The guide to over thinking, how to stop over thinking and start doing

Over thinking _imageOver thinking is the curse of the smart or rarely the rest. I believe only the smart has that syndrome. Let me search one more; let me see what is going on before I say something. Because the rest are talking without second thought. They talk, they shout, they insult. They start with a snap of a finger without second thought. And they don’t regret.

I have known that overthinking is a symptom and consequence of two things: laziness and smart mind.

When one is lazy, they tend to over think into procrastination.

“What business shall I start?” And they think about what is next. They know what is but they don’t want to get up and do. Then the mind gets stuck in to the ruts of the maze. The mind freezes not to respond to the hesitation, trying to protect the body from the possible dangers that hesitated the mind. They promise to sleep on it and over think, only to get stuck in the maze.

The other group of hesitators are the smart ones.

When one is educated, although not smart, they tend to become the searching type. They search for something they don’t know without specific goals. These groups know they are able to achieve and they are one step away from starting but they keep doing one thing again and again. As Einstein said doing one thing again and again expecting different result is insanity.

When they plan to start a business, they usually look for “who are the best players in this industry.” And they read everything about them. And by the time they finish reading , their idea is gone and they are hesitating again.

One thing that makes a difference in your life is doing. It is in doing that legacy presides. The rest is for yourself. It is same as that quote that I listened on a movie year before.

Whatever you think is for yourself, what every you do is for other. Anonymous

What shall I do to stop over thinking?

When idea comes to mind, ask three questions. It is even better to write it as much as and as soon as possible so that you can revise it later.

1-What is the problem?

Without a specific problem, your effort is nothing. They say don’t solve a problem that does not exist. If you have to do something, you should do it to solve the problem that you perceived. Google is there to solve the searching information challenge they had at the time, for this they invented a different algorithm. Tesla is there to solve energy problem, no matter where they push their brands to. This is their ultimate USP. People also say, “the size of the problem is equivalent to the size of the payback.” Ending world hunger gets you much more response than ending your hunger with Mc Donald’s or fixing your leaking tap.

Watch what Elon Mosk is doing.

2-Do I have the skills to do it? Is it the time?

You could have the best imagination to create a talking robot or flying sorcerer, but if you don’t have the talent or the resources to do. Then you should shelf your idea for the next and do something else.  Be true to yourself. You are not a millionaire to do that in a snap of finger. If you can collaborate or find fund, that is fine. But if you deep down know you can’t, pass it to the next time. Sometimes wasting time on something that you can’t do immediately is part of the overthinking. Even some known entrepreneurs have witnessed this reality. Directors like James Cameroon have stashed away great movies like avatar for decades until the right CGI comes along.

3-How long that it takes to get there and what are the steps?

We all lie to ourselves and we think we are OK when our fingers are burning on the fire. We are taught to be that way. That is the only way we stayed looking strong in front of hypercritical school children. But it is OK to be vulnerable, sometime.

Be true to yourself. How long does it take to finish that project without wasting your too much time off? Therefore, not working 16 hours, sacrificing family time or personal health. And what are the steps. Remember it is easier when planned. It is the doing that is harder. Prepare yourself.

If you pass these three questions, then you are right to go. Just start it. Follow the path you read on question three. Stop over thinking. Instead ask for help. Go to people you know that are good in what you want to do and ask for help. Take advice and do it as fast and show them back. Find people how can work with you with equity or with small fee with buck chunk promise when it is profitable. Stop over thinking. Just do.

If you didn’t pass the three points and you believe you have 2 or more problems of the list, then this is the right moment to stop over thinking. Your success is dependent on tow things, on starting and improving along the way.

For this put a big simple road map and follow it. Celebrate on each time you finished a certain goal.

Finally, it is in the doing where the gold lays. No matter how much you think about a gold ore or no matter how many books you read about it or no matter how many training you take on gold mining or no matter how much you talked about it or no matter how passionate you are about gold, you are not going to own gold. The only way to own gold is to get up from that bed and go out, find a machine and people and go and dig.

Here you have two choices that you don’t have in the first option: find nothing and learn from it or find a mine of gold with crowns of prizes that you can’t handle. Just get up and start digging.





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