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Your life, what your life is


Your life is a battle ground. Anyone who is prepared will always win the race.

Your life is a constant challenge. For some it is a battle of survival. The results keep you growing.

Your life is meant to be worked with and be profited with. You can preserve it, or trade with it. Your future depends on it.

Your life is not a game until you are fascinated with the maze and get lost in it.

Your life is a progress. Your life is a constant change, towards perfection.

Your life is not perfect. No one’s life is perfect. It is all pretension.

Your life is not different, until you believe it is.

Your life is created unique. You can act a unique as you can.

Your life is precious. Don’t listen to people telling you otherwise.

Your life could change. It is all about decision and work habit.

Your life is like a vase on a shelf, it is beautiful but also breakable.

Your life could be designed or lived freely. It is up to you.

Your life has no shepherd. You are the only one that guide your life in the way you need. The consequences of your path are on your head.

Your life is matters as long as you make it matter. Your life does not matter for others when you are poor or loser.

Your life could save others; your life could destroy others.


How to stop working. When is the time to give it a break.

How to stop working. When is the time to give it a break

How to stop working. When is the time to give it a break.Work is good indeed. It makes a nation stronger and wealthier. Most countries in the world became rich with work, either with slaves or personal effort.

There is a limit for the modern-day work-sleep principle that is 8-8-8 principle. This says one has to work of 8 hours, socialize and more in 8 hours and sleep for 8 hours. Most work habits base their theory on this principle. Countries like Japan where people are said to work for more than 12 hours in office are thought to have a good work habits. Here sleeping at work place is considered to be a great worker character.They are rich, indeed, as well.

Many people see burning out as a way of procrastination and laziness.

You are reading this article and I guess you are threatened with the idea of being burnt-out out or  you are tired or you have a health issue because of long hour work. And you want to stop working.

Is there anything called burning out?

Of Course, there is. I have opposed this idea for long as a teenager with tremendous energy, with hours spent reading working. I worked 14 hours straight only standing up off my chair 2 or 3 times. As a student, I had taught my self-skipping lunch only to fulfil my perfectionist hunger on work. This becomes a habit for many years.

It is a hard article from a person who destroys his body and spirit with work. But I have the experience to share.

What happened.

When life goes by I noticed that the long hours in a single room working took away my responsibility in the social arena. I have noticed my self lacking from dating, or doing what is needed at home. It took me a week to buy cat food for my cat while she kept feeding on leftovers.(Well, she ate at least)

I loved working than going on a date or meeting a stranger.

After a while I noticed, three major issues in life.

1-Health issues.

Eye fatigue, body pain, intestinal discomfort was part of it. Due to careless dieting hours and over use of water as replacement clearly made me underweight.

2-social discussion.

After sitting hour and hours on a computer, I felt to lose the ability to speak fast. Mumbling becomes part of the conversation.

3-No time to reflect on self.

If you consume information for long hours and you don’t reflect your your life then you don’t change.

When is the time to stop?

1-If you feel you need time off, to reflect on yourself then do it.

Time off the work is necessary for one to reflect on one self. Where are you going, what are you, are you on the right track?. These are answered with clear mind. If you sit in a forest with fresh air, you have better chance of thinking clearly than with your phone in your office.

2-When you feel exhausted.

Believe me I was a machine year before, now I feel like I have body of 40 years old. I get tired easily. I have constant headache. These is not I am patient but I am sometime having discomfort. This was out of my reading years before.

3-When you need to fix something.

Sometimes relationships are pain in life if you don’t have the skills. A simple disagreement with husband or wife could be aggravated into the unexpected. It is good to stand still and take a breath and think and do something about it. This could require to travel.

4-If you are over 50 , you are probably tired.

Age is a limiting factor for energy. No matter what people say about motivation, a 50 years old don’t have equal motivation like the 20 years old. With age, one should get the freedom to have more time of a break. That is necessary.

5-If you develop hate for your work or if you feel lost.

