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Why we should follow plans and how they makes us successful


A day before, I was in the zone. I was grooving, noting my ideas and my hypothesis in life. I was sitting in the café with my pen and a small piece of paper that the waitress brought noting plans for the week. This I thought could challenge all the pattern of the life in the week. It was in fact a dream come true. It would have made me more responsible and create a dream life for me that I wished to have whenever I go to bed every night.

And next morning, I wake up in two minds. I wanted to follow the plan and at the same time the other part of mind was fighting to stay on course of the past, using time and look productive. In fact, everything that I would do would not be more than a pretence of the real job. Any way I did it. I went out at 8:30 and had a breakfast, get my car cleaned and went to the office only to research on the business I am developing. I didn’t come up with that much of result. And before much was done I left the office to meet some people. And I spent more than 3 hours on the road. At the end of the day, that was it.

That was it in terms of what I could have done. That makes me think “what is it that makes a difference in life?”

What makes a difference in life?

I am a firm believer that what you think every night is a fantasy of your day and that make you better than the average if not best. Some say that the best time to think is just before you go to bed. It is probably easy to clearly think and with out fear of tomorrow when everything is quitter.  Others this is because the subconscious is awake when the conscious is tired.

Whatever you think to do on the next day, you must do. In fact, most of the things I planned to do on the next day were intense and could meet me with different people. These could help me to solve the mystery of my long time questions.

plan _ grandself

Actions are greater when done in terms of purpose. In design there is a system where one has to follow to end up on result. Some senior designers could escape the process and even create their own. But when you are not senior you should follow the general process and you know you will end up somewhere. The mistake most beginners do is to do things that does not contribute to the greater goal.

You can prepare a mood board but if you don’t have a concrete  reason why you need to do that, you will end up spending more time and without a reason. When you speak with clients, you should know what to ask. Asking about their mother or a small talk does not contribute much.

Your actions in life could be much or more than the average. But if you cannot limit them in to certain “why” then they won’t benefit you. For example, my today’s meeting was a complete loss. I have known they were fine and I arranged some business processes but that would have been greater if I had don’t something that I planned a day before.

What makes a great difference in one’s life is what has been thought over and what complements actions that make a complete picture at the end.


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How to become rich: 11 beliefs that are blocking you away from getting rich


How to become rich is a serious question. When the world is full of resources, the majority lives in a deep poverty. I was born in same poverty that was masked with unrealistic thoughts and dreams. I noticed that being rich or poor is a choice and education has only few contribution for this. Kids used to ask “are you learning for the fortune or for the knowledge?” Some of us were so self-righteous we preached our interest in knowledge though academic education referring our good grades and our respect from friends.

But later in life I discovered something else.

A students who is learning for the knowledge will dedicate time to learn more than the text book. You will find them in lab or at home experimenting or googling without being requested at school.

Others said the reason for their learning is the wealth. The reality is education has less relation with money, usually. Most rich people are drop outs, or the slowest students in class. Of course those who manipulate our life through economy and politics are hidden back the people we see on the podium and they tend to have a good grade at education. These are the ones that studied for the information and got a good opportunity later in life.

Education also used to equate wealth and power. People respected a literate person with college degree. Now, especially in the internet age, your education does not get you respect.

For our surprise an “idiot” on Instagram makes money with fake mascaras and sluggish dances. That is life.

Then what is the way to being rich? Why does the literate or the capable live in debt when a small kid makes thousands a month without much work?

Here are 11 ideas and beliefs that are blocking you away from success.

You become that you think all day

In fact, you are what you think all day long. We usually live dual life, absent minded. We want to live in certain way and we live in another way. One of the challenges of change, in my experience, is not lack of decision or unwilling to change. Rather, it is the discipline.

We want to become rich and we decide to look for location or talk to people and next morning we are all in same trap. We live same life we lived yesterday. I believe that is the reason Einstein said one cannot solve a problem from the position they created it. You should create a new position or reality for yourself to tackle a challenge. That is the reason I talked about breaking a pattern. 

The challenge is not only about what you think but also what you do.

Is someone poor because they think poor or they think poor because they are poor?

The poor get poorer and the rich richer. When you see deep in to it, it gets interesting. The poor fight the rich on their achievement. And the rich keeps getting richer. Is this because the rich are confident to make money or is the money made them feel that way. That is the reason why usually the rich has more ego than the poor. The poor is already broken.

Watch out what you do all day.

How to become rich: dare to be effective and useful

Looking the other empty

The day I looked myself as successful is when I felt that I had lost the things I built all the years. I was very blind not to see my small successes and achievements and complaining only looking at the other empty. I believe the way to  how to become rich is by appreciating what you have now. If you don’t know or appreciate your strength how can you tackle the challenges? Imagine, you could be a numbers person. And someone else is not. Who do you think will be successful if both of you start accounting firm? Bolt will be more successful if started athletics firm.

