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5 principles of Purpose by dr. Myles Munroe that will help you be successful in life

Have you ever wondered about your purpose? If you are among the lucky few, you have figured it out by now. You didn’t leave your life for the unknown, unplanned. Rather you take actions. Dr. Myles dedicated his life to teaching people to discover their purpose and “die empty.”

He says many people die without discovering their true purpose, without doing anything of value with it. ‘The richest place in the world is not the mines of South Africa’, he says, ‘it is, in fact, the cemetery. Because, it is a place filled with the dead who left with untapped dreams, unwritten books, and unfinished beginnings. ‘

Here, I share five powerful principles of finding your purpose.

 1-Time is too short. The best way to waste time is by not knowing the purpose.

It is logical that if you walk without purpose in this short life, you will end up nobody. It is fair to say one should discover its unique purpose and be entwined with it. 

purpose dr myles munroe2- What matters is why. Why am I here?

The purpose is the original intent for the creation of a thing, that is in the mind of the creator of the thing. Nothing in life is without purpose.

“God does not think without a purpose”

3-Not every purpose is known.

Where purpose is not known abuse is inevitable. Even medical drugs have the addictive drug in them, enough to make you addict if abnormally used. Have no child, if you don’t know the purpose. Don’t buy a car, if you don’t have a purpose for it.

4-If you want to know the purpose of the thing, never ask the thing.

People ask other people to discover the purpose of their life. And Myles says it is wrong. The purpose is only found in the mind of the creator of the thing.  People assume to know how to use the equipment by only knowing the basics. Instead, the manual of the equipment gives the purpose and warnings and procedures of how to use the equipment and warranties. That is the reason why most shoppers don’t read manuals, they assume. This also limits the use of the equipment. He says most people know not more than three keys on how to use many pieces of equipment. Taking the equipment to an unauthorized dealer for a fix, you could get a temporary fix but permanent more damage later. The bible is the manual. And he says one should know the bible to understand the full purpose of the self.

5-Purpose is the key to fulfillment.

Fulfillment is measured by the individual against the purpose they had when they were born. If you know your purpose and walk with it then you will probably end your age with fulfillment.

 7 Secrets of success from Dr. Myles Munroe

Sources: Speech Azusa, 1990 “The power of purpose”

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How to Set Goals: 80/20 Rule for Goal Setting | Brian Tracy

How to Set Goals: 80/20 Rule for Goal Setting
Setting goals is a very easy process, yet, many people suffer from setting reliable goal or attainable goals. This frustrates many people.
Brian Tracy here explains the 80/20 rule of goal setting.

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Why we should follow plans and how they makes us successful


A day before, I was in the zone. I was grooving, noting my ideas and my hypothesis in life. I was sitting in the café with my pen and a small piece of paper that the waitress brought noting plans for the week. This I thought could challenge all the pattern of the life in the week. It was in fact a dream come true. It would have made me more responsible and create a dream life for me that I wished to have whenever I go to bed every night.

And next morning, I wake up in two minds. I wanted to follow the plan and at the same time the other part of mind was fighting to stay on course of the past, using time and look productive. In fact, everything that I would do would not be more than a pretence of the real job. Any way I did it. I went out at 8:30 and had a breakfast, get my car cleaned and went to the office only to research on the business I am developing. I didn’t come up with that much of result. And before much was done I left the office to meet some people. And I spent more than 3 hours on the road. At the end of the day, that was it.

That was it in terms of what I could have done. That makes me think “what is it that makes a difference in life?”

What makes a difference in life?

I am a firm believer that what you think every night is a fantasy of your day and that make you better than the average if not best. Some say that the best time to think is just before you go to bed. It is probably easy to clearly think and with out fear of tomorrow when everything is quitter.  Others this is because the subconscious is awake when the conscious is tired.

Whatever you think to do on the next day, you must do. In fact, most of the things I planned to do on the next day were intense and could meet me with different people. These could help me to solve the mystery of my long time questions.

plan _ grandself

Actions are greater when done in terms of purpose. In design there is a system where one has to follow to end up on result. Some senior designers could escape the process and even create their own. But when you are not senior you should follow the general process and you know you will end up somewhere. The mistake most beginners do is to do things that does not contribute to the greater goal.

