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Three tips that create a successful person : grandself

There are various reasons for success. Time, money, mind, all contribute to your success in life, in the profession. What I share you hare are what I have learned this week.

1-Following up the vision

follow up of the vision with action makes one successful beyond the norm. I had a goal that I had to get to within this week and Monday morning I woke up and wanted to return to my old life. As much as I wanted to do something different for this week, I went back to my old life. By today, I had forgotten the plan until the small piece of paper reminded me. I received the fifth-day workout plan on email and I even didn’t start the first work out yet.

I feel that the young age deceives us with ego and false perception of time where we feel invincible and immortal. The reality is that time is flying and we are getting older. Success, is equivalent to aggressive follow up of a plan we set.

2-Forgiving yourself

After a rough meeting with a friend, I came back home to think that success is the ability to move on. Without forgiving oneself of any regrets, one cannot become successful. I noticed that the regret that he has is the regret that he had a decade before. We talked on the same regret topic then, and now that his has only grown to be more real.

One reason why many smart people are less successful is due to their tendency to be perfect. Perfection is a gift and a curse. It has the power to halt effort for fear of failure.

As a perfectionist myself, I learned to believe the process, not the outcome of the result. The success of the process teaches us and the success of the outcome only comfort us. And the success of the result depends on how others see it.

We are not perfect beings and we have a power to become better every time.

3-Learn to see the big picture

Success is in the vision. What is the big picture? What is it you want to change in the world and what do you want to be known with? ‘If you don’t have something to die for, then you are not fit to live.’ Learn what is good for you and what you can contribute. Make a big picture of it and work to attain it.

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