Before joining any business or starting your venture or even before becoming rich, you should see your strength and weakness. (read Warren Buffet secret to riches ) what do you have now? A loving family, healthy body, 2000 dollars in bank, a house…what do you have that you can leverage from?

Don’t get fixated on what lacks. That is immaturity. Who cares if you are 10 cm shorter than the normal. I met someone who is very shy because he looks younger than his real age. His success was shot at the moment he shies away from opportunity because of the other half than what he already has.

Must read: life is easy

How to become rich: appreciate what you already have

Lack of thinking

Wealth is the product of man’s ability to think. AYN RAND

I used to think that the kid at the corner crying to get my attention deserves my attention;  the reason that a seller is asking for more money because that is the real value of his efforts. I had hard time to differentiate between the motive and the action of people.

But with time, I learnt to differentiate people in four categories that helped me to discriminate people like the most of you probably have the skill to do.

In business or any field there are four type of people that usually act on the surface as innocent or successful.

The first types are the vultures. Those are the ones without ideas or money. These are dangerous. These are losers. You should be careful of them. This statement could have been a little bit harsh for my past self. But not anymore. Those will kill to eat. They have no dream or vision. They live to eat. You find them everywhere, trying to take advantage of your ideas or your money.

The second are the ones with money but no idea or vision. These probably got lucky to own fortune from parents. Since they have no discipline in life they are wasting much or they are too afraid to spent for fearing the future. These are good for you if you don’t have the money to pursue your ideas. They could be good partners.

The third are the ones with goals but no money. This is probably you. Most people belong in this category. People in this category are probably poor, are average, work to meet some income goal, are good people, usually lazy, procrastinate a lot. They are educated or have a knowledge that is mostly useless. They know about “Kardashian” than “cash flow.” These are the sheep who buy a lot and are in debt. These are the ones who are hooked on TV hours and hours and complain a lot about the economy.

The last ones are the one percent. These have the money and the vision. They make the money that is necessary to finance the idea. And it goes in spiral way. They own the rest of the category since they own hundreds if not thousands of employees in their firms. They are the ones who live as they like. These are the third categories watch on their TV. If you are lucky to have those in your life, cling to them; learn from them.

One of the secrets on how to become rich is to start using the brain. It is to identify opportunities, plan, research and make it happen.

How to become rich: think

Not changing the trend of the mind

Promising to change is not enough. You need to change your all reality. You need to break the pattern of your habits. That one step ahead. Every young want to be a man but only some become one. Others are grown boys. Becoming a man needs to pass a success of hurdles and challenges and get a trophy. This could be deciding to live a parent’s house, being responsible and more. A constant reading or a plan does not make a fast and lasting change. Money is same. Many rich people’s experiences show that one only become rich when change their life practically.

Change begins with change of mind. A constant affirmation to the unconscious helps the unconscious believe that reality. The unconscious, the psychologists say, is the largest but the dormant part of the brain. While the conscious is what interacts with the world. The real power is in the subconscious, that guides thought and action slowly behind the curtain.

Some say, you get a new habit by doing a specific task continuously for at least 21 days. The consistency and the continuity change thoughts.

Some advice to say out loud your plans, your visions, your strengths for 3 weeks or more at least three times a day. And your subconscious pick it up and work on it to make it real.

how to become rich _ grand selfGet rich soon

Paul Mckenna in his book “I can make you rich” says the driving force to ‘get rich soon’ scheme is driven by two enemies of wealth: fear and greed. Have you read about stories about people getting ripped off believing these schemes? Fear forces one to choose what seems illogical.

Good results come with work that has reasonable amount of work in front. That is the reason Tony Robbins say that many NBA players become poor in short time) (link his book how to become super rich)

For PAUL McKENNA Ph.D.  money is like power. It is the illusion. It is the other things that make a difference. Power could be lost without tactics, plan. Money does too. Then a constant cultivation of personal and financial skills in mandatory for being rich. and this could take some time.

How to become rich: don’t be greedy

Money makes you happy

Happiness is a by-product of achievement and money can be an achievement. But money by its self cannot make one happy without any other reason attached to it. A loser is a loser even after the money. Expecting the money to make one’s life better is a good thing. But expecting money to make you happy or to make your failed marriage is a poor thought.

Don’t seek money to solve your relationship problems or to solve your unhappiness.

One things you should understand is that it is you that matters. If you really want it you can become happy even without money. Don’t think to make your family happy with money that you could not provide them. You can live on 5000 dollars a month or 50 000 dollars a month. You can become confident, happy and have a great loving family even in 5000. What matters is you, not the size of the money. Instead use the extra money to fulfil what your family needs. It could be clothing or food or better education or better car. That makes you and them happier and comfortable. The way How to become rich is by not wishing money to solve problems that you should solve. Instead by using it to make your great life greater.