You can prepare a mood board but if you don’t have a concrete  reason why you need to do that, you will end up spending more time and without a reason. When you speak with clients, you should know what to ask. Asking about their mother or a small talk does not contribute much.

Your actions in life could be much or more than the average. But if you cannot limit them in to certain “why” then they won’t benefit you. For example, my today’s meeting was a complete loss. I have known they were fine and I arranged some business processes but that would have been greater if I had don’t something that I planned a day before.

What makes a great difference in one’s life is what has been thought over and what complements actions that make a complete picture at the end.


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The solution to the struggle to change habits  

Struggle to change habits

Habits could be the best things that could define a person. Habits gives one the tools to express one self and to learn skills that would not possible without interest and without payment. But habits sometimes become a set up for failure. Some habits are dangerous.

Many people are wired for failure because of the habits that they live with. Someone used to say to me that addicts promise never to drink again every morning, probably due to the hang over or the position they find themselves in. But every night they find themselves circling around at the neighbourhood in lack of vision and decision.

I recently find myself in same situations. Not about addictions or that matter but in daily life itself. Some of the things, like driving to work, working, lunch time, all are habits formed through out long time. Some of us do that unconsciously. Every evening, I plan never to do the routine since the next day, since i felt it was hurting me in life, and I find myself doing the routine the next morning. I do things that i don’t want and seems that i have no power over it.

Then I discovered why we are not firm with our plans and why we struggle to change habits.

1-Our plans are based on emotions.

Emotions are like, “I am great, I can do it” stuff that is irrelevant to the overall vision. We only do it because of some inspiration we have every time and then. They say everyone wants to become a marathon runner at times of Olympics. Lack of follow through is due to short span emotions that does not fulfil the life purpose and current situations. Don’t plan to never go to some place only because you had disagreement with someone.

Do you know people who get hyper after watching TV show they like or after listening inspiring story? Emotion are good but sometimes destructive. Looking things objectively is often good. One reason for the Struggle to change habits is believing emotions more than reality.

2-We don’t have something else to replace the previous habits.

When you decide never to repeat your tasks, then you should see in detail what to do instead. For the drunk never to drink, they should plan to do something else on that specific time. Why not see friends each day of the week and sleep over there? If you don’t plan on what to do instead, surely the mind picks the best thing to do for the day and you will find yourself on same position you were yesterday.

I once found a guy who hated to see his girlfriend who was abusive to him. And each night he would meet her only to get verbally abused and criticised. He promised never to meet her again for 6 months and he could not do that. That makes a huge mark on their already failed relationship. The more I studied their relationship, the more I felt sad for him. The only advice I gave him was “learn to replace your actions.” Without me understanding what it meant. Weeks later he came back a new man few pounds more and few inches taller. He smiled to me and said “It worked. I started taking this cooking class at 10. And I did that for 20 days already. She obviously didn’t call and I am forgetting her.” Well, that is sad story but a story with lesson to take from.

Replace your bad habits with another good habit rather than running away from it.

3-Prize system

We are taught to do something good using reward and punishment system where when you do “good” you get prized and when you do “bad” you get punished. The system still works for adults whose consciousness is much more progressed. The notion of association is where we do certain tasks and we avoid others even though they are necessary. Well, it is due to these positive and negative associations were the mind regrets, caught in flight or enjoy the process. When you over eat, you feel bad. Why? Because the marketing, the culture, the image of being fat and the bully gives you hard time. Even though, food you ate does not have much, you feel sorry for yourself.

One of reason for the Struggle to change habits is no association of a task with gratification. If life works such way, why not prize yourself for achievement?