Regret comes to those who spent their youth working for money without life purpose. And at the end they only have money and nothing else to show off. You should be able to work for purpose, no matter how much you can make or no matter where it takes you. You should take time off and reflect on your road map.

Work is great but when it becomes a hurdle for your growth, you should quit.




The world is not a layer of bed sheet, it is a war field

Machiavelli negates the idea of creed that voices offering of the other cheek when one is slapped. That does not work in his world. The two concepts of what is and what should be are two opposites. ‘’What is’’ is a reality and ‘’what should be’’ is a fantasy. One can choose to live in either. And the consequences are real.

As people who are raised on religious manners, to love one another and respect one another, we witness who does the opposite live on top. The meek is the slave and the cruel is the king. And at the same time the bible ignores this idea by saying don’t be jealous on the bad people who have it all.

What should be the way to live?

Prayer of the religious

I have lived most of my life struggling in between the world, the good and the bad. Others good was still bad for me, trying to fulfil the word of my perfectionist mind. I fasted, prayed to get closer to the god I didn’t know. The prayers under the benches of the alter and above the dusty ground went up and stayed there without a reply. My life is a prayer without answers.
At the same time, a savage of same age is out there with spear and shield preying on other’s worth and on the riches of the world. His hands are firmer and his mind is crueller, surviving his way out of the world in his own terms.

My life is under the mercy of these who need it. And my meek heart zeal survives only for the mercy of the Lord who gave the thought. The suffering and the futility of the world is not far with the constant wish and prayer but yet my happiness is because of him.

The other man’s prayers is to himself. His respect and words are for the image across the room in the mirror. It is to that figure who stood erect and proud. It is to the eyes that pierce, to the heart that seduce and the to the lips that lie and through the hand that suffocates the world.

My manners are on the top; my speech is limited ; my character is celebrated and a lesson to kids.

…his narcissistic manners are to be despised, his grace is to be feared. But his presence is celebrated. His speech is taught. His killings are counted and his war stories are his magnificent stories.

The world is a place of disparities, the good suffers while the bad reigns.

Then where is my place in this self-opposing world?

Where is my place here? How can I live a life without the good brain washing of being good and being in the light?

My life is full of thoughts of servicing others while my dinner is burning on the fire. My dreams of feeding the poor and carrying the lower are on top of my head. The one percent are the riches of the world, taking 99 percent of the world riches. The place that we call the third world is a designed place for starvation and drought. The egoistic countries wage war on the weak to show its bully power. The Leopolds of the world cut the arms of millions of Congolese. The Hitlers of the world kill millions of the neighbours, The wests of the world slave millions of blacks’ own use in the name of religion and civilisation.

What do these have in common? Wealth.

Believe me, most have accumulated wealth and name for themselves. You know many rich people who bulldozed a poor neighbourhood to build a single tower. What do we say to them? “Welcome.”

We know people who controlled the source of the water and the rest dies in hunger.

We know people who dropped bombs in the middle of the community, to send a single message to their counterpart leaders.

We know colleagues who puts us in danger trying to get job raise.

Life for these is a field after the tiresome mountains. Life for us is eternal mountains without a space to rest. Then which is better, to live as shroud person who gets things done or that virtuous person whose other cheek is slapped every time.

Life indeed is not a layer of sheet but a war zone and cannot be won with love. But for us, who still believe in love, Love is the only thing that makes people superior. Within love is justice. Within love is balance. For one to have love is a way to purpose. It is the way for balanced living.

After that one has to be vigilant. Even Christ died for his teachings. His only weakness was the love he had and his good deeds. Yet the world found him guilty and put him on the cross. Months before the incident the same Christ had taught to give the other chick when one is slapped.

If you have to follow same teachings, you will end up same place as his.

Balancing the bible to the deeds of the world

Life is a war field_ grand self“I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.

Despite this misunderstanding to get hurt more, the same bible imparts to be meek like pigeon and vigilant like a snake. You see the pigeon is a beautiful creature. It tends to believe others. And they are susceptible to being hurt knowingly or unknowingly. But is you being also vigilant like a snake you will make your way in this bad world. The world is bad for these who are mentally weak. One should be always prepared. Even Joseph was told by his father to stay silent about his dram of his brothers bowing for him under the throne. Because this simple dream could get him killed.