How to become rich: be someone even before the money

Paper money has more value than your service.

Someone says 100-dollar bill paper takes only few dollars to print. The only value that that few dollars paper has is the number on it that is “100”.  At some time in past useful and precious items such as salt and gold were medium of exchanges. These are natural and have fixed value all over the world. Even the paper was the representative of these gold that is somewhere since carrying gold for exchange was a hard task. Recently, the money was only a value in itself, without gold backing it up. It suddenly becomes valuable by itself.

Once after a discussion with a client on the services I provide her, I mentioned the price point and she was shocked. I knew that she was only hustling me by exaggerating a market price point into getting a few more dollars out of me. And I said to her “Do you know that how much the dollar is depreciating each year?” she mumbled. And I continued to say “the paper you give me today has lesser value a year and year after, but the value I give you makes you more and more money each year” And she got it. Don’t be afraid to get the money that is enough to your efforts. Money is never equivalent to your creativity or your hard work.

How to become rich: value your work

The association

The reason we like to do something or we avoid something has a direct or indirect relation with how we prize or punish our self for the task. For example, we fear fire not because we are born that way but because we are probably told it is dangerous or we touched and felt its sting. Fire is bad. We like to go party and others don’t.

I recently heard a story of a man where a girl insulted him on his very young age. Since then, he was terrified of having a woman in his life. He died without marriage and without any relations.

This system also works in animals. It has been tested in monkeys and we all do it on our cats and dogs. In one experiment, a group of monkeys were given a banana at the top of a ladder. But whenever the monkeys climb the ladder to get the banana, everyone’s feet will be shocked with current under their feet. After a while they picked the trend that the current passes whenever someone succeeds to climb the ladder. Then they started to fight to discourage anyone from climbing.

That is not the interesting part. The interesting part of the experiment is the monkeys were transferred to another cage and a new monkey without the prior knowledge of what happened before joined them. And they fight him to death when the monkey climbs the ladder even though the new cage has no electric shock. He was fought until he learns the trend without knowing why he should not eat the banana that everyone avoids.

Guess what, whenever a new money joins the cage, even the new monkeys fight them off from getting the banana.

This is life. life also works this way. Most young people suffer from the world view that parents gave them. Some of our parents are religious that hate money. Others see it as hard work that would give them heart attack or migraine. Others were so control freaks while others have not plan or budget.

We learn, we associate. And without knowing the reason we learn to fear the unknown from the society even looking at the prize in view point.

The other way on How to become rich is to learn the reality of association. Like the new monkey that discouraged newer monkeys without a probable reason except the discouragement of peer fellows. One should cleanse the mind and develop new reality.

How to become rich: learn to prize yourself

You hate rich people

If you hate people with money, you will hate the money. If you think people with money are bad then you don’t want to become one. (remembered the association story?) The secret is to know whom do you want to become, not in terms of personality, but in terms of the money. Imagine the rich people you know. Do you hate them only because they are rich? Do you feel that they are the devil only because they planned, strategized and work their way through the ladder of the money? Then the problem is with you. You can’t hate someone only because they own something. When I was a child I used to think how much is too much? For a completely poor person someone with 100,000 dollars is rich. And that is the sign of the devil. For the person with 100,000 the millionaire is the devil.

Let’s makes it simpler. A person with 1000 dollars is rich for the someone with 10 dollars. And is that their devil?

It is not definite. If millionaire is the devil so is the 1000er.

We can’t label someone as a bad person only because they have the money that we don’t have. Instead you should learn to accept that it is ok for someone to be rich. Learn to accept the reality and work to be part of it in your own morals and dogmas.

 How to become rich: love the people you want to become

Wealth in the world isn’t enough for everyone

One of the scarcity minds that we got from the society is that the resources we have is not enough. One world should have less for the other to get more. These are not ideals of the sane mind. Some say resources are enough in the world for everyone to live a good life. If not greed, it is the lack of knowledge, long term plan and lack of prepared mind that discourages being rich.

How to become rich: the world has more to offer

Love for spending

Many people suffer from spending more than they have and more than they need. Especially women are criticised with emotional spending where they buy more than they can afford. A dress should match a mattress no matter the price.

In this age, the market is full of products with high competition and variety of products to buy. For a mere buyer there are at least more than 50 different choices to buy from. The problem is not buying a single product or even more than one. But since the paying system is easy and the products look great, we are emotionally forced to buy them. It is amazing that people buy after looking an article on Facebook or website by someone they see on TV. The ear rings some singer wore becomes a trend. And even those who have nothing to eat buy it without second thought. I know people who save money only to buy human hair from India. This is crazy.