Punishment and reward-psychology today

4-Change pattern

This is a technique that I used a while ago to learn new way of life. I was not satisfied with the one I have. It was never the norm but it did not satisfy me. I wanted to change but I could not for long. And one-day accidentally, I listened to my guts and wrote a fiction like character based on my ideal life in a day. I then change where I stay, whom I stay with, where I sleep. I refused to eat where I ate a day before and learnt to wake up at 5 for 30 days. And I did things based on 30 minutes and 1-hour difference. I did this for a month. And guess what? It was hard but my subconscious picked it. And all of a sudden, I found myself waking up at 5, writing for an hour, reading for another hour, exercising and breakfast and leave the house before 7. Going to bed at 10 and close all my laptop and phone at 9. The more I do them in a certain a pattern they become my days.

More: Breaking pattern

One reason for the Struggle to change habits is lack of repetition and accountability. Replace your habits, break your pattern and learn to prize your self for good work.


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Time management techniques that surely make your successful

Time management techniques

Techniques are a bone of an action. These make decisions and progress tracking easier. Time management techniques are also necessary to make same decisions and follow progress easily.

Here are five-time management techniques with a huge impact on one’s successful use of time.

1-Cutting off communication for a while

Many entrepreneurs and rich people tell the advantage of social media in business. They also tell the benefit of shutting of your mobile phone and your internet for an hour or more while you are working on important tasks.

It’s time to switch off your mobile and set yourself free

4 Reasons To Turn Off Your Phone

Cutting off yourself from the world for a small one hour seems too much to carry and seems unimportant. However, many studies out there suggest the benefit.

Whenever you have an important meeting or work, try shutting off your phone. Even just before going to bed. There is no right task here. It all depends on what is right and what fits you. I would not advise you to shut your phone when you are people person at your job. Your job is to communicate. Without that, try doing that. For example, time management techniques like cutting off communication works when you are on a date, important meetings, family time, reading time, sleeping time.

time management techniques: give break for yourself for few hours.


Goals are overrated. People don’t identify goals from visions. Goals are achievable while visions are fantasy. Being healthy could be a vision but running 10 miles, a week is a goal. The later one is more of measurable. Without the notion of setting specific goals, your efforts are not important. Time management by itself is not achievable without further smaller tasks.  Instead of thinking to save time on a given day, learn to schedule time and make task for each hour. Your goals could be “write 5 pages before lunch, have 3 short meetings with different up to 3:30, a 30 minute for each and respond to email for 30 minutes…”

This makes accountability possible. You will know where you are good and where you lack. Time management techniques by setting goals help you achieve a lot in short time and also celebrates efficiency

time management techniques: Read simple steps to set goals that are effective

3-Be accountable

Accountability is another ambiguous word. You can be accountable for you own judgement. But may lack a lot in other’s eyes. Accountability and vulnerability go together. When you are accountable for any process you are allowing yourself to critics and judgement. That could help you achieve better in your time management effort.

You can be accountable to yourself. But that usually won’t work since it is easy to cheat yourself out of the task. Instead, time management techniques of accountability say advise to tell your loved ones to criticise you on your goals. Your wife or husband could see your progress based on what you promised them at the beginning of the day. Be accountable in front of others, your boss, your partners. Let them not find you playing video games when you should be finishing your paper.

Time management techniques: accountability and vulnerability infront of loved ones


Many people won’t keep promises. This is a prime example of less self-respect. People with high integrity keep promises. Their words are reflection of their reputations. They keep legacy based on these principles. When you promise your son to be at his foot ball match, that is your word you can’t cancel. Cancelling important issues for the sake of work is usually not important. most things can be finished later.

But what if you can finish whatever you have now, so that you can freely and peacefully join your sons football match? That is possible. Time management techniques of promise work by being reminded of important events that you promised to and finish what every is doing on time,now. This includes vows on your wedding day. Family deserves to meet you on time. Children should see you on dinner and before bed. Learn your responsibilities and be on time.

time management techniques: keep your promise

5-Be leader of the ship

When people think you have the time, they will treat you as one. You should be able to tell people when it is time to stop gossip and go to work. I remember times that I had to meet 15 people in a day. I used to waste time with gossips and unrelated conversations and waiting time. When i noticed that I was losing a lot by not controlling how I waste my time, I was furious. I was no longer part of time wasting, gossiping or waiting for late people. I become the first to say dismiss meetings.

