Paleo diet bible: Everything you should know about the paleo diet


The paleo diet is becoming a choice of millions of women and men around the world. The paleo diet is proved to benefit the body to become healthier and lose more weight. In this post, I will explain

  1. What does paleo mean
  2. Paleo definition
  3. The paleo diet basics
  4. paleo benefits
  5. The paleo rules
  6. paleo diet weight loss

paleo diet

what is the paleo diet?

So, what does paleo mean? From the definitions and practices, you can say paleo is a holistic approach to be healthier and more fit by returning the long-lost practices of human ancestors. This approach defines paleo as eating healthy like cavemen. The dieta paleo contains unprocessed food, fresh and merely pesticide-free vegetables, and more natural foods.

The approach demands to be mindful of what we eat every day
and help the body to help us become more active and present.  The paleo diet ( dieta paleo) became famous after 2008 and 2009 online and
offline. People were using the dieta
methods and tips discussed by the experts in the field. Many saw a
big change and started sharing them with others.

Many scientists were concerned with the question of what is paleo,
and what does paleo mean. They worked to find a way to link a hunter-gatherer diet plan to the modern idle
man, notes Loren Cordain, an author of the paleo diet.

Generally, the idea of bringing back fresh food into modern life gave the paleo meaning.

Paleo diet definition

There are many definitions of paleo in the world. Some define paleo as a caveman diet other as an unprocessed food diet to cleanse a body. The goal, says the above link website, is to eat like a caveman, healthy and natural. The processed food has a side effect on our lives in this day and age. Many people consider the time it saves to eat them and easy delivery as the primary lure into processed food.

The diet definition also claims that the food that the cavemen and women consumed had an influence on their body. The average caveman was muscular and the average woman was slender. Today, people are becoming weaker and thinner for the main reason of what they frequently take into their bodies.

That is the place of the paleo diet.

The paleo diet, therefore, is designed to resemble the meal
plan of the hunter-gatherer society that existed thousands of years before. That
is, it contains a whole food. Healthline
claims that the hunter-gatherer had a lower
rate of disease, lower obesity, diabetes or heart disease.

The paleo diet also has the
power to help lose weight and make you happier, faster and healthier.

 Another closer definition of paleo is related to how modern life made us sedentary. The sedentary lifestyle that was different from what it used to be, long ago, made us consume more and consume unprocessed food full of fat and sugar. Paleo diet way is to cut these products of the modern world and return to the basics.

Wikipedia states that the similarity of food that has existed long ago to today’s says all about the unchanging human digestion over time. Above the difference in climate and food in various geographies, the appetite and overall system stayed similar.

The paleo diet definition is to return to the time before where human beings started to settle.  This paleo definition includes foods like vegetables, fruits, nuts, roots, and meat and typically excludes foods such as dairy products, grains, sugar, legumes, processed oils, salt, alcohol, or coffee.

The paleo diet basics

paleo diet basics 1– Paleo diet encourages dieting to bring back the cavemen practice that is to eat fresh.

Paleo diet basics 2 – The modern world makes us idle and we go for fast food and processed food. This affected our demeanor and our health.

Paleo diet basics 3 – The vegetables and fresh food help to restore health.

paleo diet benefits

The Paleo diet benefits are twofold. One is a diet that is intended to replace processed food. The diet benefit starts with creating a healthy lifestyle in your life. We are trained to live fast and we rarely care for our body and mind. Most of our food has preservatives, chemicals, and ingredients that re not good for health in the long run. No wonder why many people are obese, or older than their real age.

Some studies show that paleo diet benefit extends to better
health. People with blood pressure have shown
improvements. It also helps get rid of fat and excess weight by adjusting your
calorie intake. Most of the modern food you eat have high calorie in small

Here are a few of the benefits of a paleo.