The marking world where every inch of building and every second of TV is about a product, expenditure, use and throw product, avoiding not buying is unimaginable.

However, it is possible for a trained mind. You should think is it better to own this much cloths and live poor or to save your money and aim to be rich.

The pity part is that people use their debit card to purchase these craps. In fact, most have a collage loan and other thousands of loans on their cards. Most college students get loans more than they need. Most of the money goes to beer and party. And years after the bank is happy and the student is sad.

How to become rich: stop spending money









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The solution to the struggle to change habits  

Struggle to change habits

Habits could be the best things that could define a person. Habits gives one the tools to express one self and to learn skills that would not possible without interest and without payment. But habits sometimes become a set up for failure. Some habits are dangerous.

Many people are wired for failure because of the habits that they live with. Someone used to say to me that addicts promise never to drink again every morning, probably due to the hang over or the position they find themselves in. But every night they find themselves circling around at the neighbourhood in lack of vision and decision.

I recently find myself in same situations. Not about addictions or that matter but in daily life itself. Some of the things, like driving to work, working, lunch time, all are habits formed through out long time. Some of us do that unconsciously. Every evening, I plan never to do the routine since the next day, since i felt it was hurting me in life, and I find myself doing the routine the next morning. I do things that i don’t want and seems that i have no power over it.

Then I discovered why we are not firm with our plans and why we struggle to change habits.

1-Our plans are based on emotions.

Emotions are like, “I am great, I can do it” stuff that is irrelevant to the overall vision. We only do it because of some inspiration we have every time and then. They say everyone wants to become a marathon runner at times of Olympics. Lack of follow through is due to short span emotions that does not fulfil the life purpose and current situations. Don’t plan to never go to some place only because you had disagreement with someone.

Do you know people who get hyper after watching TV show they like or after listening inspiring story? Emotion are good but sometimes destructive. Looking things objectively is often good. One reason for the Struggle to change habits is believing emotions more than reality.

2-We don’t have something else to replace the previous habits.

When you decide never to repeat your tasks, then you should see in detail what to do instead. For the drunk never to drink, they should plan to do something else on that specific time. Why not see friends each day of the week and sleep over there? If you don’t plan on what to do instead, surely the mind picks the best thing to do for the day and you will find yourself on same position you were yesterday.

I once found a guy who hated to see his girlfriend who was abusive to him. And each night he would meet her only to get verbally abused and criticised. He promised never to meet her again for 6 months and he could not do that. That makes a huge mark on their already failed relationship. The more I studied their relationship, the more I felt sad for him. The only advice I gave him was “learn to replace your actions.” Without me understanding what it meant. Weeks later he came back a new man few pounds more and few inches taller. He smiled to me and said “It worked. I started taking this cooking class at 10. And I did that for 20 days already. She obviously didn’t call and I am forgetting her.” Well, that is sad story but a story with lesson to take from.

Replace your bad habits with another good habit rather than running away from it.

3-Prize system

We are taught to do something good using reward and punishment system where when you do “good” you get prized and when you do “bad” you get punished. The system still works for adults whose consciousness is much more progressed. The notion of association is where we do certain tasks and we avoid others even though they are necessary. Well, it is due to these positive and negative associations were the mind regrets, caught in flight or enjoy the process. When you over eat, you feel bad. Why? Because the marketing, the culture, the image of being fat and the bully gives you hard time. Even though, food you ate does not have much, you feel sorry for yourself.

One of reason for the Struggle to change habits is no association of a task with gratification. If life works such way, why not prize yourself for achievement?

Punishment and reward-psychology today

4-Change pattern

This is a technique that I used a while ago to learn new way of life. I was not satisfied with the one I have. It was never the norm but it did not satisfy me. I wanted to change but I could not for long. And one-day accidentally, I listened to my guts and wrote a fiction like character based on my ideal life in a day. I then change where I stay, whom I stay with, where I sleep. I refused to eat where I ate a day before and learnt to wake up at 5 for 30 days. And I did things based on 30 minutes and 1-hour difference. I did this for a month. And guess what? It was hard but my subconscious picked it. And all of a sudden, I found myself waking up at 5, writing for an hour, reading for another hour, exercising and breakfast and leave the house before 7. Going to bed at 10 and close all my laptop and phone at 9. The more I do them in a certain a pattern they become my days.

More: Breaking pattern

One reason for the Struggle to change habits is lack of repetition and accountability. Replace your habits, break your pattern and learn to prize your self for good work.


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Time management techniques that surely make your successful

Time management techniques

Techniques are a bone of an action. These make decisions and progress tracking easier. Time management techniques are also necessary to make same decisions and follow progress easily.

