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Life changing events are everywhere. They are around us. In fact, every event in our life has the potential to change our lives. But some events put us in danger, to challenge us and make us better.

I just watched a movie with a twist when a family moved to town for retreat and caught up with gang affiliated individuals. The movie ends with every one getting noting out of it but a little kid learning a lesson of his life from one of the gangs. He seemed to learn how to put bully away and feel better before passing through fear and shock.

If you look closer to your life, most of things that challenge you made you become better.

Life changing events are all around us. We can’t escape them unless we sit tight waiting for them to pass. But it is up to us how to take care of the events. You can challenge them and learn from then and become better or we stay there crying and weeping for them to pass.

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