If you study other religious leaders, they have similar story that one had to adapt without leaving own moral background.

Then the moral of the story is one has to be good person like the religious teachings say but one has to be vigilant like the world teaches. Without this one would perish.







Life goals: simple steps to life goals that make you become your purpose

Goals in simplest form are ways to achieve your purpose. Purposes are vague and vast, therefore not achievable.  For you to make value in life, you should have goals that you refer back.

First let’s see what life goals are.

The first world is getting complicated as life is largely deviating away from the natural to the made. Life without computers and machinery is becoming less and less. One has to adjust to the fast-changing environment. Market price,fashion inventions all change overnight. This change has a powerful effective on ones thinking and living.

If you live without purpose, you will be lost in the game. It is the same as surfing in ship thought the night gale. The challenge is worth the danger if only you have the end in your mind.  And that end takes hours and hours to achieve. If you are the one with a goal of crossing the see to get in to other man’s land or to get riches, or to finish then you have that vision. But guess what if you are on the boat to please who are with you. Then the gale the wind the worry is not worth it. You will get yourself shimmering and promising never to get back on that boat. Imagine how that can translate in life.

Life goals are for these who get it. It is for those who are on the boat for a strong reason.

The cart and the horse

Before setting goals in life first find your purpose or just set goals no matter yours propose could be. This are ideas of two ways.

Does one have to wait to find its purpose before setting goals? Some say finding purpose is a journey. If that is right, then you should set goals as soon. On the other hand, they say, one should set goals in regards to its purpose, then after finding their purpose.

Life goals are some logical statements. For example, waking up at 5 could be a goal for someone who want to run marathon as a vision. Waking up at five and running for 1 hour a day could be daily goal. Although running is not a man’s destiny, it could have goals in its self.

What goes first?

As I shared above, you should be able to find your purpose, no matter how accurate it is, making life goals.  The number one reason most people are confused in life and the reason they quit is because they don’t have that one macro level vision that encourages them to cross the sea.

Unless you find your purpose, the rest is futile. Then find what makes you happy, what you want to do the rest of your life. Then come back to setting goals.

What are good life goals?

Good life goals are these that makes you better and better each day. These are things that could bring you up to your dreams. For the athlete who want to break world record, waking up in the morning to run, is a goal.

Your life gaols could be made with in broad categories.

Purpose>broader parts of life>life goals

Once you find your purpose, next is to find broad categories of life that you want to work on. These are health, relationships, social life, productivity and more.

For example, one of the categories of life that I needed to work on to become fruitful is my health. Simply saying I have a goal to become healthy is vague and not attainable. Instead I say, I need to go to gym 4 times a week or I use supplements for a year time or I need to run 10 minutes a day.

These are life goals that help you progress in life and in your vision.

A year before, a woman came to my office, talking about her life misery. Here tone was clear that she was terrified of her husband. She was not sure of living with a man life that. After marring him with family’s peer pressure, she found herself not being happy with him. At the end of the first year she was totally broken down. She was waiting for me to consult her on her decision. She was thinking of divorce, but she does not know how the family or the society reacts. As a stranger whose task was listening her pain, I sat there thinking what she would  do.

The next hour. I stopped her and asked her what her purpose in life is. She is a smart woman with college degrees, but she didn’t know what to live for day to day struggle. And nine to five. I asked her to come up with three things she wants to be as a child, or something she likes to do in their life. Within a second she came up with once clear life purpose. She breaks down in tears when she talks about it. After a period of comfort, I asked her what do you have to do to get to that vision.

I called it category of life, the shelves in life.

She mentioned them, my health, my beauty for modelling, my business.

I asked her to note what problems she had in each and what more she can do.

