Break the pattern of life to change your life

How do you change your life?

Well that seems easy when you are the outsider. But on that very moment that you realized that you need a change in your life, that is where it hits hard. You feel the pain right there under your groin, a pain that goes and comes until crumble in dispair. That is life.

“Life is a progress”, some say. It is being better than yesterday. The Japanese has a culture of not examining kids at beginning of elementary school and they evaluate performance based on progress of a student, not on its current performance at exams. Well, that is different from the west and the rest of the world where getting top is the always requirement.

So, how do you change your life since life is a constant change and complex problem when seen from inside.

Well, here is the solution.

First, you can’t change nothing from the perspective where you created the problem.

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”


To solve something, you should change your perspective, your thought, your path, everything. This is where people lack the process. They want to change their life, but they don’t have the guts to change it from a different position. They try from the place they created the problem. It is similar to being an addict. The addict vows every morning not to drink anymore and every night they go out for one drink only to find them selves in regret the next morning. They want but they never change.

For a change to come, you should be willing to change your current position in life. The change of life is a result, if not pattern of results. You change, that is inevitable. But the change I am talking about the change of being sober and living as one. Or being successful in your current life. or becoming a great football star in 5 years kind of thing.

These problems could not be solved from the position you created the problem from.

Then what?

break the pattern _ life_ grandself

Lets assume, you want to be influential person or a great writer or any thing.

And here goes your current life pattern. Every morning you wake up at 8 and brush your teeth while looking your tired face in the dirty bathroom mirror. Exhausted, you are reminded of your desk at job, your colleagues. You change your cloth in minutes while grabbing your sandwich you made last night. You took your car key running out side. Looking back to your living room you noticed the sofa you slept on after coming home tired. Things are messed up at home and you are not happy. Any ways you must leave, to the work, to make money or whatever.

That is the reality of most people’s life. that was me months before. I was not that messy, but I wanted to be better. But better than what? I wanted to be the image that I created in my mind that others could see as impossible. The more I pushed myself to be one, I was in further away from the path.

1-If you want to change your life the first thing you should do is create the perfect image in your mind.

Think of the perfect example of the person you want to be or you want to share a character. On the other side put people you despise and don’t want to be like. Summarize these characters and reflect on yourself. How can you be one?

2-Don’t listen to your mind when it tells you that this is not the time of you can’t be that.

You can’t be great in a day. It is a constant improvement that makes a change in life.

3- After summarizing the things you want to become in a year or 5.

Change that in to an action. For example, you want to be as big as schwarzenegger, then, learn to bench press an hour a day for the next 2 years of your life and set what to eat and when to it. If you want to become slim like someone you liked on media, then learn how you can work out. Call and ask them how they did it. Get their courses, if they have one. And prepare to break the pattern.

4- Break a pattern.

Here is how you can do that. Here will be your daily routine. In the morning you no longer wake up at 8 and see yourself in the mirror tired and bored, wishing to get more sleep. You wake up in at 5 because you slept at 10 last night and you got good sleep. At 6 you run 2 miles on your trade meal and bench pressed 50 and did 200 push ups in one hour. After shower, you sat at your PC, with your coffee to check your email and to write your goals and diary. Within 30 minutes you finished writing 700 words, 3 goals of the day and schedules.

The next one hour you cooked for your family or for yourself you ate while reading the news.  It is not 8 yet. You picked your organised bag and your car key and walked out of the door. And you looked back a beautiful, neatly made room with a great scent.

You smiled consciously and walk out in to the cold morning.

Entering office an hour before any one and you see your colleagues entering the room greeting you. You have finished your work by now with great concentration.

You don’t watch the series you used to watch every night. Because you need a good break so that you can wake up in the morning.

You replaced the habit of watching porn at home in the evening by going out to meet friends and new people.

Your breakup with people that drag you down so that you are no longer complaining about life and how people hold you down.

The whole idea of breaking a pattern is to change the routine for at least until you for get your current life.

To do these you need a great pattern break that could erase the today’s habit. You can take a month vacation, without your PC or communications. That is hard. You can meditate there finding your real self and emotions. You can visit new places every day on the time that you think is making you hate your life.

To break the pattern, you should see life in different way. You should decide to replace your day with completely another. If you use internet all day. Break that by not using a PC for a week and when you are back from the vacation, continue not using it for more than an hour a day or less.

To change ,you need to break the pattern of your life. This is why addicts have sober get-together meeting. It is a way of realising your fear, anger or frustration.

Learn your life closer without fear and boundary. And decide what to become and how to become. Think of the life you love to plan it. And break the pattern strong and hard that you don’t want to be back.

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