Control your time. Don’t let no one dictate your power. you can stop even your lover or children from wasting your time. Be in control. Give undivided attention to people that deserve that. And the time other than that, be furious and serious.

Time management techniques: take responsibility. This is your life

When you decide to have a goal, and be accountable to it, you become successful. Learn to be a leader of your short time and keep your promise to be where ever you should be. Cutting few hours from information and focusing on your job makes you successful. time management techniques

Makes you successful when you learn to use then when and where.

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Importance of time management: why you need to worry about wasting time

Importance of time management

Time management is the basis for a successful life. Without time management our work is futile like sculpture without a meaning behind. The main factor that creates a trajectory for success is how one uses time, therefore, efficiency and quality of work, in a limited time. The importance of time management is not limited to production or discipline in the work environment.

Here are five reasons why you don’t need to waste time.

1-Time is a fixed asset.

When you are dealing with a load of work with various inputs and workforce, what you have as a tool is your limited time. Our schools and workplaces are competition grounds and time favors the one that respects it. When you deal against the fixed asset, then, your time management skill will tell the result of your efforts.

importance of time management: Use the limited time to your advantage

2-Time does not stop and wait.

Cliché, I know. But that is true. Time is like a river, it flows away. You can contain its footprint in to a well but you can’t freeze it in a moment to manipulate it for own advantage. What you can do is to figure your limited opportunity and to make the best out of it.

I have always wanted to know if I am doing things as per my potential in a given time. Because if I can accomplish a something in 10 years that I could have done it in 20. what if I do it in 5? I could live the rest in boredom or I could go and accomplish better in the rest day of my days. Both are not bad.

Or see it this way. You are not as energetic in your 30s like you were in 20s or younger. Time is giving you a less energy, older body, and you can’t re-live the past.

importance of time management: time passes and you pass, avoid regret by using it.


Efficiently is a reason for success. Efficient companies are profitable. When your plan your time, you will become aware of what you have to do and what you have done. You will better manage your time and you will do more in short time.

Smart students have schedules that they use for their day. They know when to play and when to work.

importance of time management: it will make you efficient.

4-Save energy.

They say if you don’t have a plan, you will live in other’s plan. If you don’t have time management skill then you find yourself wobbling around without an achievement. That is an easy ground for lazy and unsuccessful people around you. They will use your excuse and cling on you and live off of you until you become numb and despaired.

Time management helps you save yourself from exhaustion of excess work and energy takin persons.

importance of time management: it helps you save your energy


Time is directly related to success. Without time your achievement is nothing. When you are aware of you time, you are on the way to success. Procrastination is one of the reasons for failure in most people’s life. your time management skill will determine on what you can accomplish and be seen as success.

importance of time management: you can become successful


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Killing hesitation. Why don’t have to hesitate and it is time to do great

hesitate _ grandselfHesitation is a mind’s way of avoiding possible risk. It’s good then since it helped ancestors avoiding acting for fearing the sound they heard in the woods. Hesitation in this age is a liability. It kills. It is nothing more than a sign for the lazy. If you hesitate you are likely to lose. This is the principle.

The syndrome of the modern education is it makes the smart hesitators. If you have noticed it is the smarter that hesitates a lot. “Wait” the mind says. ” Is there is a better way to do it? What if someone else could do it better what if they don’t like it? ”

The whole idea of this article came today when I was asked to speak on an event. Someone asked me to book me on the schedule to speak on a conference. I hesitated for a moment. “Can I speak? Am I the best here to talk? What if there are others with better speech? What would the rest think what if I fail…” These are the unconscious cries of my mind? I know deep inside the heart I have the resource and the capability to do it. But I hesitate.

The one thing you have to think is life is a progress.

If the secret of life is really to grow, then growth is life time job. You can’t grow with in a year or two. It is continuous and life time. You do what you can do perfectly. Don’t worry what you could have done or how perfect you can do something. For example If I save to give speech the best time is now since there is no maxim of best time for it.