She wrote


  • Take care of my eyes, they are itching from crying
  • Take care of my ulcer, I have acid reflex
  • Eat vegan for a year
  • Have private time alone before husband comes home

Relatio ships

  • Have courage to talk with my husband every night
  • Tell him my feelings no matter he acts

In the process, she found out what was wrong about the relationship. And she made herself new in minutes finding her purpose. These life goals were so strong, her husband apologised to her. Later she reported that she and her husband are living in peace; she joined gym. And he cooks dinner three times a week.

Life goals are necessary for self. They become habits and they inspire you to become better.




Appreciate your life: 4 tips to appreciate your life no matter what they say

appreciate your life _ grand self…A story

Prisons were being transported to be stand in front of a judge. The solders beat everyone at the back when one of them made a noise. One of the prisoner said “don’t bring us no harm no more.” While arriving at the court, the jury sentenced them to die. And the prisoner said, “don’t bring us not more. The other prisoner shouted on him, frustrated and pissed off, “what else could come upon us than death?”

Before he finished speaking, a solder came running in with a message and fave a strict command that the judge decided they should get 50 lashes before they die.

And the angry prisoner himself said “don’t bring us no harm no more.”

Appreciating what we have is what me miss in this age. We are always wishing and day dreaming. We are ignoring the fact that life should be appreciate and celebrated. I know a lot of people living on tomorrow with daydreams on today.

For a life to grow you should appreciate what you have today. Here I will show you four ways to appreciate your life that have learn from my own experiences.

1-To appreciate your life, coming out of the zone.

Getting used to something is good but ignoring the rest is bad. If you live your life as you have lived years before, then you should watch out. Living life as we have lived is the straight way to perishing.  You can’t live life as you have lived when you were 20 or 25 at 30.  Something should change. Think things that you have done again and again without escaping a day. Think where you eat your breakfast, places you have been and more.

Are you that unchanging person who is in love with his scrip of his life. If then, why don’t you try changing your ways. Why don’t you go out and see another experience? For today don’t buy coffee from Starbucks, try a small café at the end of the corner. For next day don’t go out lunch alone, invite that secretory that you were wishing to have lunch with, for next week plan a trip to out of city with your family, for weekends stop using PC and watch TV with children or make something with your partner. Believe me, when you do more and more of this, you will tart appreciating what you have.

2-To appreciate your life, appreciate your challanges

They say for every hero there is a villain. For every day, there is night. These negatives (challenges) are not created to suffer you but to elevate you. The harder the villain is the better and the stronger the hero will be. The darker the night is the more you will love your days. You have to embrace the negatives of your life no matter how strong they could be. From this you should start taking responsibilities.

Challenges arise to test us our worth and our capacity to take new responsibility. If you don’t have the challenge then I am afraid that you won’t know your true potential. Martin Luther was shot to death, Christ was hung on cross and many people’s ideas are shot before their day.  And their deed was greater than any of these on the chapters of history.

Learn to embrace the negative as it’s the way to grow you.

3- To appreciate your life, Ask others about yourself.

I have recently watched a video on YouTube. It is about how what we see about us and what others see about us. And one of the guys say I don’t like my chick bones, I don’t like my gig face. The people that watch him from the other room say, that guy is confident, his chick bone made his face beautiful…Believe me most of us are harsh on our selve.  We barely appreciate our selves.  You will perceive a different side of the image when you flip the perspective to others and ask others what they think of you. Don’t ask directly as you can offend people, but make people talk about your god and bad sides.  You will see how people like that you have than what you don’t have.

4- To appreciate your life, note your emotions and your thoughts

In this running world, you can’t remember most of the things you do every day. In the morning, your cat might scratch you and you are angry. You don’t notice people on you were on the road fixed on the pain. YOU ignore your colleague how was angry on you. And your day was bad. Your boss called you and gives crap, probably harsher than yesterday. You are angry. You hate your life.  But when you get home and cried and picked your notebook and start reading. And you saw the day that your family surprised you, you saw the happy sketch you did when you a boyfriend proposed you, you see the day your received a prize for hard work. Life was never this way.  And that small book saved your life.

There is not right and wrong way to appreciate your life. Looking for more is everyone’s character.  No matter what it is you should learn to appreciate what you have.