  1. Clean diet- The paleo removes most of the everyday foods that we take without considering their consequences. It only focuses on the fresh and natural food that is useful to our body. The paleo diet has low toxin or no toxin level compared to western food.
  2. Inflammation- The paleo diet highly supports your digestive system and decrease inflammation. It helps your immune system and helps the body heal itself. The reckless sugar intake, or alcohol or fat clearly has side effects on the digestive system. The diet benefit is it helps the body by reducing inflammation.
  3. Better rest and better health- Since the diet takes care of the internal body, you will get better sleep. The western fast food is mostly associated with blood pressure and another related disease that disturb your sleep pattern. The clean diet benefits the brain rest more. The paleo diet benefit also extends health benefits, including the healthy gut, low digestion problems, better metabolism, low fat and low prevalence to disease.
  4. Nutrition- The paleo diet has a variety of food that is included in the study and proper calorie mechanism. Instead of bland meat for dinner, you will enjoy a balanced diet. It is not necessary to worry about the calorie of intake when you are on a paleo diet. The diet itself has good content with low calorie. You can eat as much as you can and you won’t get obese out of it.  


paleo diet rules, the paleo way

The paleo diet rules extend from what you can eat to what you can’t eat. It also recommends a health check before trying the diet. Here are a few paleo rules that you should strictly follow to become successful in your trial.

As any nutritionist or a doctor could tell
you, you should not change your diet in a big leap with our consulting a
medical person. The success of the diet could highly differ from one person to

It is known that some people could see a sign
or a reaction with in the first few weeks of changing their diets. While the
body adjusts itself to the new diet, you
might experience headache, aches, feeling
exhausted and more. Even though the diet is clean, some of you might experience
that. These signs should go away by themselves. And if they don’t you should
see a medical doctor.

Diet the paleo way has a various level. It is advised to start as a remedy rather than a lifestyle when it comes to the paleo way. You can start by limiting alcohol intake or other foods such as grains, or fish oil or dairy products or by removing from your list at all. A 30-day or more program is a harsh one and should be carefully done.

The foods that are allowed on the paleo diet rules are listed below. So, what
is in the paleo diet?

1-Meat, fish and seafood

As the hunter and gatherer could enjoy such
food, you also can enjoy meat including,
beef, chicken, lamb, turkey, or pork. Diet the paleo way also includes protein
foods, such as bacon, eggs, seafood, fish,
salmon, shrimp, and shellfish.

Enjoy your paleo with Salt and Spices,
garlic, curry and more.

2-Fruits and vegetables.

Apples, grapes, oranges, avocados, and ore are allowed in paleo diet rules. Carbohydrates
including vegetables: peppers, broccoli, onions, tomatoes, carrots help the
body a great deal. The paleo diet states you should be more careful of your
health while depending on these foods in this category. Patients with diabetes
and related disease and people with an active
lifestyle should consider calorie and should consult a nutritionist first.

3- Nuts and Seeds

Macadamia, sunflower seeds, almonds, and hazelnuts are good in the paleo diet rules.

4- Healthy fats and oils

The paleo diet rules allow using oils and healthy fats either as a food or as a cooking oil. The coconut oil, or Extra virgin olive oil, or avocado oil are good alternatives.

What is not in the paleo diet? This
is foods that the paleo rules encourage
to avoid.

1- Processed food

Any protein foods including processed food, high-fat meat should be avoided. These include sausages, bacon, dairy products, yogurt, cheese protein powder are excluded from the diet. You should avoid these foods. Remember you can eat butter and cheese but not low-fat dairy products. The paleo rules also exclude artificial Sweeteners

Aspartame, Sucralose, Cyclamates, Saccharin, Acesulfame
Potassium, and anything else that is unnaturally sweetened.

and High Fructose Corn Syrup

This includes soda, fruit
juice, table sugar, candy, pastries, ice cream, and
other sugary foods.

3- Grains and legumes

The paleo way excludes everyday
foods that we get used to including bread, wheat, barley, rye, and pasta. Lentils
and beans also are out of the paleo way.

