Korean diet and its culture that will help you slim

Korean diet

‘Should I eat Korean Kimchi?’ Susan asked me while we were discussing the Korean diet.  ‘I mean’ she said trying to answer her own question ‘of course it is good for my health but’, she stopped. ‘How is it possible to do it here?’, referring to the US.

‘NO’, I said trying to defend my comments. ‘You don’t have to eat Kimchi or any other Korean food for that matter. It is not about the food.’ I continued. ‘It is about the plan, the diet plan. It is the culture that saves your body not the food itself.’

This post is not about the Korean diet or Korean food. It is rather the secret of the Korean diet plan that you can take and apply. I am not telling you to find a Korean dish. For that matter you don’t have to eat Korean food to become thin like Koreans, you learn the secret and apply it to yours.

Below, I will explain the Korean diet plan that will help you lose at least 10 pounds in a month. I will explain how you should follow the diet schedule to gain the maximum result.

SO, what is the Korean diet plan?

Is there a thing called the Korean diet plan or the American diet plan or English diet plan? Well, it depends. It is not a complex thing. In fact, it is easy to understand why we are saying ‘Korean’ when other countries could have the same concept of diet plan. As I have tried to explain in the previous pages diet plans are integrated with the ideal culture of a society. It is about what people eat and why. ‘What’ can’t work without the ‘why’.

The diet plan does not mean all Koreans have a good or bad plan. It is all about the attitude and best practices of the Korean food section.

The Korean diet has at least 5 principles.

1-      Vegetables are weird, I must admit.

I would rather eat meat or anything flashy. This is a thought in many people’s head. It is ok. Out body needs something comfortable, tasty. Let me explain why we tend to think as carnivores than otherwise. Our forefathers in the cave, you can imagine would not eat food for days considering the hunting technology they had and the possible dangers on the way.

The only choice left is eating the plants around, identify the dangerous from the food and the tasty from the sour. Finding a good hunt takes days and months. The scarce is usually expensive and owning that makes you rich.  You see the brain is tricking us. Meat used to be scarce then our mind takes the formula that meat should be better than the fruit you eat from your porch.

Plants are indeed weird. But they are good for our health. Salad is not the only vegetable. Try other things that are not meat, including rice and even why not small meat on the side. But make vegetable the main course, the main food to enjoy. Make the rest as an addition, in small amount only for the delicious taste.

Korean diet and Korean food Korean diet plan on grand self

2-      Water is the purest drink.

Coke or whatever would kill us for saying this. Have you seen these videos lately? The coke experiments. It is so weird that we are living in an era of survival where our theories say otherwise. We love coke, by hegemonies hypnotical attention of advertisements or of course by its flavors. Whatever the reason water is the best thing for your body. Don’t get me wrong the market share of coke in Korea is huge. But the Korean diet tells us to drink the water as much. You can try different tastes by adding fruits, vegetables, and even garlic into the water. It is common to find garlic-flavored in water in Seoul.

3-      Eat in variety-

Enter any restaurant in Seoul. You will get a variety of food usually on the buffet. It is up to you to eat the healthy ones. When eating in variety, hoping the majority type would be less calorie then you would be fuller sooner than you know. Soup is also much known in the diet. Most soup is made of vegetables cooked with spicy water.

4-      Eat the fresh than the manufactured.

Eat banana than a banana-flavored biscuit. This seems unbearable for the person born and raised amidst manufactured foods. The milk is from the cartoon, the food is from the plastic, everything is plastic. The Korean diet is not far from this.

Let me share you a secret, the challenge of the capitalist world is its urge to gain power. power is in the money and money is out of values. To add value someone should change the original state of the banana. Probably peel it, to increase its value, then its profit. Peeling is not enough since it is easy and anyone could do it. Then the best way for maximum profit is adding secret sauces changing the original form as much as possible to the point it cannot be copied.

The rush for profit truly makes competitors, that sometimes would not have the ethics to think further than the money. A user or customer who has been taught to believe the cliché of the new world would be the victim. I need you to wake up today. You should start to read what you are eating if you truly care about your body. Losing weight fast would not guarantee a perfect sustainable weight and body. This all things, when came together perfectly make you look sexier.

5-      work out

Hit the gym. That is the most tiresome and annoying statement for many. But I will say it again hit the gym. Lose that fat. Never use the elevator. Get to your office or your apartment by the stairs. Listen to music on the way. Many celebrities and diet followers in Korea use this technique.

Losing weight is a technique, maintaining it is a culture and lifestyle.

If you understand the concept of the Korean diet and follow it as you see it fit. Then you shall have lost weight and keep it in that perfect spot.

The two Korean diet?

korean diet

1-    The banana diet (link to the book)

The banana diet is very popular among the Asian cuties, especially among the Japanese and the Korean. This Korean diet was first tasted by Osaka pharmacist Sumiko Watanabe for her husband. He later lost 37 pounds (16.8 kilograms)

Banana has a fiber called resistant starch that ferments and create by-products that increase fat oxidation and decrease fat accumulation.

The diet

•    Start with a banana for breakfast, here you can east as much as you can. Sumiko’s husband used to eat as much as four bananas for breakfast

•    Eat a banana for lunch with salad

•    Have dinner of your choice but before 8 PM

•    Then get more banana afterward as a snack

•    Rest so that your body could do the rest of the weight loss work.

So how can you lose some weight using this diet?

1-    Use the steps mentioned above

2-    Avoid overeating and the possible temptation to eat more

3-    Be careful to eat your salad, be creative but avoid adding fatty foods into the salad. Enjoy your skill in making a salad.

4-    Get rest, possibly sleep before midnight

5-    Remember to enjoy, this is not about a quick fix, even if it is possible if you follow the guideline and commit to the schedule. Remember this is about you and your dream body. Enjoy the process. Soon you shall reap what you sow.

Vegetable diet

Vegetable diet is known in Korea and throughout Asia. Because of religions or for the idea of weight loss, many Asians like to eat vegetables rather than meat and fatty foods. Vegetables are the main dishes in the Korean diet. mushrooms, cabbage, and anchovies are also used as the main Course or as additional with rice.

What makes vegetables unique are they are cheap and are made in various techniques. By mixing different vegetables different foods can be cooked. They also have a great capacity to make food tasty.

The secret of vegetable koran diet is how they make simple food in various ways and various taste.


Korean diet is part of lifestyle and culture. Confidence is in the lifestyle. Although many Koreans enjoy manufactured food, their life shows otherwise. Vegetables and fish are part of their life. Learn and apply to your life.

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