How to build confidence: 10 tips build your self confidence fast

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How to build confidence

Confidence is everything in this cruelly competitive world. Confidence is considered as the top must haves in order to be successful in life. Because it is confidence that asks the girl out; it is confidence that pitch ideas to the board; it is confidence that walks among the sheep like a lion. And one who has it has it all.

If confidence is necessary, then, how can I build confidence?

Like other issues, how to build confidence has no clear and distinct formula. All it takes is to do things repetitively until the subconscious picks it. I shared same story years before my 20s. I noticed my less self-confidence hanging around with its own unique mark. I was fearful to walk across group of people and I avoid meeting people on street. The day I decided to change that reality, i went straight into action. I intentionally wear unique cloths and sandals and slowly walk next of group of people. I practived to hold eye contact and give greetings. It was hard at first but guess what I did it. I found myself walking among a lot of people without fear anymore.

Hot to build confidence:Here are 10 things you should practice to build confidence.

1-Know that only you can build your confidence.

Years after life of dependency on parents , most still learn to depend on someone both emotionally and financially. You are the best person, if not the only, to change yourself. Unless you take control the ship, you can’t blame others for the consequence. Just stand up and declare that you are the controller of your destiny and your days even though things don’t look right. This starts with figuring out how to build confidence. You are on the right track.

2-Belief and hope does not cut the grass.

The landscape becomes beautiful with action. You should be able to stand up and do something about our problems. Instead of thinking, planning, you should teach yourself to get in to action as fast. Thinking big is good but even doing small is better. For you to build confidence, you should do what is discussed here. Only reading it for the sake of information without action is useless.

3-Break the pattern.

Before doing any further, learn to break the daily routine in life. Without changing the environment, it is impossible to change self. This is why addicts need treatment. Before any professional help they repeatedly fail to commit to their word. This is because the environment that they are in drags them back. To get a great change you should break your routine.

Use the table below or make yourself one and write things you do every day that makes you lose confidence. On the other column in the table below list when you felt less confidence last time. What were you doing at the time.

Things I do that I am ashamed of(publicly or privately)I felt less confident last time when I did…
 1. 1.
 2. 2.
 3. 3.

After filling the table, you will soon understand how to engineer your days out of the routine. If you are ashamed of being lazy for 8 hours a day while you are supposed to get out there and work, then you should change that habit. It is as simple as that. Don’t over think. Think how your day looks like and aggressively change that. Don’t you like where you live? Then change your living area at least for a month. Are you dependent your mother? Then why don’t you go away from her for a while? This will teach you a lesson. This is the secret of how to build confidence.

4-practice is overlooked.

Confidence is a skill as painting or speaking are. To be confidence you should practice confidence. Imagine things that makes a person confident. And act that way. Gandhi said, “be the change that you want to see in the world.” You don’t grow to be the change, be the change now. Everything starts now. In the middle of your pretentious acts, your deeds become reality. Get up now and stand erect. Throw your shoulders to the back as if they are stretched from the back. open your legs a bit wider when you stand and smile in U shape stretching your lips and showing your tooth. Look yourself in the eyes in the mirror without flinching. Practice these acts again and again both in front of the mirror and in front of others.

5-Stay away from less confidence people.

Bad character is contagious. It is hard to be good staying with good when compared to the opposite. The bible quotes”Do not give what is holy to the dogs; nor cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you in pieces” (Matthew 7:6). To build confidence, be with confident people. That is the fastest way to how to be confident or how to build confidence.

Do not be deceived: Bad company corrupts good morals. 

1 Corinthians 15:33

6-Remove unrealistic images of self.

Perfect is boring. Believe me I am the most perfectionist people you ever meet. This is reflected with OCD and criticism in my daily life. And obviously pulls others away from your life. Instead of trying to be perfect, learn to progress. It is OK to fail sometimes. Without willingness to fail, you can’t be successful. Afer all they say, “Success is going from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.”[quote]

Your frequency of failure brings you closer to success. Learn to become better every day than demanding to be perfect today. Follow a schedule to do things that you listed on number 2 and do them every day, but with objective of continuous progress. If it does not work today, try it tomorrow.

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7-Be successful.

Achievement makes one successful and success makes one confident. Confidence without achievement is ignorance or ego. To be confident you shall think as successful person with purpose. It is easier to walk with confidence when you are entitled to something. A sergeant walks with pride than a private.

8 Express yourself.

You don’t owe nothing to the world. It seems those you give the stage to others are loved. The reality is they are soon to be forgotten. They have no value in other’s eyes. They are the less confident entwined with shyness and overthinking. Instead those who act are embraced as self-proclaimed heroes. They save the day with humour and responsibility. If you want to be confident, learn to express yourself. Say your mind at any time. Don’t over analyse, just say it and see the outcome. But be careful to not come across others in a wrong way.

9-Learn to say no.

The less confident sacrifice time and resource on unfulfilling events. Don’t waste a single energy on what does not fulfil your purpose. People usually are like virus, they don’t get enough. They take as long as you can give. Confident people don’t give their power and precious resources away for nothing. And they give it knowing it is valuable, and they expect nothing for it. But they know when and how to give. They also know when to say no for requests. You forget to say no to failed relationship and it becomes so big that you cant get rid of.  You should learn to say no when the time is here. the secret to how to build confidence is to just say no as fast as you can to the things that doesn’t help you grow.

10-know your purpose

How to be confident has direct correlation with purpose. Those who are entwined with purpose, walk with pride. They are not afraid to speak since they think it as the perfect reflection of their urge.

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How to be confident is a hard question. To be confident, one has to believe self as the only power to change the self. Then be realistic and list things that does not makes you confident. Then practice and break your daily routine with progress thinking.  It is also necessary to be successful and at the same time to say no to things that are not aligned with own purpose. If you keep practising what is listed here, how to build confidence is an easy task.


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