4- Vegetable Oils

We saw that some cooking oils permitted in the diet. But oils such as Soybean oil, cottonseed oil, sunflower oil, corn oil, grapeseed oil are excluded from the diet.

here are a few tips to remember if you plan
to live the paleo way.

  1. Include
    fresh goods and avoid processed foods.
  2. Include
    meat and fish and avoid processed ones
  3. Include
    coconut oils and avoid others such as soybean oils.
  4. Include
    water and natural drinks and avoid alcohols and coke.
  5. Include
    nuts and seed and avoid grains and legumes

paleo diet weight loss

This is the question most people pose after learning about the paleo diet. Does the diet help me lose weight? The paleo diet weight loss is associated with few rules. From experience and studies, paleo weight loss is proved to work.


First, make sure that you have
a plan. The pity of paleo diet weight loss programs is that people are
easily discouraged or distracted from their goals. If you want your paleo
weight loss to work you should have a plan. The plan should include schedules, pre-diet preparations such as buying ingredients
and cookware and more. Psychological preparation is also necessary.

Once you decide on your plan, the next step is to simplify your diet. The paleo has lots of dos and don’ts when it comes to food. This sometimes becomes destruction. Instead plan your food based on your appetite, your budget and your access to the foods.

The paleo weight loss effort works with enough intake of food. Depriving your body by eating less of none does not benefit the body instead it hurts your immune system. The paleo weight loss is not about starving your self but maintain calorie or eating clean to help the body get rid of toxins. Make sure to take carbs to support your body energy level. Especially on exercises, it is better to balance your carbohydrate intake to avoid fatigue and muscle problems.

This also means that you should
avoid sitting idle to support paleo weight

The holistic approach to the
diet is necessary. This means that you should focus on your other part of your
life including psychological and physical health. Avoid stress that you might
already have in your life or stress that
could come with the diet plan change. Practice meditation.  

korean diet

Korean diet and its culture that will help you slim

Korean diet

Korean diet

‘Should I eat Korean Kimchi?’ Susan asked me while we were discussing the Korean diet.  ‘I mean’ she said trying to answer her own question ‘of course it is good for my health but’, she stopped. ‘How is it possible to do it here?’, referring to the US.

‘NO’, I said trying to defend my comments. ‘You don’t have to eat Kimchi or any other Korean food for that matter. It is not about the food.’ I continued. ‘It is about the plan, the diet plan. It is the culture that saves your body not the food itself.’

This post is not about the Korean diet or Korean food. It is rather the secret of the Korean diet plan that you can take and apply. I am not telling you to find a Korean dish. For that matter you don’t have to eat Korean food to become thin like Koreans, you learn the secret and apply it to yours.

Below, I will explain the
Korean diet plan that will help you lose at least 10 pounds in a month. I will
explain how you should follow the diet schedule to gain the maximum result.

SO, what is the Korean diet plan?

Is there a thing called the Korean diet plan or the American diet plan or English diet plan? Well, it depends. It is not a complex thing. In fact, it is easy to understand why we are saying ‘Korean’ when other countries could have the same concept of diet plan. As I have tried to explain in the previous pages diet plans are integrated with the ideal culture of a society. It is about what people eat and why. ‘What’ can’t work without the ‘why’.

The diet plan does not mean all
Koreans have a good or bad plan. It is all about the attitude and best
practices of the Korean food section.

The Korean diet has at least 5 principles.

Vegetables are weird, I must admit.

I would rather eat meat or
anything flashy. This is a thought in many people’s head. It is ok. Out body
needs something comfortable, tasty. Let me explain why we tend to think as carnivores
than otherwise. Our forefathers in the cave, you can imagine would not eat food
for days considering the hunting technology they had and the possible dangers on
the way. The only choice left is eating the plants around, identify the
dangerous from the food and the tasty from the sour. Finding a good hunt takes
days and months. The scarce is usually expensive and owning that makes you
rich.  You see the brain is tricking us.
Meat used to be scarce then our mind takes the formula that meat should be better
than the fruit you eat from your porch.

