I hate my life. 10 things people that hate their life do.

“I hate my life”, she said trying to catch my attention. “I hate my life, I slid my harms many times to trying to end it but I am still here. They say what you hate follows you. Life follows me.” Here voice was shaky and her eyes never leave gazing the floor. “Life is hard!”, her tears precedes her.

Love and hate are two different emotions packed in same bag. They are the fabrication of the wobbling mind and crazy days.

I once heard of story of a hard working individual that life got him the wrong way. On the morning moments after that he read his wife’s divorce note on the kitchen counter, he learnt he was let go at the job. “I hate my life.” he was crying when return to this home with his office stuff. He picked up the phone to inform his family about the situation to share the over bearing load.

The family was rejoicing and told him they have a great news and he won the lottery that he bought weeks before. He switch happy with in second. He noticed how lucky he was and how life made everything good at last and he loved his life again. He run to his car to celebrate with family and soon to learn that all was a set up and he doesn’t won the lottery.

The moral of the story is happy and sad are there is side you. what matter is how you want to see events that occur in life. “The day is boring” is not ultimate reality. It is what your mind feels on the day. “I hate my job” is personal opinion that reflects your interaction with the job or work place or employees. It does not reflect a fact.

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The interpretation of life is personal. What is good is not good. It is only good for us. What is beautiful is not beautiful it is beautiful for us. “I hate my life” is a personal choice of decision.

So, if the above is true, then ” I hate my life ” is only a false preconception of reality.

Here are things that people that hate their life do and people who love their life do.

1-People who hate life say “I hate love.”

People who hates life has only one word “i hate life.” They complain a lot. hey are not satisfied no mater how events turn out.

People who love life say “I love life” no matter life treated them. Life cannot be always perfect. There are ups and downs.Saying positive is necessary. Without this strength waiting for tomorrow is harder. The only thing that help us peruse tomorrow is hope. And hate does not have hope. Hate only gets one as far as hates gets them: despair.

2-people who hate life don’t progress. They sit still and don’t change.

People who love life dare to change. Change is not an option for them. Change is a tool to getting better and better in loving a life. They know that with change there is satisfaction and with satisfaction there is love and with love there is life.

3-people who hate life don’t care about dangers.

They could run in to danger at any moment and they don’t care much. I once read a book about a testimony of soldier in battle field. He at one moment noticed how one of his friends was really strong and confident while walking on a ground with large number of grenades. He once asked him how he was so confident about his life. The soldier then replied saying that it is not he is confident, it is he hates his life.

People who love life loves themselves. They don’t allow a single scratch on their flesh and on their spirit.

4-people who hate life hate their body.

People knowingly and unknowingly hate their life lose a concern for their body. They eat what is available and not what is useful. They do not care about their health and they get obese or super thin. They don’t get shower and they don’t groom well.

People who love life are always on spot. They change cloths, they take showers on time. They keep their teeth healthy and especially their internal organs. They respect life then they respect their body. They care about their sexual health and about their mental health.

5-people who hate life live with people who hate life.

They say you are the average of your 5 close people. If you live with the hater you become one. If stay with the smart you become smart, at least you will learn the way to smart. East Africans has a quote, “a goat who befriended a donkey, returns home learning farting.” Your day will define you.

People who love life, carefully choose with whom they spent their day with. They are discriminatory. They don’t allow losers to ruin their day. They don’t care what others think of their selective behaviour. They respect their intuition more than people’s opinions.

6-people who hate their life hate their jobs, their family.

It is sometimes psychological. People despise life and they start drinking. They get depressed. They start developing a negative feeling towards necessary things in life. they act weird in serious conditions. They act crazy with family. They nag. They portray their non-satisfaction on their family. This in turn leads to breakups and distraction.

People who love life, love others, they care for their family. They love what they do. If they don’t love it, they don’t blame it on life. they know life is a progress. And they will change it. They will get that degree at evening class and get raises. They work hard and get noticed at office. They study hard and get good grades. If they hate her wife’s weight, they don’t despise her or insult her, they simply work to change that.

7-people who hate life live discriminated life.

They get depressed and stay away from public, weeping and complaining, only to go deep in to stress. They don’t like talking with others as they developed hate to people: they are the source of problems. Their favourite quote is “I hate my life.”

People who love life, love people. They know people are the source of happiness in life they respect others. They respect opinions. They live to serve because they know the value of life. They don’t spend the day alone depressed when they can spend it with people they love.

8-people who hate life don’t see a future.

They only live in the past fearing the future. Today is absent mark in the present world. The fear of the past limits the hope of tomorrow.

People who love life know their treasure is in tomorrow no matter how today looks like . Their riches and life grows bigger and bigger with time. And Their limited resources are not measure with today’s worth rather with tomorrow’s progress.


life is to beloved. Many people say I hate my life. This is common. Life is something to be appreciated and to be progressed through. Without this, life is not well lived. People who hate their life don’t change. They stay same for years. They don’t respect their body, they don’t love their family, they hate others, they live among life haters and they have no clear image of the future.

People who loves life don’t complain. They do whatever is necessary to get back in life. They don’t mind other’s opinions as they care about their own assumptions. They care for others; love their health and are careful of what they eat.  They love life.


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