner, you will enjoy a balanced diet. It is not necessary to worry about the calorie of intake when you are on a paleo diet. The diet itself has good content with low calorie. You can eat as much as you can and you won’t get obese out of it.  

paleo diet rules, the paleo way

The paleo diet rules extend from what you can eat to what you can’t eat. It also recommends a health check before trying the diet. Here are a few paleo rules that you should strictly follow to become successful in your trial.

As any nutritionist or a doctor could tell you, you should not change your diet in a big leap with our consulting a medical person. The success of the diet could highly differ from one person to another.

It is known that some people could see a sign or a reaction with in the first few weeks of changing their diets. While the body adjusts itself to the new diet, you might experience headache, aches, feeling exhausted and more. Even though the diet is clean, some of you might experience that. These signs should go away by themselves. And if they don’t you should see a medical doctor.

Diet the paleo way has a various level. It is advised to start as a remedy rather than a lifestyle when it comes to the paleo way. You can start by limiting alcohol intake or other foods such as grains, or fish oil or dairy products or by removing from your list at all. A 30-day or more program is a harsh one and should be carefully done.

The foods that are allowed on the paleo diet rules are listed below. So, what is in the paleo diet?

1-Meat, fish and seafood

As the hunter and gatherer could enjoy such food, you also can enjoy meat including, beef, chicken, lamb, turkey, or pork. Diet the paleo way also includes protein foods, such as bacon, eggs, seafood, fish, salmon, shrimp, and shellfish.

Enjoy your paleo with Salt and Spices, garlic, curry and more.

2-Fruits and vegetables.

Apples, grapes, oranges, avocados, and ore are allowed in paleo diet rules. Carbohydrates including vegetables: peppers, broccoli, onions, tomatoes, carrots help the body a great deal. The paleo diet states you should be more careful of your health while depending on these foods in this category. Patients with diabetes and related disease and people with an active lifestyle should consider calorie and should consult a nutritionist first.

3- Nuts and Seeds

Macadamia, sunflower seeds, almonds, and hazelnuts are good in the paleo diet rules.

4- Healthy fats and oils

The paleo diet rules allow using oils and healthy fats either as a food or as a cooking oil. The coconut oil, or Extra virgin olive oil, or avocado oil are good alternatives.

What is not in the paleo diet? This is foods that the paleo rules encourage to avoid.

1- Processed food

Any protein foods including processed food, high-fat meat should be avoided. These include sausages, bacon, dairy products, yogurt, cheese protein powder are excluded from the diet. You should avoid these foods. Remember you can eat butter and cheese but not low-fat dairy products. The paleo rules also exclude artificial Sweeteners

Aspartame, Sucralose, Cyclamates, Saccharin, Acesulfame Potassium, and anything else that is unnaturally sweetened.

 2-Sugar and High Fructose Corn Syrup

This includes soda, fruit juice, table sugar, candy, pastries, ice cream, and other sugary foods.

3- Grains and legumes

The paleo way excludes everyday foods that we get used to including bread, wheat, barley, rye, and pasta. Lentils and beans also are out of the paleo way.

4- Vegetable Oils

We saw that some cooking oils permitted in the diet. But oils such as Soybean oil, cottonseed oil, sunflower oil, corn oil, grapeseed oil are excluded from the diet.

 Generally, here are a few tips to remember if you plan to live the paleo way.

  1. Include fresh goods and avoid processed foods.
  2. Include meat and fish and avoid processed ones
  3. Include coconut oils and avoid others such as soybean oils.
  4. Include water and natural drinks and avoid alcohols and coke.
  5. Include nuts and seed and avoid grains and legumes

paleo diet weight loss

This is the question most people pose after learning about the paleo diet. Does the diet help me lose weight? The paleo diet weight loss is associated with few rules. From experience and studies, paleo weight loss is proved to work.

First, make sure that you have a plan. The pity of paleo diet weight loss programs is that people are easily discouraged or distracted from their goals. If you want your paleo weight loss to work you should have a plan. The plan should include schedules, pre-diet preparations such as buying ingredients and cookware and more. Psychological preparation is also necessary.

Once you decide on your plan, the next step is to simplify your diet. The paleo has lots of dos and don’ts when it comes to food. This sometimes becomes destruction. Instead plan your food based on your appetite, your budget and your access to the foods.

The paleo weight loss effort works with enough intake of food. Depriving your body by eating less of none does not benefit the body instead it hurts your immune system. The paleo weight loss is not about starving your self but maintain calorie or eating clean to help the body get rid of toxins. Make sure to take carbs to support your body energy level. Especially on exercises, it is better to balance your carbohydrate intake to avoid fatigue and muscle problems.

This also means that you should avoid sitting idle to support paleo weight loss.

The holistic approach to the diet is necessary. This means that you should focus on your other part of your life including psychological and physical health. Avoid stress that you might already have in your life or stress that could come with the diet plan change. Practice meditation.  

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