what to do when the storm passes and life is easier once again

‘’I will do It tomorrow’’ is a satisfied man’s sorrow. It is the way of compensating the unsatisfied heart’s desire to get away from action. You want to change but you say we will change tomorrow, you want to do it later or you want to do it as soon as you finished that talk show or series film you have been watching for a week. Life is indeed a path of procrastination.

But when this life gets in trouble, that is when everyone promises to change, until things become better once again and you forget the promise.

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We all have these days of depression. We wanted to liberate ourselves from it but for no avail. Let me share you a story here.

(For the sake of the story let the person stays anonymous.)

Life was easier, like living without will, for the satisfaction of the immediate. He lived his whole life with deep concern and purpose to satisfy. But that time was really different. He was no longer a slave to his ambitions. He did whatever he wanted. This all was good until one day a girl happened in his life. Her meek approach led him in to the trap of infatuation. Later he developed attraction for her. Her nagging behaviour and his fear of violating his values led him in to deeper trap.

His happy days were over within months and his days were deteriorating each day. His habit changed and he started drinking. His smiling lips no more could not cover his heart’s shout for a different life when his paranoia made him believe to have caught some STD. And he believed the girl was somewhat pregnant. His life became a living hell.

While standing in anxiety in his office, on morning,  his life flashed in front of him. His heart started beating, he was literally shaking. He cried his eyes off and prayed for the first time in years.

He was reminded of the normal life, how beautiful life was, he appreciated it. “I wish he said, I wish I get second chance in life and be free of the STD and the girl he no longer loves is not pregnant.” The peer pressure of the society made him fear of the consequences of these events.

He said crying, “God, if you give me a second chance in life, I would live my life like lion, I would not be afraid of failure, I will not care what people will say of me. I will live for one purpose and that is the purpose that I am created for. I will get marred as soon and love my wife and my children. Like the few did, I will live to be remembered.” After mummers of regret and beg, he stood up to continue his depressed life.

Months passed and one day he had to do it. He had to break his fears and get tested. And it was OK. He is fine. And she was not even capable of getting pregnant for health issues.

He stood there ,infront of the clinic, feeling relaxed. The sky was bluer and the wind was sharp. He took taxi back to his job place. And returned to his normal life.

Months passed again,when life is easy, his promise was soon forgotten. He even didn’t try to change. He just left everything there and become the previous person.

What to do when things get normal and life is easy.

Life is difficult for those who take risks.

These who don’t take risks live easy life. Life is easy. They live without danger. This is similar to the primitive society. Those who are fearful will stay in the cave all day, avoiding danger. Others who dare to explore, surely will get in danger. They encounter wild animals. Some fail from a cliff. Others die of hunger and disease. And these were,surely, the ones who made history.

Dangerous situations make you stronger, if you use them wisely. These are ways of appreciating the good. Because without the dark, one cannot appreciate the light. Because light is sometimes boring for many.

The negative is a reason to appreciate the positive.

When you are in the problem, it is better not to cry and go to sleep. Instead write your emotions down.

Because emotions pass but emotions in writing don’t . You will be reminded of the emotions on the better times. Then write your ambitions, your exceptions, your goals when you still are in the bad time. When life is easy again, you will read them and understand what to do without being emotional.

Next solve the problem.

When things get normal, read them back. read everything you have written. And devise a plan on how to achieve them. Let me tell you what to do when life is easy.

1-First, is changing practices.

Your habits, day-to-day activities are norms, for you to change, you have to break habit. You have to device your own way of living. You should break pattern, go out of the city, or change place of sleep. Hang out with different people. This will change your perspective and emotions. As soon as when life is easy, think how you can change your daily habits.

2-stay with people you admire.

Learning is faster when you be with achievers. These are your coaches for free. You learn from their lives. After all they say, ‘’you are the average of five people in your life. ‘’ When life is easy or even when you are in the problem remember who is your friend and how can you repay them for what they have done for you.


Prayer is a way of communicating your desire with the God you don’t know. It is the way of sharing hearts feeling in a way you don’t do with others. Prayer is a form of mediation. You don’t lie when praying since you believe you pray to God, who knows everything. Prayer opens the sky. It will help you see afar from the seen.

When the going gets tough people gets frustrated. They promise to change when the chance presents its self. But when life gets easier and when the time comes of the freedom, they don’t even remember their words.

To become your dream on the time of normal, your notes, your pattern breaking habits, great people around you and your true prayer makes all the difference.





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