Here are five-time management techniques with a huge impact on one’s successful use of time.

1-Cutting off communication for a while

Many entrepreneurs and rich people tell the advantage of social media in business. They also tell the benefit of shutting of your mobile phone and your internet for an hour or more while you are working on important tasks.

It’s time to switch off your mobile and set yourself free

4 Reasons To Turn Off Your Phone

Cutting off yourself from the world for a small one hour seems too much to carry and seems unimportant. However, many studies out there suggest the benefit.

Whenever you have an important meeting or work, try shutting off your phone. Even just before going to bed. There is no right task here. It all depends on what is right and what fits you. I would not advise you to shut your phone when you are people person at your job. Your job is to communicate. Without that, try doing that. For example, time management techniques like cutting off communication works when you are on a date, important meetings, family time, reading time, sleeping time.

time management techniques: give break for yourself for few hours.


Goals are overrated. People don’t identify goals from visions. Goals are achievable while visions are fantasy. Being healthy could be a vision but running 10 miles, a week is a goal. The later one is more of measurable. Without the notion of setting specific goals, your efforts are not important. Time management by itself is not achievable without further smaller tasks.  Instead of thinking to save time on a given day, learn to schedule time and make task for each hour. Your goals could be “write 5 pages before lunch, have 3 short meetings with different up to 3:30, a 30 minute for each and respond to email for 30 minutes…”

This makes accountability possible. You will know where you are good and where you lack. Time management techniques by setting goals help you achieve a lot in short time and also celebrates efficiency

time management techniques: Read simple steps to set goals that are effective

3-Be accountable

Accountability is another ambiguous word. You can be accountable for you own judgement. But may lack a lot in other’s eyes. Accountability and vulnerability go together. When you are accountable for any process you are allowing yourself to critics and judgement. That could help you achieve better in your time management effort.

You can be accountable to yourself. But that usually won’t work since it is easy to cheat yourself out of the task. Instead, time management techniques of accountability say advise to tell your loved ones to criticise you on your goals. Your wife or husband could see your progress based on what you promised them at the beginning of the day. Be accountable in front of others, your boss, your partners. Let them not find you playing video games when you should be finishing your paper.

Time management techniques: accountability and vulnerability infront of loved ones


Many people won’t keep promises. This is a prime example of less self-respect. People with high integrity keep promises. Their words are reflection of their reputations. They keep legacy based on these principles. When you promise your son to be at his foot ball match, that is your word you can’t cancel. Cancelling important issues for the sake of work is usually not important. most things can be finished later.

But what if you can finish whatever you have now, so that you can freely and peacefully join your sons football match? That is possible. Time management techniques of promise work by being reminded of important events that you promised to and finish what every is doing on time,now. This includes vows on your wedding day. Family deserves to meet you on time. Children should see you on dinner and before bed. Learn your responsibilities and be on time.

time management techniques: keep your promise

5-Be leader of the ship

When people think you have the time, they will treat you as one. You should be able to tell people when it is time to stop gossip and go to work. I remember times that I had to meet 15 people in a day. I used to waste time with gossips and unrelated conversations and waiting time. When i noticed that I was losing a lot by not controlling how I waste my time, I was furious. I was no longer part of time wasting, gossiping or waiting for late people. I become the first to say dismiss meetings.

Control your time. Don’t let no one dictate your power. you can stop even your lover or children from wasting your time. Be in control. Give undivided attention to people that deserve that. And the time other than that, be furious and serious.

Time management techniques: take responsibility. This is your life

When you decide to have a goal, and be accountable to it, you become successful. Learn to be a leader of your short time and keep your promise to be where ever you should be. Cutting few hours from information and focusing on your job makes you successful. time management techniques

Makes you successful when you learn to use then when and where.

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Self esteem activities that makes a difference in life

Self esteem activities

A  young man with a deep sense of self and high ego but with deep fear of living came to my office . He looked smart and  confident until he spoke.

I stood there in front of him trying to understand him with his fluctuating feelings. With in few minutes we were on our way to figure out his issues and we devised self esteem activities that he should follow the next few  days to become confident.

Here are the 6 self esteem activities that you also can use in your life.

1-Figuring out what makes the fear.

Our fears are products of our minds. These are very different from one person to another. A fear of talking to others is very jock for some and a huge problem for others. You should be able to know what makes you tick and what takes away your pride and confidence. Write them down on a paper and even write a short note on what takes your self esteem away and when.

self esteem activities: Spend time learning about your issue. If you have a problem of expressing yourself, study how to express yourself. Or join a drama club. If you have fear of crowed, why not practice doing that?