Plants are indeed weird. But they
are good for our health. Salad is not the only vegetable. Try other things that
are not meat, including rice and even why not small meat on the side. But make
vegetable the main course, the main food to enjoy. Make the rest as an
addition, in small amount only for the delicious taste.

Korean diet and Korean food Korean diet plan on grand self

Water is the purest drink.

Coke or whatever would kill us for saying this. Have you seen these videos lately? The coke experiments. It is so weird that we are living in an era of survival where our theories say otherwise. We love coke, by hegemonies hypnotical attention of advertisements or of course by its flavors. Whatever the reason water is the best thing for your body. Don’t get me wrong the market share of coke in Korea is huge. But the Korean diet tells us to drink the water as much. You can try different tastes by adding fruits, vegetables, and even garlic into the water. It is common to find garlic-flavored in water in Seoul.

Eat in variety-

Enter any restaurant in Seoul. You
will get a variety of food usually on the buffet. It is up to you to eat the
healthy ones. When eating in variety, hoping the majority type would be less
calorie then you would be fuller sooner than you know. Soup is also much known
in the diet. Most soup is made of vegetables cooked with spicy water.

Eat the fresh than the manufactured.

Eat banana than a banana-flavored biscuit. This seems unbearable for the person born and raised amidst manufactured foods. The milk is from the cartoon, the food is from the plastic, everything is plastic. The Korean diet is not far from this.

Let me share you a secret, the
challenge of the capitalist world is its urge to gain power. power is in the
money and money is out of values. To add value someone should change the
original state of the banana. Probably peel it, to increase its value, then its
profit. Peeling is not enough since it is easy and anyone could do it. Then the
best way for maximum profit is adding secret sauces changing the original form
as much as possible to the point it cannot be copied.

The rush for profit truly makes
competitors, that sometimes would not have the ethics to think further than the
money. A user or customer who has been taught to believe the cliché of the new
world would be the victim. I need you to wake up today. You should start to
read what you are eating if you truly care about your body. Losing weight fast
would not guarantee a perfect sustainable weight and body. This all things,
when came together perfectly make you look sexier.

work out

Hit the gym. That is the most
tiresome and annoying statement for many. But I will say it again hit the gym.
Lose that fat. Never use the elevator. Get to your office or your apartment by
the stairs. Listen to music on the way. Many celebrities and diet followers in
Korea use this technique.

Losing weight is a technique, maintaining it is a culture and lifestyle.

If you understand the concept of
the Korean diet and follow it as you see it fit. Then you shall have lost weight
and keep it in that perfect spot.

The two Korean diet?

korean diet

1-    The banana diet (link to the

The banana diet is very popular
among the Asian cuties, especially among the Japanese and the Korean. This Korean
diet was first tasted by Osaka pharmacist Sumiko Watanabe for her husband. He
later lost 37 pounds (16.8 kilograms)

Banana has a fiber called resistant starch that ferments and create by-products that increase fat oxidation and decrease fat accumulation.

The diet

•    Start with a banana for breakfast, here you can east as much as you can. Sumiko’s husband used to eat as much as four bananas for breakfast

•    Eat a banana for lunch with salad

•    Have dinner of your choice but before 8 PM

•    Then get more banana afterward as a snack

•    Rest so that your body could do the rest of the weight loss work.

So how can you lose some weight
using this diet?

1-    Use the steps mentioned above

2-    Avoid overeating and the possible
temptation to eat more

3-    Be careful to eat your salad, be creative
but avoid adding fatty foods into the salad. Enjoy your skill in making a

4-    Get rest, possibly sleep before midnight

5-    Remember to enjoy, this is not about a
quick fix, even if it is possible if you follow the guideline and commit to the
schedule. Remember this is about you and your dream body. Enjoy the process.
Soon you shall reap what you sow.

