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I want to change my life : a short cut to change your life for success

Buffet, one of the richest people, on a speech on ‘Nebraska educational forum’ years before talked about the short cut to change your life and become successful. He started his speech as follows.

‘’Think about a person you would most likely to be in life, may be someone in the contemporaries, may be somebody a little older. Pick up the person you admire the most person you change places with if you could and write down why you admire them. Just put it on piece of paper. And figure out the person you would least like to change places with who turns you off?

Who do you find repulsive? And list of the reasons why that person turns off so much and put those on the other side of paper and look at that list and you will find everything on the left-hand side, which you admire in other people, the qualities they bring to life, cheerfulness, generosity all kinds of things you will find those things you will do yourself it is very simple. You got to apply yourself but the habits you form in doing that early on will carry you through life.

…I want to change my life 

And on the other hand, you will find that the things that make people repulsive (selfishness, obnoxiousness to all these things egotism) are things no one has to have you find those in yourself and you can get rid of them as long as you get rid of them early. So, all I suggest is you write down the list of what you admire, what you find contemplate and decide that the other ones on the admire side are ones you acquire for yourself and if you do that when you are young this will carry through the rest of your life.

This does not work if you do it when you are 50 or 60. By then your habits are too well formed. But if you do it early, behaviour becomes a habit. If you do that two years from now, if you go through same exercise, you will find out the person you will admire the most is yourself. ‘’ Warren Buffet

I want to change my life _grand self

So, who is this person that you admire in life?

This legend that you dreamt to be when you were child or this princess that you imagined yourself to be throughout high school. It is a simple. Here is the process I went through this exercise.

(…exercise. I want to change my life )

Who are the five people you admired when you were a teenager. This includes musicians, business men, celebrities…Just list them randomly on the table below.

Who are the other five people who you still admire or new people whom you added on your list? Well, list them on the table below

List the things you admire about them. This could include how they speak, how they dress, how they behave, how they shave, how they smile…their confidence.

  People I admire Things I like about them Things I hate about them

(I want to change my life )

Most people who do this exercise, write a general, vague statement such as, I love Einstein. He is genius. Or I like Jordan. He shoots and scores points. This is too general, therefore, inapplicable. How can you apply to be a genius to your life? Because genius is vast and rather abstract in its own definition. Instead, look for a particular character that you admire. Instead of saying ‘genius’, say ‘he writes 10 pages of paper every day on related topics to his research’.

Or he walks in garden to get rest, he meditates for 30 minutes each day. He wears neat suit and tie or she wears tiara. It is up to your need and ambition. There is no right answer there. You might like Buffet, for example. But saying ‘’I admire his being rich’’, does not cut the grass. Instead go deep and research and say his ability to invest in small business or even closer look at the experience he had on doing that specific task.

(I want to change my life )

On the other side of the table fill what you hate about people you despise.

This could be rappers, actors and more. Be more specific to the point where you can adopt or copy them. This is the fun step . Here revises the list, may be after hours, and reorganize them into different categories. Example, under how to dress, how to invest, how to live, how to be known.

How to dress How to speak How to become knowledgeable
Dress suit on meetings


Wear high hills that increase body shape and height

Speak slow and steady


Look at the person’s eyes while talking

Touch them on their holder every other second (if you like)

Rent a small flat


Read a book a week

Write your memo

Then summarize number 6 with short sentences that could be memorized and followed.

(I want to change my life )

‘’I want to become a social person who speaks slow and steady, who looks in the eyes and reflect my thoughts while talking with others and I often touch them in admiration and smile a lot to create social intimacy. And I also wear suits in meetings so that I look formal and attractive. For this I have to become independent, buy 2 more suits, read a book a week and write summary each day on what I have learnt and what I should do. ‘’ 

Frankly, change takes months if not years.

Engaging oneself into the process of change and becoming someone, they admire is a hard task. Body can be trained into doing what seems impossible but the mind could resist the change. While exercising, some suggest not to fear muscle cramp. You should pass the boundary that the mind puts as ultimate maximum. Only in that moment the body and mind could work hard to align with each other for better result. Then you should keep going. Inspire yourself. Becoming your grand self is a constant work and grinding.


Brook is the main author and owner of grandself. He started grandself as part of a life project to find his purpose and become influential. The posts are part of his understanding and continuous learning in everyday life. He coach people and give free advice over the internet and phone.

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