2-Learn your purpose

Fear comes from lack vision. If you don’t have the road map for your life, then you don’t know if you are lost. Lack of knowledge makes you start to tremble for fear of the unknown. Imagine crossing a river and you only have an hour before the storm. Now would you keep rowing to your destiny or you keep wasting your time thinking what others are thinking of you? Do you think what others think of you would make a difference in your life on the boat? NO! It doesn’t. what matters is you have a goal and limited time and you should get there as soon.
People without purpose, therefore, struggle a lot.
When you have a lot to lose in life, then you stop caring about what is irrelevant. That should be why people with family are more with decisive and focused than the single.

self esteem activities: Find your purpose


3-Affirm your self

Self-affirmation seems not a working exercise. The challenge is most people won’t go through the exercises and quit prematurely. Somethings are hard to change in short time. They say a single negative opinion needs 20  positive opinions to cancel out. We also tend to remember the negative more than the positive.

When you affirm yourself that you can, then you are cancelling out the negative you already have. And you need a lot of it for it to work. Continue doing it no matter what the results are.

self esteem activities: affirm yourself.

4-Do what others are not willing to do

Why not wake up at 5 and finish the day’s work or exercise or cook or do something that makes you better than the majority. An sales man once said he(like a paranoid) woke up early every morning to take fresh air before others take it.

Why not have a different habit that you never had. I call it breaking a pattern. Change of habit needs disrupting the current activity.

Months before, I planned a change change in my life and then I changed things I do on daytime. I changed where I stay and with whom I stayed. And guess what it was hard. I had to struggle not to return to my past activities. People were questioning my disappearance from past places. But I insisted and stayed away. And it worked. I made a new habit. And with that I was a better person.

self esteem activities: change pattern.  

5-Get you head up

Years before I was a shy boy. I used to avoid walking among a crowed even among friends. And one day I wanted to stop that feeling and to become confident once again. And that morning, I went to class with sandals. That was hard decision. People noticed, some laughed that I did something new. And I didn’t care. At least I forced myself away from caring. I started holding my head high and walking slowly between crowed. Each time I did that, I was better. I was building confidence. And weeks after I got myself doing the same but without fear and over thinking.

What can you do to lose your deepest fear? Is that as easy as holding your head up?

self esteem activities: get your head up(free)

6-Express your weakness before others do

Last time I was on a  date, and before any issue of who is paying was raised, I jumped in to conversation frankly saying that I didn’t bring any money for dinner except few dollars for tea. And we laughed probably without her knowing that I was telling the truth. And that happened. We had tea and water for few dollars and we walked around and I drove her home. We had a great time. What if I hadn’t told her about money until the bill appeared? Who knows?


You should learn to express your weakness right before it is raised by others.

Years before I told a friend that he could fight his inability of expressing feeling by reflecting opinions on his partner. I told him to say to her ‘’ I am not good at expressing feeling, you will probably teach me that’’ and it worked for him. His partner was dying to teach him to do that. And that was beautiful. Don’t be afraid to tell your strength and your weakness upfront when it is necessary.

self esteem activities: tell your weakness as story.

I hope these tips give you an idea and challenge to grow in your life with out fear. Confidence is also an excersise. It takes time to have unshaking esteem.

Good luck.



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The advantage of high self esteem in the competitive world

High self esteem

high self-esteemThey say success is about self-esteem. A person with high self-esteem has better access to resources, gets a fast raise at job, gets a partner faster and more.

1-Life is about making the point across

We had to learn the hard way that the world is about making the point across rather than the point itself.

You probably have noticed people with high self-esteem have grossed every benefit that exists and they don’t apologise for taking it all. They seem to claim that the world is theirs and we all are their supporters and family. They represent us and fight our wars in life.  And they get all the position possible.

2-They get the best in life

A small guy from the Latin America once talked to me about his girlfriend. He even showed me their pictures(with him, making out or hugging in bed.) He seems to talk about her but the subject of the talk ends with him. His  confidence made the story about him, and how lucky she was to meet a great guy like him. She was in fact beautiful, smart and even taller than he is. Her smile was so sincere that everyone liked her. But the story was about him not her.

You only get what is best by displaying high self-esteem where no one can compete with you.

How to gain high self confidence faster

3-people will follow you

Leaders display high self-esteem that impress others. High self-esteem is discouraged in the world until proven to pass the social challenge bar. In fact, every positive action is condemned or ignored in the world. If you believe the action as a norm, you will lose. The reality is that Leaders are confident, at least they have assistants with the confidence that themselves lack.

People follow those who dare to lead. We are lost soul waiting to be lead. Notice in group works, who is making decisions, who leads discussions. You will soon understand how they don’t fear the group and how they fight to lead. They are usually not starter or not better looking but they don’t care, they are confident.