I believe one has to learn to respect the process than the end. The end could come out as anyway. What mater is enjoying the process and sharing it.

One can kill hesitation by learning that there is no perfect timing or perfect fit for many things.

What there is a prepared mind and body. If you’re prepared to do something and if you truly believe that it benefits others then do it. Don’t hesitate.

If you think it the best time to start your business, don’t hesitate. Find people who can help you and start. If you think you should be able to start a job, then stand up now and do it. Never hesitate. If you want to ask that girl out and if you think you should give it a try then do that. Don’t even think more. Just go and do it like a crazy person. As long as you don’t hurt others and yourself it is fine. I believe you can give a break your hesitating mind by taking responsibilities. Do things responsibly. Take calculated risks. Just do it. Never think twice. Never hesitate.





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I am tired: 4 ultimate reasons why you have to stop for a moment in life

I am tired and always exhausted and I am never mentally sober. I have to take a week off. But can I? I am a personality stack between what is and what could be. Looking at my future with vague image, I am tired and exhausted with deep wishes and regrets.

The idea of becoming someone cannot leave one in with a simple sign of exhaustion. It is simply a way of survival. Looking at successful people and witnessing their life, how can one give up?

Some people cant give a break in their life. They run around with exhaustion. The so called gurus tell you that there is no such a ting as burning out as if every one has same mental capacity. No matter how strong you are , there are things that makes you mentally or physically exhausted.

Here are times that you have to take time off your life and rest for a moment so that you could be successful again. 

1-You should take time if it is a health issue.

Health is the number one asset any one can have. Without health, you cannot succeed. You cannot eat he fruit of your effort.

” I am tired ” could be a sign of physical stress. Eye fatigue or headache from the long hours on a computer. Not getting a fast treatment or a temporary break, these things become harder and harder on you. Timely untreated defects could become untreated through time.

Don’t live like this. Your health is a wealth that you can’t work for to get. You can’t sacrifice your health for the gains of the earth. That is unacceptable. If you have any pain, if you have any sign of sickness, just get up now and see a doctor. Take time until your body gains strength.

2-You should take time off if it helps you reboot.

Many authors talk about inspiration, even if the current trend of authorship negates that. Inspiration guides creativity. If you are creative person, you know what I am talking about. A poem at the time it is written and at time it is re-read give two different vibes.  When written it is from the subconscious, and not understood from the rational conscious part of the mind. It usually makes you question ‘’did I really write this?’’

And usually there is dead-end of writing, that writers call ‘writers block’ When you have a ‘life block’ then you should consider taking time off or sometimes reboot. This give your mind to reorganize itself. I am tired to continue so I take a break and see how it turns out.

3-You should take time off it is necessary for your family.

Family is everything. We are responsible for their well being. If you can’t attend your wife’s birthday or your father’s funeral because of your work then you should rethink what you are doing. You should have some time off for these ceremonies. This is what family is, thinking for each other. And this should be expressed through action. I have a boss who stayed until 12 in mid evening while his wife is in labour. I am not sure even he attended his daughter’s birth on time. That is pity. Get that PC off and go to your daughter’s dance, your son’s club activity. Go see your wife at work and surprise her. If you have been emotionally away from your wife, go and prepare your day to surprise her at the evening. If you promised and forgot, take time off to do whatever. Family comes second to health.

4-Life is a hard work.

It should stay that way. Without hard work, you can’t claim living. If you are hard worker even workaholic then you should examine your life. Test your ways and see how your work is affecting you. You can’t quit running even if it hurts. What does not kill you makes you stronger, as they say. If so quitting for while should come if and only if it means your health, your inspiration or your family. Small rests in between life could fix the rest of your tedium. What other reason could you put to get off your work for a while?

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Time management : 5 tips for productivity and to achieving your purpose

Time management is everything. Time is the only resource that everyone in the word has, unless you are 100 years old guy with cancer or something. If you are not that person then you probably have few years on the schedule. The question is not how long you live, it is what will you do with in these times.

