About grand self?

Well, grand self is a community of people not only who want to become better in life but also who want to become influential and most valuable in the world.

I want to show people to find their purpose, passion, and carrier path by using philosophical principles and life best practices. I talk about life principles and the psychology of life and the living because I love it.

When grandself was conceived, I was in a deep mess that he had never been in before. I was in a broken relationship, and not satisfied with life. I was almost depressed and stressed in his daily life. The advice I offered to many people did not work for me anymore. I wanted to live life like a champion not like an average successful Joe. Then grand self was created.

I will share with you the best things that I have come across in life that helped me become a better person. If you ever have tried to figure out any of these questions listed below, you are in the right place with the right person.

  • How can I feel authentic and in integrity with my true self
  • How can I feel you are living in alignment with my life purpose
  • How can I capitalize on my talents and skills
  • How can I get a career that is meaningful and fulfilling
  • How can I  find more meaning and purpose in the career you already have
  • How can I become successful in life and how can I change my life?
  • How can I create a lifestyle that people can notice?
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