Life is short. 6 reasons that you should live life like a hero

Teenage is the crazy age. It is age that we thought we are the one in the world. We thought that we were the saviour of the chaos world. Our small ideas were better than the best of the world.  We feel we are living our life to the best, playing soccer all day, watching tv and imagining what would it be shopping like the celebrity we saw on tv. When we finished college, after sex and drink crazed life, we then think to settle, to work harder and make money in order to payback our loans that we rent and spent carelessly or to pay our mortgage. The promises of the world and the fantasy of our child hood is over by now. Welcome to real world, real life, of group of beasts who snatched you before you opened your bleary eyes.

Wherever you live this is the story of your life for most of you. You finished college and you don’t like your educational background. Or you don’t want to work in the field that you spent thousands to learn.  You spend 20 and 30 years of your life working for a company that doesn’t value your ability. You live to see 40 or 50. By then, if you are lucky the only legendry thing you have done is your children and grandchildren. By now you are getting tired, may be sitting in hospital wheelchair or in foster home. And you died and your children are crying. Your friends didn’t make it to see your funeral. They wept for few days and your pics are off from the walls. You are soon forgotten. And this is your life history.

life is short_ grand selfLife is short. Do when the time is still.

I meet people with numerous reasons for not doing what they like in this short life. I have met many people who think that life on earth is a temporary tent that will be gone someday and be replaced with other for them to live the life they love. For some the world doesn’t matter. It doesn’t not change. It is a place ruled by few and they have no place in it.

In fact, all of the above could be true. We might be people whose life is short and limited on earth and our true life could be somewhere else. Life might not need our input as there are other millions that could do what we do. But you should put these thoughts into context, and they don’t endure the reality. You should realize that you should live and die the way it is best for you and the world around you.

I will give you five simple reasons why I think you should do something valuable in this short life.

1-If you are a human enough to figure out the world on your terms, then you should live on your terms.

Many people give a reason for not living the life they wish to live including a religion. You could be the most religious person like my parents, your life should be lived with purpose that encompassed the earth. Even Jesus lived on earth with a purpose but also with actions, that got him killed. If you think it through, his birth and death were on purpose. He knew from the beginning that he would die but he did it any ways. Think of anyone who made a difference in the world. Even though they had enemies they didn’t back down from their dreams, their rebellious life.

2-your contribution is needed.

It is a fact that there are millions that could do what you do. There are millions that could take your place at your job with in a snap of second. This is a scarce age. Jobs are being lost to new economic countries. Robots and technology are substituting many people’s jobs. But you can’t deny that your experience is worth sharing. I recently watched a man sharing his life before he became a pro football player. He shares his fatherless life and his drug induced mother and his life in foster homes and how this gave him courage and a new view to life. His history is to be kept safe, hidden for many. But no matter how the story goes, it was worth sharing. It at least gave some a glimpse of how life is short and  fragile.  Do something valuable.

3-Your moral code.

What do you prefer? Life or death, prosperity or poverty, being a leader or and employee, known figure or a person who lived without a story. Which one is attractive? Which one do you prefer? The end of achievement is happiness. What makes you happy should be your life’s path. And if being ‘’low life ‘’ makes you happy, then be it.

4-Don’t die being someone’s slave

Getting paid in penny, making income that barely covers rent, buying cloths once a year, living off coupons. This is most people’s life. Why would you work for others for less when you can start your own and take it all? This is a dangerous statement. But it is definitely true. You are no less of a human than your boss. Why would you not start your own firm? Why wouldn’t you have people of your own and why wouldn’t you pay your employees the way that they should be paid?

5-Fit to live.

If you don’t have something to die for, then you are not fit to live. This is a statement of a man that died for the purpose he stood for.

“If you haven’t found something you are willing to die for, you aren’t fit to live.” -Martin Luther King, Jr.

As Allen Watts say, what is that thing that itches you? You should pursue that. You should stand for things that you need to stand for. That is a sign of mature one, that is useful to the world.

6-You will be asked for it.

As a teenager, I used to think that we have a place of our own. We have responsibilities. It is our choice to do them or not. If we do them we reap the results. If we don’t, then somebody else will do that. You know the world is full of people who can replace us. And every time we are being judged for it.  If you don’t treat your wife the way she has to be treated then someone else will and you will reap the results. If you don’t can’t work your job properly someone else will. And if you don’t fulfil you path blaming it on God, and self-faults, you will lose what you have.

There is a beautiful bible story about a master that gave three people a money to work with and profit. When the master returned they showed him their achievement. One made it double then master said give him twice of what he has got. The second made 10 times more profit with it. Then master gave him 10 times more of what the he profited. The third one complained, told a story and said he hid it until the master returned. He even gave a reason for his laziness. Then master looked at the solders and said, ‘’take him to prison he doesn’t belong here.

‘’ Then he said ‘’For whosoever hath, to him shall be given, and he shall have more abundance: but whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken away even that he hath.’’ Jesus

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