Last year was probably one of the hardest time of my whole life. It was a time I was taking few risks and breaking the rules, knowingly and unknowingly. I was a bit carried away with the process. The result was tough. One of these days, in the midst of my suffering as the results of my actions, I was deeply troubled to the point of regret. By the time I had almost forgotten all of my purpose, my dreams and my happiness. Without knowing I was crawling holding my perfectly working feet. Sitting in my office, my life flashed before my eyes. I was surprised.

How did I get here? What went wrong. When was I supposed to stop? My egoistic mind started questioning. I put my life in the narrowest point of the room immersed in deep anxiety. For the first time in my life I thought I had no point of return. It was as if I was dying without solution. I pictured my previous life as perfect. I said, what is wrong with having family? What is wrong with my Job? And what is wrong with current myself. I said, if I could go out of this mess, I promised, I will use my time smart. I will love my life to death.

Time passed and I found myself procrastinating again, thinking I have the time.

Time is liner for some. And it could be circular for others. But let’s talk in terms of life we know: Past, present and future. I will show 5 tips to learn time management to achieve your purpose fast.

1- Time is what we have in common: a free beginning tool.

Think, what do you have more than others when you were born? Good family, money a house. You might have more. You might have less. But the only thing that is given to man is time. Don’t get me wrong there are things that waste your time without your willingness. But having everything on same line, yours and my time are same, 24 hours. What you will do for the next few years of your life is up to you. You can take it and burn it or you can rent it or use it. It is up to you. You are the master of your time. Think of the man that hide his talent in the bible. (see the example in previous post)

The first secret to learn time management is to learn that only time is given free and possibly equal.

time management productivity _ grand self2- Life is like a tent, stay warm under it.

Many religious people claim that life is short and the real eternal life is somewhere else or on earth in another form. Even the bible mentions that life is like a tent, temporary. But that does not imply you should not time manage yourself to be your purpose. Being temporally on earth does not mean you should avoid doing what is worthwhile. The first path to time management is to remove these thoughts. Life is precious. It is created with deep pain and constipation. Its value is worth more than all these pains. You can’t take your life for granted and waste it as if it came for free. Even your short life on each needs a good rest and a hard work. Even if life is like a tent, it is up to you to stay cold or warm in it.

The Second secret to learn time management is to learn that life is short.

3- Thinking in goals.

Many people tackle life in a general vision or purpose they want to achieve. I am reminded of a book I read when I was teenager. The man gives an example how people don’t get to their dreams. He gives an example of a woman he met some years back. She wanted to be an author. And she could not publish a single book. The first question he asked her was ‘’what type of author you want to be?’’ She was confused. ‘’What do you mean?’’ she asked. ‘’What type? nonfiction, fiction, children book…? ‘’

That was her day of realization where she lost. Thinking in general could be necessary. But dangerous. You should detail your vision in to tasks. Instead of saying ‘’I want to be an author’’, say ‘’I want to be children book author and be able to write in English 101 for kids, colouring book for kids…And I will be able to do it in a year time.’’ Instead of thinking ‘’I have to finish the report in two days’’, say ‘’I will write the introduction before 9 in the morning. I will write the first two chapters until evening.’’ With this you will be accountable.

The third secret to learn time management is to think in bits, not only the big picture.

Read more: on how to achieve through goals.

4- Document your life

Documenting your progress is necessary. You have short life but you forget a lot. That is some big irony. But you should be able to document every step along the way. Write what happened yesterday and revise it once a week. Learn what took most of your time. And improve up on it along the way.

The forth secret to learn time management is note your experience and progress.

5-  Time management is a skill.

Some start is since childhood and others at adulthood. If you started early, you are lucky and you probably have it in you no matter what is happening in your life at this moment.Time management is something you practice. It is better when you learn it along the way. Improve your skill with practice.

The fifth secret to learn time management is to understand that everything is a skill and you can’t get to it if you don’t practice it.

Time management is necessary. To be good at managing your time first you have to understand your value. Then you should avoid discouraging yourself from valuing your life. Breakdown your vision in goals. Keep documenting your life and revise it to see where your strength and weakness are. Finally, keep practicing. After all life is a process and time management is a skill.