Vegetable diet

Vegetable diet is known in Korea
and throughout Asia. Because of religions or for the idea of weight loss, many
Asians like to eat vegetables rather than meat and fatty foods. Vegetables are
the main dishes in the Korean diet. mushrooms, cabbage, and anchovies are also
used as the main Course or as additional with rice.

What makes vegetables unique are they are cheap and are made in various techniques. By mixing different vegetables different foods can be cooked. They also have a great capacity to make food tasty.

The secret of vegetable koran diet is how they make simple food in various ways and various taste.


Korean diet is part of lifestyle and culture. Confidence is in the lifestyle. Although many Koreans enjoy manufactured food, their life shows otherwise. Vegetables and fish are part of their life. Learn and apply to your life.

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korean food

Koreans exposed: Korean food and the secret to perfect body

Korean food

I hate to say this but Obesity rate in America is one of the highest in the world and has 35 percent of the overweight population.

Canada and UK follow this figure having 30.1 percent and 29.8 percent of their population overweight. (29 most obese countries in the world:

Where does Korea fall in the picture?

Korea has only 4.7 of the population overweight. OECD (2014)

The perfect bodies of Korean women do not come overnight. I
share the secret of the Korean perfect physic, sexy look and supreme confidence
(even though cultural prejudice seems obvious) and discuss the Korean food.

The inception

The plane has been flying over the ocean and the land passing the different countries along the way. Everyone was asleep but was not the woman on my right side, possibly from the west. (ok, I saw a flag on her phone.) Family, a pastor and a group of friends, she was flipping to see pictures. To my amazement, the people on the phone seem to have one thing in common. They are all overweight. It seems a lazy conclusion or ‘politically incorrect’ as some put it in the west. But the woman was also overweight. Her breath was so deep that I feel the breath on my arms. She was probably not comfortable with the high altitude and crammed plane space.  

I was soon reminded of a story once my friend told me about the woman that she met in South Africa. She told me that some African women have to gain weight before wedding days. The woman is thought to please her man with a larger body. Some are forced to gain weight while others gain with limitless lifestyle.

I looked back at the woman again. She was out as she leans
down at the back of the front seat, open mouth and tired.

I could not control my critical mind. I looked around.
People seemed more obese than usual.

‘Excuse me’, I said touching the woman trying to pass the narrow alleys of the plane to go to the bathroom.

She didn’t respond. Stressed I checked her pulse pinching
her to wake up.

korean good

She woke up and confused she passed me.

I walked in front and stood in line. I noticed a big guy at
the front seat. His face is covered with white hair and his body is all over
the place. He leaned in and rested on the shoulder of the girl next to him. I
looked her back, she looked at me and smiled.

‘Are you ok?’ I asked with a sign.

‘Yes’, she responded whispering and nodding her head.

She slowly pulled herself out of the man and she slowly came
toward me.

She smiled and looked at the toilet. ‘Oh occupied’, she said
trying to start a conversation.

‘We shall wait’, I replied smiling.  ‘Ya’, I said. Is that your father

‘No, he is my uncle’ She smiled. ‘He is diabetes. He is a
bit overweight.’ She added. ‘We had to come on a trip. He was mourning. His
wife passed away.’ She looked down.

‘He will be fine. And You go first. ‘

After hours of flight, I arrived at Seoul airport. People, there were thinner than the rest of the world.

That mere realization helped me ask what makes a society fat
or thin, smart or otherwise? The answer is not simple but yes, it is possible
to answer.

The answer

Weight loss is not a technique but it is a culture. What makes people fat or thin for life is not the industrial supplements (even though these are also effective) they take or to lose weight fast techniques but the lifestyle they follow. Being thin is a lifestyle, it is a culture that should be embedded in family, even though the whole world is otherwise.

