How to become rich: 11 beliefs that are blocking you away from getting rich


How to become rich is a serious question. When the world is full of resources, the majority lives in a deep poverty. I was born in same poverty that was masked with unrealistic thoughts and dreams. I noticed that being rich or poor is a choice and education has only few contribution for this. Kids used to ask “are you learning for the fortune or for the knowledge?” Some of us were so self-righteous we preached our interest in knowledge though academic education referring our good grades and our respect from friends.

But later in life I discovered something else.

A students who is learning for the knowledge will dedicate time to learn more than the text book. You will find them in lab or at home experimenting or googling without being requested at school.

Others said the reason for their learning is the wealth. The reality is education has less relation with money, usually. Most rich people are drop outs, or the slowest students in class. Of course those who manipulate our life through economy and politics are hidden back the people we see on the podium and they tend to have a good grade at education. These are the ones that studied for the information and got a good opportunity later in life.

Education also used to equate wealth and power. People respected a literate person with college degree. Now, especially in the internet age, your education does not get you respect.

For our surprise an “idiot” on Instagram makes money with fake mascaras and sluggish dances. That is life.

Then what is the way to being rich? Why does the literate or the capable live in debt when a small kid makes thousands a month without much work?

Here are 11 ideas and beliefs that are blocking you away from success.

You become that you think all day

In fact, you are what you think all day long. We usually live dual life, absent minded. We want to live in certain way and we live in another way. One of the challenges of change, in my experience, is not lack of decision or unwilling to change. Rather, it is the discipline.

We want to become rich and we decide to look for location or talk to people and next morning we are all in same trap. We live same life we lived yesterday. I believe that is the reason Einstein said one cannot solve a problem from the position they created it. You should create a new position or reality for yourself to tackle a challenge. That is the reason I talked about breaking a pattern. 

The challenge is not only about what you think but also what you do.

Is someone poor because they think poor or they think poor because they are poor?

The poor get poorer and the rich richer. When you see deep in to it, it gets interesting. The poor fight the rich on their achievement. And the rich keeps getting richer. Is this because the rich are confident to make money or is the money made them feel that way. That is the reason why usually the rich has more ego than the poor. The poor is already broken.

Watch out what you do all day.

How to become rich: dare to be effective and useful

Looking the other empty

The day I looked myself as successful is when I felt that I had lost the things I built all the years. I was very blind not to see my small successes and achievements and complaining only looking at the other empty. I believe the way to  how to become rich is by appreciating what you have now. If you don’t know or appreciate your strength how can you tackle the challenges? Imagine, you could be a numbers person. And someone else is not. Who do you think will be successful if both of you start accounting firm? Bolt will be more successful if started athletics firm.

Before joining any business or starting your venture or even before becoming rich, you should see your strength and weakness. (read Warren Buffet secret to riches ) what do you have now? A loving family, healthy body, 2000 dollars in bank, a house…what do you have that you can leverage from?

Don’t get fixated on what lacks. That is immaturity. Who cares if you are 10 cm shorter than the normal. I met someone who is very shy because he looks younger than his real age. His success was shot at the moment he shies away from opportunity because of the other half than what he already has.

Must read: life is easy

How to become rich: appreciate what you already have

Lack of thinking

Wealth is the product of man’s ability to think. AYN RAND

I used to think that the kid at the corner crying to get my attention deserves my attention;  the reason that a seller is asking for more money because that is the real value of his efforts. I had hard time to differentiate between the motive and the action of people.

But with time, I learnt to differentiate people in four categories that helped me to discriminate people like the most of you probably have the skill to do.

In business or any field there are four type of people that usually act on the surface as innocent or successful.

The first types are the vultures. Those are the ones without ideas or money. These are dangerous. These are losers. You should be careful of them. This statement could have been a little bit harsh for my past self. But not anymore. Those will kill to eat. They have no dream or vision. They live to eat. You find them everywhere, trying to take advantage of your ideas or your money.

The second are the ones with money but no idea or vision. These probably got lucky to own fortune from parents. Since they have no discipline in life they are wasting much or they are too afraid to spent for fearing the future. These are good for you if you don’t have the money to pursue your ideas. They could be good partners.

