The notion of being satisfied in life and success

being satisfied in life success _ grandselfA friend of mine told me today about the notion of being satisfied before satisfying others. The idea was raised when discussing about marriage. She said “one should start thinking about marriage after being satisfied with himself first.” A man (or a woman) should have a purposeful life already. His satisfaction and achievement in money, success and purposeful life should be the basics for finding someone.

After being satisfied, and being in the trace a man or woman should wait for the one to appear being amazed with the achievement.

But the real question is how a one gets satisfied.

Satisfaction is a result of purposeful life and achievement. A day in the live of the purposeful living being is progress. It is a life itself in the form of the living.

Living a satisfactory life is measured based on the general goals and vision of one self. Without such a goal, it would be judging based on emotion. It is hard to say the day is good or bad since it depends on the emotional state of the observer.  To live a satisfactory life, one should have a list of things that would make him/her satisfied if achieved.

Being satisfied is actually a life time job.

…Satisfaction has a responsibility with it.

If one plans to get satisfied to achieve a certain goal, then the person has a responsibility to live as per the life style the achievement brought. Some people are too satisfied with their rich they make and they spend it without second thought.

You love other as much as you love yourself. And you see people with in the periscope of your limited experience, therefore your achievement. Then you only attract those whose shadow aligned with yours. Your satisfaction in other’s achievement is as much as your satisfaction with yours’s. The flesh and bone of your satisfaction decides on what kind of life you want to live an that kind of people you want to attract.





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