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Three layers of success and how to become successful in each.

How to become successful is a question in everyone’s mind. Success is one’s way of showing potential fulfilled. It could be expressed through achievement.

Who is successful then? Are these tattooed, drug induced gang musicians on the TV successful? Are these low IQ senior year university students being successful? What is success after all?

This question bugged my mind when I was an elementary shoot student, with a deep desire of being prominent, and on top. My passion and dreams were not based on the real world, rather on the scale wired by my mind. My tomorrow was obscured with the fight of the existing world and the fancy dream path I wanted to take.

Success as a whole is achieving a potential. It is producing something useful with definite purpose.

So, success has three layers where it is defined or achieved.

The first layer is the wider layer, that is success in the eyes of the general society.

This is what the society defines your success. Passing classes or going to school is enough on this layer. Starting a job and feeding a family makes you a success in the society. They call you a good citizen of the society or something.  This is the first step to real success in life. Most of the society is classified in this group.

After this is the second layer, a layer of the’ ’close ones’’.

This are more critical than the general mass. You cannot live a mediocre life in this stage. At least you should pretend to get things done or the close ones will make you do that. Passing from class to class does not impress parents any more. You should be able to get a grade that could compensate the expenses parents put out for you.

Feeding family or being on time at home does not count here. You should be able to give attention to details, practically care for your family. This is more of a practice layer. This age is more of the more successful. This stage is enough for most to be on the group of the successful.  Most of the rest of the society level success lives in this layer.

The their layer is the personal layer.

The third layer is for the dreamers. It is for the world changers. It is for those who are obsessed to be unique, to be more than the average. This layer is the self-layer. This layer is not judged based on what the society says or what the close ones want, but with what the self-want. Here achievement is criticized based on purpose, potential.

When you are in this stage of development, you care less for what others value, but you care more about what your dream values. The only thing that makes you happy is achieve of your high standard. Graduation does not make you fantasize because you have higher goal in life. You don’t party all night for a single success of a project because you see life in the bigger vision. This one is part of the big, that is yet to achieved. How to become successful is about how to live purposeful life.

The way on how to become successful

If you know which success layer is comfortable enough for you, read the next paragraphs. They will give you the way to be successful in each layer.

To be successful, in the society layers, you don’t necessarily have to work that hard. You only have to cooperate with the norm. Go to school, respect others, finish home work on time, be normal, have friends, get a job, have a family. That is enough. If you have no more wish in life, then stay here. Quality of life is not that high here but life is pretty much easy. How to become successful in this layer is by understanding the norm and by living it.

If you are not satisfied the first stage, it is time to grow. In this stage, you can’t just be a husband, you have to be a lover, you have to show love, you have to be on time for kids show. You have to buy flowers, say I love you every time. When you have to get above c, passing with D does not work here. In addition ,you are accountable for your deeds, and your deeds should consider what others want and what the situation demands.

Remember, marriage is celebration in the first layer. But it is a work in this layer. If you live in the first layer, marrying a living a crap life is good enough for you. But not in this layer.

Success in the third layer is harder. You should be able to work harder and smarter. You should live what you do and do it.  Life here has no specific worldly measure. The person himself measure the success with his/her own guidelines.

For example, a doctor could become a teacher on weekends. An inventor like Steve Wozniak could become an elementary school teacher. This is up to the mind of the actor. This is what makes one to live for. Her mother’s advice is less useful, as the things that come to the person are insane. How to become successful in this stage is more than the trend , it is about purpose and satisfaction.

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So, to be successful working hard is not enough. How to be successful needs at least 5 major steps.

1-  Finding purpose.

To arrive at the third level of success, on should have a pure form of guide in a form of purpose. This is something that we give value for and wish we become one. This is the dream. If you find what makes you happy, the rest is ready.

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2-      Plan long term.

If you don’t know where you going, you don’t know when you are there. If you don’t have a long-term plan for your success life becomes like that mouse. Some one once asked a mouse what it needs to own from all the container but eh mouse replied “Just give me that”, pointing on one wheat seed on the floor.If you can’t see the big picture, then the lane for your success runs out.

3-      Execute.

Production in touchable form is the only thing between success and failure. When you do things in tangible form, then you have something to show for your efforts.

4-      Progress.

When you do things continuously no matter how others accept them, they become the norm. he world will give you a different way of understanding Once they notice it that way. The world sometimes criticize. What you have to do is to progress a make things easier.

5-      Aim high.

Aiming for low is a loser’s way of becoming successful. If the bar is high, you don’t have to compete in it. You have to rise above the corpse of the norm.


What do you think? On which layer of success are you in? Comment.







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