The third are the ones with goals but no money. This is probably you. Most people belong in this category. People in this category are probably poor, are average, work to meet some income goal, are good people, usually lazy, procrastinate a lot. They are educated or have a knowledge that is mostly useless. They know about “Kardashian” than “cash flow.” These are the sheep who buy a lot and are in debt. These are the ones who are hooked on TV hours and hours and complain a lot about the economy.

The last ones are the one percent. These have the money and the vision. They make the money that is necessary to finance the idea. And it goes in spiral way. They own the rest of the category since they own hundreds if not thousands of employees in their firms. They are the ones who live as they like. These are the third categories watch on their TV. If you are lucky to have those in your life, cling to them; learn from them.

One of the secrets on how to become rich is to start using the brain. It is to identify opportunities, plan, research and make it happen.

How to become rich: think

Not changing the trend of the mind

Promising to change is not enough. You need to change your all reality. You need to break the pattern of your habits. That one step ahead. Every young want to be a man but only some become one. Others are grown boys. Becoming a man needs to pass a success of hurdles and challenges and get a trophy. This could be deciding to live a parent’s house, being responsible and more. A constant reading or a plan does not make a fast and lasting change. Money is same. Many rich people’s experiences show that one only become rich when change their life practically.

Change begins with change of mind. A constant affirmation to the unconscious helps the unconscious believe that reality. The unconscious, the psychologists say, is the largest but the dormant part of the brain. While the conscious is what interacts with the world. The real power is in the subconscious, that guides thought and action slowly behind the curtain.

Some say, you get a new habit by doing a specific task continuously for at least 21 days. The consistency and the continuity change thoughts.

Some advice to say out loud your plans, your visions, your strengths for 3 weeks or more at least three times a day. And your subconscious pick it up and work on it to make it real.

how to become rich _ grand selfGet rich soon

Paul Mckenna in his book “I can make you rich” says the driving force to ‘get rich soon’ scheme is driven by two enemies of wealth: fear and greed. Have you read about stories about people getting ripped off believing these schemes? Fear forces one to choose what seems illogical.

Good results come with work that has reasonable amount of work in front. That is the reason Tony Robbins say that many NBA players become poor in short time) (link his book how to become super rich)

For PAUL McKENNA Ph.D.  money is like power. It is the illusion. It is the other things that make a difference. Power could be lost without tactics, plan. Money does too. Then a constant cultivation of personal and financial skills in mandatory for being rich. and this could take some time.

How to become rich: don’t be greedy

Money makes you happy

Happiness is a by-product of achievement and money can be an achievement. But money by its self cannot make one happy without any other reason attached to it. A loser is a loser even after the money. Expecting the money to make one’s life better is a good thing. But expecting money to make you happy or to make your failed marriage is a poor thought.

Don’t seek money to solve your relationship problems or to solve your unhappiness.

One things you should understand is that it is you that matters. If you really want it you can become happy even without money. Don’t think to make your family happy with money that you could not provide them. You can live on 5000 dollars a month or 50 000 dollars a month. You can become confident, happy and have a great loving family even in 5000. What matters is you, not the size of the money. Instead use the extra money to fulfil what your family needs. It could be clothing or food or better education or better car. That makes you and them happier and comfortable. The way How to become rich is by not wishing money to solve problems that you should solve. Instead by using it to make your great life greater.

How to become rich: be someone even before the money

Paper money has more value than your service.

Someone says 100-dollar bill paper takes only few dollars to print. The only value that that few dollars paper has is the number on it that is “100”.  At some time in past useful and precious items such as salt and gold were medium of exchanges. These are natural and have fixed value all over the world. Even the paper was the representative of these gold that is somewhere since carrying gold for exchange was a hard task. Recently, the money was only a value in itself, without gold backing it up. It suddenly becomes valuable by itself.

Once after a discussion with a client on the services I provide her, I mentioned the price point and she was shocked. I knew that she was only hustling me by exaggerating a market price point into getting a few more dollars out of me. And I said to her “Do you know that how much the dollar is depreciating each year?” she mumbled. And I continued to say “the paper you give me today has lesser value a year and year after, but the value I give you makes you more and more money each year” And she got it. Don’t be afraid to get the money that is enough to your efforts. Money is never equivalent to your creativity or your hard work.

