I need a break. When is the time for a real break

I am workaholic.

I have a passed maybe endless nights in my bed room trying to figure out the work that I was struggling with all day. At the same time, I am psychotically planning on how to continue it tomorrow morning. Even on my walk I am constantly reminded of the work I have to do when I get to the next destination. Don’t get me wrong. This gave me a unique position in my work life. Bosses like me easily and I feel like fulfilled.

But recently I am feeling exhausted, I am feeling a person with 45 years of body. I am constantly tired, my eyes are fatigued, my brain freezes like a pc at times.

My effectiveness has lost way down, that I am wanted to quit my work. People still appreciates me and I could be one of the top performers of the work place. I have lots of responsibilities and I get them done on time sometimes procrastinating.

But in my own standards I am failing. I have few more months to shut down, I feel it.

If one has to believe its intuition, my intuition is whispering out get some break. Its telling me to go out of the city somewhere else where there is quite and peace.

I am planning to take a 15 days break with only an hour on PC and the rest getting physical.

I have planned to visit places, pray and think of the future.

For this I have prepared a schedule where I could follow thought out the break time.  I shall share the result here later.

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