6 confidence boosters when you feel low on your self esteem

Confidence is like an emotion, one time it is there and other times you can’t find it nowhere. Sometimes you might find that boost and return into your zone again.

Here I will give you 6 confidence boosters that I learnt thought out the years. Make sure to read all before scanning over and leaving to another page.

Here are six confidence boosters you can take and use today.

1-The world pretends.

Recently I read a small article on image social media filter functionality and how people manipulate image in order to look perfect. The world around you is pretentious. What you see is the illusion of the ideal. You don’t find a perfect skin that you see on magazines. You usually don’t find the perfect interviews like that you watch on TV. These are improvised. People take the best of them and put it as if their entire life is that perfect. Whenever you notice such a thing, try to see what lays underneath. How is the person acting and what are they trying to portray their images? Instead of being destructed with the body nude or the recent fashion , think what are they trying to hide or show or to divert you from. The world always pretends this way.

The number one confidence booster is to notice the world in its flaws. What looks perfect usually has a big flaw hidden in plain sight.

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2-Don’t think a lot.

Thinking is celebrated while the majority avoids it. The biggest difference between those who do and those who think is the achievement. Remember, when you grow on the ladder, you tend to think more than doing. You pass risks since they are much worse than the once that you see on the side walk.

But in reality, most social situations don’t have much risk unless you become ignorant. You don’t die saying “no” to your boss. But your ancestors died resisting leader’s thoughts. That does not happen today. Then why are you afraid?

The second secret of confidence boosting is to just do. You have something to say, just say it.

If you want to stand up and leave, don’t ask for permission unless it is necessarily needed.

You don’t like what you do, find another thing to do.

Don’t think just do.

Refer the 5 second rule. The rule goes like this what you do with in five seconds of your first thought, then you will definitely do it. If you keep asking your self “should I do it. Should I wake up form bed now…?”,then you won’t.

3-Confidence is an illusion.

It is all in the mind. When you think the day is boring, it is not the day that is boring, it is all in the mind. The same day is bright for others.

There is a story of a man who lost his job and whose wife left him on same day. In the middle of his depression, he received a call from parents that he had won a lottery. His sadness suddenly vanished. He jumped up and drove miles away to his parents’ house to only find out that they were only lying to comfort him. Human emotion is only on the surface. If you can change a deep depression with in a second and with one single news, then why can’t you be confident with choice.

The third of confidence boosters is to know confidence is an illusion, you can be confident by choice.

4-Change the spotlight position.

Another metaphor of confidence is a spotlight. An author explains becoming confident again by focusing the spot light back to others. When you are on the spot, you think every one’s attention is on you. Then you fear. But when you turn everyone’s spot light to themselves then you see them into the light. When you meet others and when you are nervous, they are nervous too. They have spent hours choosing that cloth like you did.

Next time, when you are on the spot, learn to change the spotlight direction onto others and see that no one is perfect.

The forth confidence boosters is to learn to see others with same spot light that they are looking at you. There is a reason for why you are on the stage and they are on the floor.

5-Get prepared.

If you are like the majority, you think of your presentation a day before the day. Prepared mind is more confident. If you know you have some problem on your dress, then you lose self-esteem. The secret is to be prepared. Be neat, tidy, and fluent in the day and it will be OK

The fifth secret of confidence booster is to be prepared days before the day. If you have low self-esteem, you should be doing this. Don’t act like self-confident people who prepare their notes on the corridor to the presentation or to the meeting. Know your level and get prepared.


Experience beats skill. When you know the north and the south of the issue at hand you know what to expect. The things that terrify me years before at work no more terrify me today since I learn the possible outcomes on the way. Low self-confidence is associated with lack of experience. The sixth confidence boosters is to go out and grind. Don’t sit and read how to be confident or how to do what. Go out and look, interact and learn from it.

Years before I had to cold-call people for a business. I was terrified, sitting long hours thinking and practising what to say. Unfortunately, as soon as the person on the other end picks up the phone,  my practice is all forgotten and I interact based on their emotion and energy. Later after few calls I learnt to become better. and I had better results on each call no matter how they responded.

What do you think? comment below. which do you find useful?




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