4-You are unique

In the world where everyone is learning about their flaws more then their strength, having high self-esteem is a news. That’s why we are amazed when we see a strong person defending egoistic journalists on TV or in parliament or when a woman acts bizarre on shows.

No one does that any more except few. We are drowned in our own life gale or we are too scared of being on the spot light.  Can you associate your name to something and be proud that you did? That is necessary.

People we celebrate are not unique or lucky. Some of them could be. Most have gained the position with work. No matter they tried to get in the position they are in, it would not without work and high self-esteem.

5-The future is with those who take it

The future is the result of continuous decisions. The fearful stays in the shell when the high self-esteem comes out to fight. When you have high self-esteem, you are not afraid of tomorrow or how every event turns out to be. You know no matter what, you will get there. You will win. And you will work for it.

TO be successful in life, first learn to have self-esteem. That makes a difference.

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The discouragement being a man by society

Being a man is usually discouraged with unintentional and unconscious gesture of the society that deflects away man’s prime instinct in to doubt.

How do you cope up with the cultural boundary that forces you to live inside the fence when the world is outside? And when you wink out through the holes in the fence you see the low class living the life no matter what.

3  things  unconsciously discourage man from being independent.

1-      The cost of living.

This is the cliché of the democratic world where capitalism is widely appreciated and even celebrated. The young is left aside for the wild to figure it out by working in the stinky kitchens of Mc Donands for few dollars an hours. This barley satisfies the appetite of the young age where cost double and income stays consistent. Man prefers to stay at home.

2-      The love of mothers

recently someone told me the prime factor for his marriage was the death of his mother. He no more could not bear to live single with his other 4 brothers who were all over the place and having fun. He decided to get married and within few months, guess what, he was married man. One of the reasons, other than finding a mature person that replaces his mother, that man don’t be a man is his mother made him immature with her unreasonable affection.

3-      Lack of real responsibilities

society fluctuates and forgets the youth form giving a formal responsibility like our ancestors have. If you noticed the culture of some preserved cultures, almost all have steps and initiations that he youth should pass through. In this age a man can marry at 30 or 50. It is up to him, no matter what the reason is. A specific goal is better

being a man _ grand selfSo, what Is the best way to be a man, responsible for both gender.

1-      Learn your strength.

Your strength makes your purpose. And what you do all your day, your habit makes your purpose. If you know what makes you stronger, then that was is easy to win. Be more on than d learn to solve your weakness with it.

2-      Separate from your mother.  

As long as the mother is around, you are dependent. The society learnt to judge a man based on his separation from his mother. In fact, animals have the tendency to push the young away, especially the male, to force it in to creating its own family. The lion chases off its young when food is not enough. The young lions should go out and find and make a family.

3-      Take responsibility

For a man to be one, write a book, make a family or travel. That is the wise advice of Greek philosopher? Do something worthwhile that goes with your interest.                


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Importance of time management: why you need to worry about wasting time

Importance of time management

Time management is the basis for a successful life. Without time management our work is futile like sculpture without a meaning behind. The main factor that creates a trajectory for success is how one uses time, therefore, efficiency and quality of work, in a limited time. The importance of time management is not limited to production or discipline in the work environment.

Here are five reasons why you don’t need to waste time.

1-Time is a fixed asset.

When you are dealing with a load of work with various inputs and workforce, what you have as a tool is your limited time. Our schools and workplaces are competition grounds and time favors the one that respects it. When you deal against the fixed asset, then, your time management skill will tell the result of your efforts.

importance of time management: Use the limited time to your advantage

2-Time does not stop and wait.

Cliché, I know. But that is true. Time is like a river, it flows away. You can contain its footprint in to a well but you can’t freeze it in a moment to manipulate it for own advantage. What you can do is to figure your limited opportunity and to make the best out of it.

I have always wanted to know if I am doing things as per my potential in a given time. Because if I can accomplish a something in 10 years that I could have done it in 20. what if I do it in 5? I could live the rest in boredom or I could go and accomplish better in the rest day of my days. Both are not bad.

Or see it this way. You are not as energetic in your 30s like you were in 20s or younger. Time is giving you a less energy, older body, and you can’t re-live the past.

importance of time management: time passes and you pass, avoid regret by using it.


Efficiently is a reason for success. Efficient companies are profitable. When your plan your time, you will become aware of what you have to do and what you have done. You will better manage your time and you will do more in short time.

Smart students have schedules that they use for their day. They know when to play and when to work.

importance of time management: it will make you efficient.

4-Save energy.

They say if you don’t have a plan, you will live in other’s plan. If you don’t have time management skill then you find yourself wobbling around without an achievement. That is an easy ground for lazy and unsuccessful people around you. They will use your excuse and cling on you and live off of you until you become numb and despaired.

