Finding your passion : lessons I learnt

finding your passion _imagePassion is the only fuel that drives life. Without it the world would have end up becoming lazy. Passion guides ways and make things done. And this passion could originate out of pure talent for the thing or out of fear as seen in some inventors or out of boredom.

However, without passion one won’t be successful.

Then how can I find my passion.

As a child, I had an ambition and passion for various things that I rarely overwhelms me. I loved English poetry, I loved self-help books, I loved science especially space science, and theoretical physics, I loved philosophy and some of psychology.

Without enough time dedicated for these, I was a book worm sitting at a corner the small library trying to understand complex theories.

This was fun until it does wasn’t. I grew and life became real. I learnt that university makes us choose a single subject to study; the culture forces us to marry a single person and economics forces us to give birth to a certain number.

As the world demands “specialised talent”, a general of everything becomes irrelevant. Then, finding your passion is necessary.

The challenge is choosing few from what the world could offer. No matter how scary and boring it seems, finding your passion in the few is necessary.

The basic lesson I got through time is your passion lays in one of the three spaces: your knowledge, your habit and what you want to know.

1-your knowledge

A doctor has much better knowledge about haemorrhoid than an engineer. That is a knowledge. A child of entrepreneurs is usually an entrepreneur before maturing. This is knowledge and skill developed from experience. If you have immense knowledge in a single topic, you might find it easy to develop passion for it.


Habits could be developed without knowledge or formal education. Habits could be passions. But these habits should be either useful to the world or could make money. Habit for the love sake is only a labour of love. This, you could do it in free time and not as a permanent life business.

3-What do you want to know?

Fixing your car, dating, becoming small business owner. If you wish it enough, not for the knowledge sake itself, but also for its appeal for you, then why don’t you pursue it as a passion?

It is hard to find a passion in this world. Everyone wants to be an athlete in athletics season; everyone wants to be a king after game of thrones is aired. You get my point. The information overload helped the mind wobble more than ever. Passions change every day. A yesterday’s college student is a today’s your tube’s wannabe star. Yesterday’s soldier is today’s Uber driver. The world is changing and so is our mind.

The secret to finding your passion is to look back inside. If you look closer , you will find it covered and waiting to be unveiled.

The first step to finding your passion is to look inside and ask what is it I like to do every day without getting tired. What is that one thing that could do me all night no matter what I feel. I know people who stay up all night to come up what a single structure for the building they are designing. That is a passion, if not insanity.

Ebay advice on what to sell on the site is to look back to home and to find something that you haven’t used long.  It is there you find it soon.

This should be useful. Don’t mention your compulsive gaming habits as a passion until you can find a way to change it to something useful for others and for yourself. This is time waster until it becomes otherwise for you.

Then find what you are good as and bad in life. I am bad at watching soccer. I hate that thing. That is time wasting. For my friend who is obsessed with every game, every major league is a passion in deed. He talks about it every second of the next day about the last game.

I am good at analysing problems; at listening other’s challenges and give practical but great insights. I am good at self-discipline and i easily get complex theories.

Then figure out what to do with it. If you have good singing voice, sing with it. Don’t care what I am doing or what your best friend is doing. At least do it as a spare time passion. If you can write, start your blog. If you can act, and you love it, join a community with same interest. Start your you tube channel.

Passion is best when seen with purpose ,and purpose is an end. Keep working not matter what the current performance says. With consistent work, you will get there. But all starts with finding your passion.



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