Life goals: how goals help you achieve your purpose

life goals _ grand self‘’What is the difference between a goal and a vision?’’ The college teacher snapped on the class. ‘’How didn’t you know the difference?’’, he continued exaggerating, with his widely opened eyes and a grim on his face.

‘’What is the difference?’’ We murmured for ourselves, lost in the event.

Here is the difference.

Vision is the dream, the day dream, the ultimate destiny. And it is vast and abstract. Then you need something much more detail than a vision to achieve that vision. You need a goal or set of goals. Goals are down to earth, practical and achievable. For example, to be first in technology is vast. One can ask, what technology, who is the judge, in what competition, in what cost? And more.

Goals are written as ‘’sell 100,000 pieces of the app in one year and even more detailed to months and days.’’ How and who is doing what.

Then life is the same. Whether you think God gave you the purpose or you made it yourself, the term ‘’Purpose of life’’ is vast. Whatever purpose you have it is wide and vast enough that you day dream in it. Achieving what is vast and abstract is then remotely impossible.

For this you need goals with schedules that you can follow up and measure your performance in it.

In this post, I will show you how to set a goal and how to achieve it and measure your progress in it, based on my recent experience.

Look everywhere, life is full of visions and purposes. But without goals these are just images.  A student’s purpose of joining college to graduate, get job. Goals do not fanaticize. A student’s goal could be study two hours a day, finish your homework before 8. This is tangible.

Four months ago, I had a breakthrough in life. I break a bit long relationship with girlfriend. My life was in a mess, at least in my mind. I had a brain fatigue that I was dizzy working in office. My eyes were swollen for months but I could not be decisive enough to see a doctor.

Probably the time before that were one of the most challenging in my life. I have always known I could be the best I could be. I have always dreamt of being on top. Inventing something. Owning something.  My fantasy was all over the place. The first day I noticed that fantasy and their strange challenge, I sat there on my bed and thought and thought. How could life continue in day dream? What am I waiting for?

And after a long authoring my life in short of 10 pages, a new idea was born.

I need goals. I need five major goals that could change my life in six months.

For the sake of education, here at the six goals

Change my mind through daily affirmations. Affirmations are assured to work. Listening them or saying one for myself in the morning and evening is much better than listening to music. I set schedule to say my affirmations on 6 in the morning and 12 in mid night for 30 minutes.

Go to Gym four times a week- I registered to join the gym next door.  I decided to gain 7-10 kilos more gradually with in five months.

Read the bible twice a day, morning and evening. I grew up as a Christian. And most of my decisions were made in reflection from the bible. And I felt that reconnecting to that book would make me reconnect with my roots where I was raised with.

Start a site that help other realize their purpose and goals. For this, I started writing each day minimum of 1000 words. I shall write at 8 in the evening for about 30 or more minutes.

This were few of the goals. I set. Even though each listed above seems to be big to achieve, goals are attached with them. For example, in the last one, I would say I write from 7-8 o’clock, about 1000-1500 words. This is achievable.

Then you need schedule. Goals need schedules. You can’t say I write 1000 words. You have to set aside a time that you will accountable for.

I got to gym after lunch between 2-3. I stay for an hour. I preferred this hour for two reasons, for there are only few other lifters, as the time is work hour and I am free at that time. I also go to the gym on Mondays, Tuesday, Thursdays and Friday.

For this I prepare a table. Or I categorize weekly schedule of set of exercises I follow. I put journals each day on my feelings of the day, my weight and more. The passion, and the urge to know my progress pushes me faster.

One more thing you should have is a finite time. Don’t think goals as something to rush through. Most young have the energy and they set unrealistic goals. Be true to yourself. Life is a progress. Don’t say, I want to get buffed up in a week. Set some time, for example, that is realistic to gain weigh would be 4-6months, even to lose weight would be around that unless you work out for hours and hours each day.
Don’t rush, this is not Hollywood. Set a six-month plan. And make sure the goals should be strong and the make a difference.

Write by the end of the six months, ‘’I lost 30 pounds. For this I got gym for four days a week. I lift 30 dumbbells or I run for 30 minutes. For this, I only buy vegetables (list them) and eat at 8,11,2,4, and 7.’’

‘’I want to get fluent in Japanese language. For this I practice an hour a day. I will talk with Mr. Yogi to teach me once a week. I watch 3 Japanese movies on Friday, Sunday and Tuesdays. ‘’

Finally, remember that purpose is vast. Vison is unachievable. They are designed to be that way. You need goals and schedules to get to your vision. By setting realistic goals according to your visions and by following the up with a schedule, you will achieve your dreams.

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