Your life, what your life is


Your life is a battle ground. Anyone who is prepared will always win the race.

Your life is a constant challenge. For some it is a battle of survival. The results keep you growing.

Your life is meant to be worked with and be profited with. You can preserve it, or trade with it. Your future depends on it.

Your life is not a game until you are fascinated with the maze and get lost in it.

Your life is a progress. Your life is a constant change, towards perfection.

Your life is not perfect. No one’s life is perfect. It is all pretension.

Your life is not different, until you believe it is.

Your life is created unique. You can act a unique as you can.

Your life is precious. Don’t listen to people telling you otherwise.

Your life could change. It is all about decision and work habit.

Your life is like a vase on a shelf, it is beautiful but also breakable.

Your life could be designed or lived freely. It is up to you.

Your life has no shepherd. You are the only one that guide your life in the way you need. The consequences of your path are on your head.

Your life is matters as long as you make it matter. Your life does not matter for others when you are poor or loser.

Your life could save others; your life could destroy others.

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