Figuring out who you are in easy steps without much worry and time

who you are _ grandselfFiguring out who you are is a hard task. These day it seems that we are delusional with the busyness of the world and we are lost in it. It is like being lost in the storm. The problem is not with being lost the problem is in being lost in it but the problem is we are lost without second taught out our lives. The storm will come and go on its own time. No matter what we wish. It hast its own life, its own age and its own show. The Melancholy is our struggle to make sense out of it. In fact, we are lost in it, looking its temporal presence around us, its gracious thunders and hurricanes.

The way to figure out self is to think and to have time to think. If you’re caught up in the chaos of the world and trying to make sense out of the thunders and the storms then you lose.

1-The first thing I realized after long struggle with information overload is no to read or listen or learn any more, more than I do things.

Everything you do should be equivalent to everything you know. You cannot figure out your purpose without facing challenges. Reading is good but experience is better.

Surprisingly, most people who don’t read much are the visible actors of our day to day life.They dare to put their toes in to the water to test the water. They test the unknown without much information. And no matter how good or bad, they experience the result.   Next time you find your self trying to figure out who you are with excess information , stop and look back to your self. The answer is  in you. the information is only guidance.

2-Second. Listening your guts is the way to progress.

The problems I identified in my life recently are the things my guts used to tell me to do without mentioning that they were things I had to do. But procrastination and other related problems limited my engagement from doing. When your guts tell you to do something, believe me do that. Just write them down and do that. If you have to visit a long-lost friend, and you are told repetitively to do, then put what every you are doing, go and see your friend. If you are thinking to know about your car motor, or to start gym, then start them now. May be your mind is telling you to become stronger, to be more of a human.  No overthinking, just doing.

3- Third, look into yourself.

EBay advises to look back to your house to find something to sell. To find yourself, look back to yourself.  You are who you are. You are not who you are going to be.  Look back to yourself, question yourself, question your ways.

4- Forget other’s opinion if you want to make a difference.

People are usually pretentious. They pretend to be what they are not.  Three things, people talk in terms of their context, their limited experience and their current emotional state. This means their comments change based on these three points. Second people comment on your appearance and your efforts, just for the sake of commenting. My work connects me with clients. Third, people only see your cover. No one knows your inside. Listen to opinions, but don’t over salivate on them.

5-Don’t listen to your mind telling you that you are not yet there to figure out your purpose.

Doing something takes a lot of energy. Your mind it constantly distracting you from investing your energy. That is the reason you procrastinate. You keep reading, having experiences until one day you realize that no matter how much you keep reading you are not there yet. Life should be about maximizing the knowledge you already have and improving on it.

6-Finally, free mind and stillness have the answer.

It is not about yoga or religion. It is about having time with the heart and with the mind. To listen to yourself, you should stop listening to the world. The world talks and it talks in terms of its positions. These days opinions are every there. Everyone has one. If you have time for long with yourself you will easily understand the world, its ways and your role in it. If you see any region leader or any successful person, you will notice the made time for themselves to understand their life, their purpose and their destiny.

Here I will write my experience of figuring out who I am.

1-How you see your self is everything.

Don’t underestimate yourself. You are human. You are the best thing that happens to earth. No matter what others tell you, no matter how you draw yourself to be, you are still the greatest creation. Don’t see this as a lie or movement to support your self-confidence. Or nothing like fake it until you make it. I could be the most critical person you could find. I could tell you that you are a zebra if you are. Now, I will tell you again if you are, of course if you are human being, don’t discourage yourself. You are great. The difference is what you make out of your greatness. Even diamonds lose visual value if lost in valueless places. But you should know once they are found they gain their value again.

2- Knowing strength and weakness is the first step.

Veyner chuk on his book, talks about DNA. DNA is who you are, your strength. If no one can do as you can do on something that you like then do that. But before that you should note your strength and your weakness.

3- How do you want to be seen few years from now?

Most successful people ask what do I want to be after 10 years. Ask yourself, what do I want to be when it is all set and done. As the person said, you have no control on your emotion, but you have control on your actions. Based on what you want to be do that.

4-What have you done for long without realizing you are doing that.

For me, for example, started reading self-help books since 12. I dint know why I like them. I wanted to be successful and big without even knowing what is to be successful or big. Some of you may wanted to be an astronaut for long. Some of you a dancer…you name it.

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