How to become rich: value your work

The association

The reason we like to do something or we avoid something has a direct or indirect relation with how we prize or punish our self for the task. For example, we fear fire not because we are born that way but because we are probably told it is dangerous or we touched and felt its sting. Fire is bad. We like to go party and others don’t.

I recently heard a story of a man where a girl insulted him on his very young age. Since then, he was terrified of having a woman in his life. He died without marriage and without any relations.

This system also works in animals. It has been tested in monkeys and we all do it on our cats and dogs. In one experiment, a group of monkeys were given a banana at the top of a ladder. But whenever the monkeys climb the ladder to get the banana, everyone’s feet will be shocked with current under their feet. After a while they picked the trend that the current passes whenever someone succeeds to climb the ladder. Then they started to fight to discourage anyone from climbing.

That is not the interesting part. The interesting part of the experiment is the monkeys were transferred to another cage and a new monkey without the prior knowledge of what happened before joined them. And they fight him to death when the monkey climbs the ladder even though the new cage has no electric shock. He was fought until he learns the trend without knowing why he should not eat the banana that everyone avoids.

Guess what, whenever a new money joins the cage, even the new monkeys fight them off from getting the banana.

This is life. life also works this way. Most young people suffer from the world view that parents gave them. Some of our parents are religious that hate money. Others see it as hard work that would give them heart attack or migraine. Others were so control freaks while others have not plan or budget.

We learn, we associate. And without knowing the reason we learn to fear the unknown from the society even looking at the prize in view point.

The other way on How to become rich is to learn the reality of association. Like the new monkey that discouraged newer monkeys without a probable reason except the discouragement of peer fellows. One should cleanse the mind and develop new reality.

How to become rich: learn to prize yourself

You hate rich people

If you hate people with money, you will hate the money. If you think people with money are bad then you don’t want to become one. (remembered the association story?) The secret is to know whom do you want to become, not in terms of personality, but in terms of the money. Imagine the rich people you know. Do you hate them only because they are rich? Do you feel that they are the devil only because they planned, strategized and work their way through the ladder of the money? Then the problem is with you. You can’t hate someone only because they own something. When I was a child I used to think how much is too much? For a completely poor person someone with 100,000 dollars is rich. And that is the sign of the devil. For the person with 100,000 the millionaire is the devil.

Let’s makes it simpler. A person with 1000 dollars is rich for the someone with 10 dollars. And is that their devil?

It is not definite. If millionaire is the devil so is the 1000er.

We can’t label someone as a bad person only because they have the money that we don’t have. Instead you should learn to accept that it is ok for someone to be rich. Learn to accept the reality and work to be part of it in your own morals and dogmas.

 How to become rich: love the people you want to become

Wealth in the world isn’t enough for everyone

One of the scarcity minds that we got from the society is that the resources we have is not enough. One world should have less for the other to get more. These are not ideals of the sane mind. Some say resources are enough in the world for everyone to live a good life. If not greed, it is the lack of knowledge, long term plan and lack of prepared mind that discourages being rich.

How to become rich: the world has more to offer

Love for spending

Many people suffer from spending more than they have and more than they need. Especially women are criticised with emotional spending where they buy more than they can afford. A dress should match a mattress no matter the price.

In this age, the market is full of products with high competition and variety of products to buy. For a mere buyer there are at least more than 50 different choices to buy from. The problem is not buying a single product or even more than one. But since the paying system is easy and the products look great, we are emotionally forced to buy them. It is amazing that people buy after looking an article on Facebook or website by someone they see on TV. The ear rings some singer wore becomes a trend. And even those who have nothing to eat buy it without second thought. I know people who save money only to buy human hair from India. This is crazy.

The marking world where every inch of building and every second of TV is about a product, expenditure, use and throw product, avoiding not buying is unimaginable.

However, it is possible for a trained mind. You should think is it better to own this much cloths and live poor or to save your money and aim to be rich.

The pity part is that people use their debit card to purchase these craps. In fact, most have a collage loan and other thousands of loans on their cards. Most college students get loans more than they need. Most of the money goes to beer and party. And years after the bank is happy and the student is sad.

How to become rich: stop spending money

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