Appreciate your life: 4 tips to appreciate your life no matter what they say

appreciate your life _ grand self…A story

Prisons were being transported to be stand in front of a judge. The solders beat everyone at the back when one of them made a noise. One of the prisoner said “don’t bring us no harm no more.” While arriving at the court, the jury sentenced them to die. And the prisoner said, “don’t bring us not more. The other prisoner shouted on him, frustrated and pissed off, “what else could come upon us than death?”

Before he finished speaking, a solder came running in with a message and fave a strict command that the judge decided they should get 50 lashes before they die.

And the angry prisoner himself said “don’t bring us no harm no more.”

Appreciating what we have is what me miss in this age. We are always wishing and day dreaming. We are ignoring the fact that life should be appreciate and celebrated. I know a lot of people living on tomorrow with daydreams on today.

For a life to grow you should appreciate what you have today. Here I will show you four ways to appreciate your life that have learn from my own experiences.

1-To appreciate your life, coming out of the zone.

Getting used to something is good but ignoring the rest is bad. If you live your life as you have lived years before, then you should watch out. Living life as we have lived is the straight way to perishing.  You can’t live life as you have lived when you were 20 or 25 at 30.  Something should change. Think things that you have done again and again without escaping a day. Think where you eat your breakfast, places you have been and more.

Are you that unchanging person who is in love with his scrip of his life. If then, why don’t you try changing your ways. Why don’t you go out and see another experience? For today don’t buy coffee from Starbucks, try a small café at the end of the corner. For next day don’t go out lunch alone, invite that secretory that you were wishing to have lunch with, for next week plan a trip to out of city with your family, for weekends stop using PC and watch TV with children or make something with your partner. Believe me, when you do more and more of this, you will tart appreciating what you have.

2-To appreciate your life, appreciate your challanges

They say for every hero there is a villain. For every day, there is night. These negatives (challenges) are not created to suffer you but to elevate you. The harder the villain is the better and the stronger the hero will be. The darker the night is the more you will love your days. You have to embrace the negatives of your life no matter how strong they could be. From this you should start taking responsibilities.

Challenges arise to test us our worth and our capacity to take new responsibility. If you don’t have the challenge then I am afraid that you won’t know your true potential. Martin Luther was shot to death, Christ was hung on cross and many people’s ideas are shot before their day.  And their deed was greater than any of these on the chapters of history.

Learn to embrace the negative as it’s the way to grow you.

3- To appreciate your life, Ask others about yourself.

I have recently watched a video on YouTube. It is about how what we see about us and what others see about us. And one of the guys say I don’t like my chick bones, I don’t like my gig face. The people that watch him from the other room say, that guy is confident, his chick bone made his face beautiful…Believe me most of us are harsh on our selve.  We barely appreciate our selves.  You will perceive a different side of the image when you flip the perspective to others and ask others what they think of you. Don’t ask directly as you can offend people, but make people talk about your god and bad sides.  You will see how people like that you have than what you don’t have.

4- To appreciate your life, note your emotions and your thoughts

In this running world, you can’t remember most of the things you do every day. In the morning, your cat might scratch you and you are angry. You don’t notice people on you were on the road fixed on the pain. YOU ignore your colleague how was angry on you. And your day was bad. Your boss called you and gives crap, probably harsher than yesterday. You are angry. You hate your life.  But when you get home and cried and picked your notebook and start reading. And you saw the day that your family surprised you, you saw the happy sketch you did when you a boyfriend proposed you, you see the day your received a prize for hard work. Life was never this way.  And that small book saved your life.

There is not right and wrong way to appreciate your life. Looking for more is everyone’s character.  No matter what it is you should learn to appreciate what you have.

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