I am tired: 4 ultimate reasons why you have to stop for a moment in life

I am tired and always exhausted and I am never mentally sober. I have to take a week off. But can I? I am a personality stack between what is and what could be. Looking at my future with vague image, I am tired and exhausted with deep wishes and regrets.

The idea of becoming someone cannot leave one in with a simple sign of exhaustion. It is simply a way of survival. Looking at successful people and witnessing their life, how can one give up?

Some people cant give a break in their life. They run around with exhaustion. The so called gurus tell you that there is no such a ting as burning out as if every one has same mental capacity. No matter how strong you are , there are things that makes you mentally or physically exhausted.

Here are times that you have to take time off your life and rest for a moment so that you could be successful again. 

1-You should take time if it is a health issue.

Health is the number one asset any one can have. Without health, you cannot succeed. You cannot eat he fruit of your effort.

” I am tired ” could be a sign of physical stress. Eye fatigue or headache from the long hours on a computer. Not getting a fast treatment or a temporary break, these things become harder and harder on you. Timely untreated defects could become untreated through time.

Don’t live like this. Your health is a wealth that you can’t work for to get. You can’t sacrifice your health for the gains of the earth. That is unacceptable. If you have any pain, if you have any sign of sickness, just get up now and see a doctor. Take time until your body gains strength.

2-You should take time off if it helps you reboot.

Many authors talk about inspiration, even if the current trend of authorship negates that. Inspiration guides creativity. If you are creative person, you know what I am talking about. A poem at the time it is written and at time it is re-read give two different vibes.  When written it is from the subconscious, and not understood from the rational conscious part of the mind. It usually makes you question ‘’did I really write this?’’

And usually there is dead-end of writing, that writers call ‘writers block’ When you have a ‘life block’ then you should consider taking time off or sometimes reboot. This give your mind to reorganize itself. I am tired to continue so I take a break and see how it turns out.

3-You should take time off it is necessary for your family.

Family is everything. We are responsible for their well being. If you can’t attend your wife’s birthday or your father’s funeral because of your work then you should rethink what you are doing. You should have some time off for these ceremonies. This is what family is, thinking for each other. And this should be expressed through action. I have a boss who stayed until 12 in mid evening while his wife is in labour. I am not sure even he attended his daughter’s birth on time. That is pity. Get that PC off and go to your daughter’s dance, your son’s club activity. Go see your wife at work and surprise her. If you have been emotionally away from your wife, go and prepare your day to surprise her at the evening. If you promised and forgot, take time off to do whatever. Family comes second to health.

4-Life is a hard work.

It should stay that way. Without hard work, you can’t claim living. If you are hard worker even workaholic then you should examine your life. Test your ways and see how your work is affecting you. You can’t quit running even if it hurts. What does not kill you makes you stronger, as they say. If so quitting for while should come if and only if it means your health, your inspiration or your family. Small rests in between life could fix the rest of your tedium. What other reason could you put to get off your work for a while?

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