The art of living with purpose not caring about how others think of you

When you find a thing to live for, they say, you will be immersed not to care what other think of your choice. But what usually happens is otherwise. We tend to ignore the people we like and make them beg to get us. And we tend to shy away from the things we like. We blow-up chances of life. We fear to express our thoughts fearing opinions. That is true. You might have caught doing same to yourself.

Here, I will show you five reasons for living life with purpose ignoring what might people say about us.

Boldness pays.

Boldness comes along with living with purpose. A person that doesn’t live with a purpose usually don’t have a thing to stand for. They usually mumble and crumble under pressure. But if you are living with purpose that you have in life then people follow you. Back at my school time, the first year, every one was very shy and afraid to contribute since they were barley known from each other. Few seniors gods of the classes. Their arrogance was all over the place. And they were spokesmen and they were heard.

But one day I noticed how clueless they were some of the times.  When we need to decide to take A or B, they jump to the end and choose one. Then we figure out if that choice work with trial and error when the rest gives a lot of reasons for not choosing fast enough.

Life is trial and error.

There is no map for life. What matters is not living a perfect life without failure but living with purpose? What matters is how you get up and go on to the next.  When you live with purpose you don’t have to fear taking risks. Risks are usually associated with what would people say our failure. We usually fear risks for this reason.

When you first get your driving licence you were conscious of the road. It is chaotic and people are rushing. Either you fear and quit or take risk and train with trial and error. You can’t know what comes next. You choose the best out of life and live it.

living with purpose _ grand self

There are no rules. You make the rules.

When you watch super hero movies or even these action movies, you see how the actors/actresses make the lives of their own without caring what people think. They have one concept in life, and live life of purpose and don’t care what some guy says in the movie. Since they are so purposeful, they go and take what they want. They only work to fulfil the purpose of the movie. You don’t see an actor who plays dice on a street while his sister is abducted.  They only work with purpose.

When Christ comes to a synagogue he noticed people selling at the temple. He noticed that the house of prayer was turned in to business place. What did he do? He made the law there. He made a whiplash and whipped the people out of the temple. When Malcom x sees his people pushed away being discriminated, he stood up with his best ability and worked his life for it. He didn’t one bit cared about the enemy. Once you have a life of purpose, then follow each step to fulfil it. And this helps you ignore the gossip of others. After all you make the rules for the cause.

People love people with purpose.

But they tend to ignore them at first. Ignorance is a test. It is like a woman testing a man at first. It does not mean she doesn’t like the man but she wants to make sure that he cares enough. There is a quote, when you come with purpose people give you names, they ignore you, then they try to figure out what you are talking about then they will follow you.

If you met someone who blindly ignores you for your ideas and change, it is usually out of fear of losing you. If you are on the way to make a million dollars, guess what, your friend won’t like it. Because they know the result of your effort will change your lifestyle and in turn it will change you. But if you make it, you will inspire them. They will love you and follow you.

The world does not like people living without purpose.

Only people living with purpose make a difference. The rest are followers. They have no concept of living , no useful knowledge. They live life based on myth and stories.  These are all over the place. They are our neighbours; our family. They are us. The world needs people who stand out. Because people cripple thier dream fearing how others would portray them. You see how revolutionists are be littered on tv in this culture. They are talked up on as if they are criminal. But once they pass that stage and they make the point to the world, the world understands their point. They become an icon.

All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.—
Arthur Schopenhauer, German philosopher

It is up to you.

When you live a life of purpose, you will be noticed. And as Godin says, an artist’s work should be displayed. And an artist cannot paint and hide his work. That is useless. He/she will put it out there for people to see and judge. And out of that judgement that the artist will grow better. Life is like an art. You can’t live a worthy life by hiding yourself in your tiny room. You should figure your life, live life of purpose and stand by your ideas. Then the people demonize you, they question you and finally they will embrace you. And by this time, you have changed lives. You have probably made a history.

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