Time management helps you save yourself from exhaustion of excess work and energy takin persons.

importance of time management: it helps you save your energy


Time is directly related to success. Without time your achievement is nothing. When you are aware of you time, you are on the way to success. Procrastination is one of the reasons for failure in most people’s life. your time management skill will determine on what you can accomplish and be seen as success.

importance of time management: you can become successful


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Gary vee talks about the Two Things That Hold You Back : grand self


..excerpt from youtube

Gary Vaynerchuk builds businesses. Fresh out of college he took his family wine business and grew it from a $3M to a $60M business in just five years. Now he runs VaynerMedia, one of the world’s hottest digital agencies. Along the way he became a prolific angel investor and venture capitalist, investing in companies like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Uber, and Birchbox before eventually co-founding VaynerRSE, a $25M angel fund. The #AskGaryVee Show is Gary’s way of providing as much value value as possible by taking your questions about social media, entrepreneurship, startups, and family businesses and giving you his answers based on a lifetime of building successful, multi-million dollar companies. Gary is also a prolific public speaker, delivering keynotes at events like Le Web, and SXSW, which you can watch right here on this channel.

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10 simple lifestyle changes that will change your life forever

lifestyle changes

That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” , said he astronaut when stepped on the surface of the moon. Some things seem to be small when done at the time but their effect has a giant impact.

Here are 10 simple but effective lifestyle changes that will make your life better.


Exercising is ignored in the contemporary life style where everything becomes fast food, long office and education hours and social media. People prefer to sit idle than physical activity. However, we humans are made for the work. If you see the ancient man, they worked and produced with tear and sweat. They fought with each other on the rest of their time; they fought to tame animals and struggled through the harsh climate and infertile ground. The body cannot survive for long without exercise. A daily 30-minute jogging would make a giant change in your health, body size and even your confidence.

lifestyle changes 1: exercise 30 minutes a day.

2-Have private peaceful time.

Some call it meditation others call it calmness. And it is necessary in this fast-changing world. Efforts are nothing without protecting the one’s self. You can be the hardest working person alive, but the world won’t recognize it for you unless you live to tell it. You should learn to have a reflection time alone. Question your ways, plan your future and criticize your purpose. Here you become the master of your ship.

lifestyle changes 2: have private time

3-Cut negative people out.

Years before I met a dark woman whose hope, she claimed, was death. Her attitude about life stressed me out with in few minutes of our engagement. The more we talked, the more I discovered that she was surrounded with negative people who fed off her meek and introvert personality. These people were so endearing to her that it was hard for her to admit that. But after a few discussions, she was able to let them be independent and she became free. Guess what? Within a month time she changed her clothing and she returned her natural hair. Within 6 months, she became the happiest person I knew.

lifestyle changes: cut negative people

life style change _grandself4-Learn something new

The mind is like the body, without exercise and challenges it becomes weak. When you learn something new each day, you become mentally stronger. Learn to learn something new each day. This could be as simple as saying good morning in another language. Or learn about your cat. These simple tasks create new habits or interests in your life.

lifestyle changes: learn something new

5-Learn to make your work tangible

Success is not measured,lets agree, and is relative. Most successful people are not successful only because they read a book a day. They are successful they used the information to create something tangible. This is ambiguous issue but true. For the world to appreciate you, they should be able to see something. This means, instead of telling you are a musician, show them your clips or recordings. Instead of telling you can paint, why not show your paintings. That is where you are successful.

lifestyle changes: do something tangible each day.

6-Learn to smile and to greet

Especially the west has trained itself to become so individualistic everyone becomes a robot. We socialize on occasions. Social gestures are not appreciated. We ignore people as if we communicate telepathically. Learn the very simple art of a smile. Learn to greet people and to thank them on necessary occasions. This is the basis of social interaction, in case you are not born in the era where people used to interact physically.

lifestyle changes: communicate

7-Say “no” often

Who would have thought that a simple gesture of saying no would change a lot in life? Life is full of choices. You can go left or right. It is a matter of choice. And each choice has consequences. The amazing part is you can’t blame anyone for your choices. In this age no one can force you in to choosing against your will. Your parents can’t be a reason for your failure. One thing the world does not teach us is to say no. This is considered not polite. Here are what matters most, to say no. When you say no to things that doesn’t benefit you in the long run, then you become confident and you save yourself from trouble.

lifestyle changes: say no

Simple life style changes are the basis for a giant productive life. When you decide to exercise and to mediate and learn new things, you make your body and your mind become stronger. Negative people are bad for your life. learn to filter them out. Make sure your work is tangible so that other can see. And your social life is also necessary. Learn to smile, to say “Hi” and to say “I love y”ou to those who matter to you. In the rest of your life say no to push the unnecessary away.