Am I good enough? : 7 things you should answer before questioning your self worth

Am I good enough? Are you good enough? Really? What makes you say that? Why do you think you are enough? Why would you think you are not good enough? I know some of you are doubting if you are good enough for the your mate or if you even have a chance of making a change in the world.

Value,some say, is better than success. But how do you measure your value? Is there is a fixed measure of who is enough and who is a total waste of time.

The thing about the current ‘pop culture’ is everyone is measured from a single or similar perspective. Your worth is measured in terms of money you make.

A person’s relative value is expressed with some amount of money. Or whether you are good enough or not is measured with you past experiences, with the mistakes you have made. A once criminal is always criminal, his papers are scripted with reds as if they are danger to the society.

Or your relevance is measured with the CV you have made. With the articulation of yourself on paper. You measure yourself against a teen with less than average confidence who worked on her face for 3 hours before selecting a single picture out of the other 50 she took the next 2 hours. Or you are measured against how many followers you have on some social media. The more you have, the more you feel you are good enough.

I have sometimes doubted my relevance to life or to living or even to my own life. I have asked myself “am I good enough?”

Here are 7 things that you should answer before answering “am I good enough?”

1- You are never good enough.

Life is a progress. Looking back a decade before, you probably had a shitty high school life, you had a bad day always, you had the worst hair style. But on today you can’t do that. You won’t do that. It is out of context. You have grown or the times have changed and you don’t crawl anymore as you were a child.   If you can’t appreciate the current life without fully criticizing it then you are never good enough. Now list things you have that you should be happy with. And appreciate yourself.

Am I good enough _ grandself2- At some point, someone is better than you are.

If you are good engineer believe me there is a better engineer out there than you are. If you take your diploma from MIT there is a better candidate with better grads, better inventions or better IQ. Something is good enough until another is invented. A cart was a perfect invention for these who don’t know about motors. And fuel cars are better for those who don’t see electric cars. You are good enough until something else or someone else comes along. Keep asking ” am i good enough “, you wont get the answer. Now you have two choices, fighting the new thing that comes along or keep working on yourself. Am I good enough? Yes and I know that there are other who are better than I am.

3- You failed does not mean you are not good enough.

People fail. Even these who we thing are perfect failed. You are only human that could be true in some of its sense. You can’t be hard on yourself for failing. Only failing is the best and true way to excel. Edison said he failed hundreds of times before coming up with his invention of life time. Put yourself in his shoes. Unless you have OCD you probably won’t continue the task hundreds of times. You should go on to your life. That is what everybody says. But think when you fail, this means you have tried something. You are at least better than those who sit and judge without knowing your world. Am i good enough is not answered with your failure.

4- What you have does not measure your worth.

People talk in things that the think you have today. That is true for an investor, since he has to minimize risks. But in life risks makes you successful. Then you should not measure yourself with what you have today. If you are obese, you could change that in a year time. If you have D and F in your school paper, then you can read and change that. You are a failure, as you may think, does not mean you are a failure tomorrow. Look at these who are on top. Lis them they all have one thing in common, they all were failures at one time and now look where they are. Am i good rich or famous, probably not. Am i good enough, yes, i am.

5-  If you think you can or you cannot, you are correct.

Your world is in your own hands. IF you think are not good enough or not you are correct. I have always thought, when I was a small child, are we poor because we think we are poor or we think we are poor because we are poor.  Looking close poor people, I knew, I realized that their short-circuited thought of themselves s as ultimate poor kept them from growing up. Their family influence, their neighbourhood influence made them think short of themselves. Whatever you like to think about yourself, then you are right about it. Then am i good enough doesn’t have one direct answer , you answer is your self with your own understanding. Am i good enough? Yes and I will work to be it.

6-  Others create your self image

Abusing husband, selfish wife, unsatisfying instructor, mindless leader…What these have in common is they portray their immature opinion up on your fearful life. The more you stay with the, the more you doubt yourself. I have noticed how my life is dependent on peer pressure. The good people I have closer the better I become. And there are times in history who committed large level public suicide brain washed they will be good enough when they leave this life to the next.

How do you perceive this statement thinking with your sane mind? Who is brain washing you? What kind of media do you fallow? Do you watch these live tv shows that shows you the despaired action of clinging to life? It is up to you. List them here now and quit these people out of your life, without notifying then unless necessary. You are doing them a favour by doing that. Am I good enough? Yes, only I tell my worth.

7- We are not perfect.

We are human beings. A one who thinks in perfection, does not understand the walks of tis life. Life itself is not perfect when seen from a single perspective. A person dying is a cruel part of life. But without someone dying the world would have been without a place for the new generation. A plant dying is a necessary for the fertility of the ground. A wolf eating a rabbit keep s the environment alive. By perceiving life from a single dimension, you might criticize life. It is only life is not perfect from your perceptive. And events don’t tell you whether you are good enough or not. Be happy. Am i good enough? yes, but I are not perfect.

I can’t tell you whether you are good enough or not. Your worth is not measured with my opinion. It is up to you to declare your worth in your own beautiful way. Now stand up and change your life for good. Think life is a progress and you should work on tomorrow while appreciating your today. And learn to notice who is making a difference in your life and who is killing you. And think we are not perfect and we are perfect at the same time. It is how you see things.


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