Here are the five secrets of Korean perfect body that I
chose to share with you.

1-Smart eating/ smart diet- Korean food

The second day in Seoul, a group invited me to join for dinners. After arranged in a long row in one of the traditional places in the city, the waiters started bringing on the food. First, they put a bowl of spicy soup with a slice of meat. After enjoying the food and the vegetable soup, the servers brought the second course, kimchi, a dish of fermented vegetable (cabbage and daikon radish) Korean traditional food with rice.

After the second course, the third came. Then the fourth. For every course, our guide explained not the taste of the food but the nutrients and the advantages of the food for the body. ‘This is kimchi, it has vitamin A, B, C. It is good for Metabolism’ she said, ‘it is good for digestion.’

korean good

After the fifth and final course, there comes a green soup in
a small bowl. I could not taste the sour taste of the soup. ‘This is served for
respected people in ancient Korea’, she continued. ‘The food has advantages for
the heart and the brain. If you eat this daily, you will be healthy. ‘

Korean food is different in many senses. Most Koreans don’t eat to only be full; they prefer nutrients. As the woman was explaining the food based on nutrients, the west could learn to eat not in size but in breadth. What food did you eat and what was the content?

The Korean food, as you saw was various in size and in fact in course. I have not eaten 5 rounds of food. Amazingly, the small portion, the vegetable, the weed, all take small calorie, you won’t get weight. But the variety of Korean food increases your nutrition value.

The Korean food and Korean body tip 1: eat for nutrition, not for size

2-Eat as much as you can but eat healthily- Korean food

The next few days I stayed in the country I noticed the Korean
food has lots of vegetables, rice along with the high-energy foods. Even on the
first tip, you noticed there were six courses of food. That looked surplus for
the west. Yet, the food is natural and healthy.

The Korean food and Korean body tip 2: eat natural

3-Always watch for the Calorie until it becomes a culture.

Most Koreans food is low in calorie. The daily foods like
Kimchi are low in Calorie and are part of their consumption culture. Koreans
enjoy Low-calorie in different forms and with other Korean foods. For example,
Kimchi has more than 180 varieties with completely different presentation and
taste.   This helps you enjoy the same
food with different taste throughout the day and yet your calorie intake is
low. The Korean food calorie is much lesser than a single burger.

The Korean food tip 3: watch that calorie

4- physical exercise is a must after Korean food

The youth in Korea has a taste of exercise. This includes
cardio, muscle building and running. The Seoul city presents large gardens and
riverside parks that people can walk and bike through. The spaces provide free
gym equipment. Koreans also prefer walking than taking the bus. The tram system
in Seoul is one of the best in the world. But the trend in the country helps
the young to walk than wait for these public vehicles.

The Korean food and Korean body tip 4: wake up and hit that road

5-Image is everything

What do we see on TV? I remember someone asked me years before. What you see is what you become. What models do you have in your life? In Korea (based on mere conclusion) a model is not what they wish they were but what they aspire to become. (don’t get me wrong, I saw many unconfident people)

Many celebrity-based TV shows us does not inspire us to become our best. They discourage us. The magazines of supermodels and the unattainable skinny bodies and the photoshop face all make us hate ourselves. The fictional utopian living standards they show us give us negative impressions of ourselves.

Most young people in Korea also have the syndrome. If it was
not for the less utopian dilemma that the censored TV presents, the syndrome
could have been the same as the west.

The Korean food and Korean body tip 5: focus on your self


Finally, the world has a different view of the body. Having other than the normal body weight does not mean you are a loser. Having that particular weight is a result of your lifestyle. Discipline in the industrial world is a success. If you focus on the ingredients of the food rather than the type of the food; on the quality of the food than the amount of the food, then you will see an instant change in your life. Always think your life is your lifestyle and your lifestyle are your life. What you put in daily makes your life. Change your attitude and self-image then the rest is easy.