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5 principles of Purpose by dr. Myles Munroe that will help you be successful in life

Have you ever wondered about your purpose? If you are among the lucky few, you have figured it out by now. You didn’t leave your life for the unknown, unplanned. Rather you take actions. Dr. Myles dedicated his life to teaching people to discover their purpose and “die empty.”

He says many people die without discovering their true purpose, without doing anything of value with it. ‘The richest place in the world is not the mines of South Africa’, he says, ‘it is, in fact, the cemetery. Because, it is a place filled with the dead who left with untapped dreams, unwritten books, and unfinished beginnings. ‘

Here, I share five powerful principles of finding your purpose.

 1-Time is too short. The best way to waste time is by not knowing the purpose.

It is logical that if you walk without purpose in this short life, you will end up nobody. It is fair to say one should discover its unique purpose and be entwined with it. 

purpose dr myles munroe2- What matters is why. Why am I here?

The purpose is the original intent for the creation of a thing, that is in the mind of the creator of the thing. Nothing in life is without purpose.

“God does not think without a purpose”

3-Not every purpose is known.

Where purpose is not known abuse is inevitable. Even medical drugs have the addictive drug in them, enough to make you addict if abnormally used. Have no child, if you don’t know the purpose. Don’t buy a car, if you don’t have a purpose for it.

4-If you want to know the purpose of the thing, never ask the thing.

People ask other people to discover the purpose of their life. And Myles says it is wrong. The purpose is only found in the mind of the creator of the thing.  People assume to know how to use the equipment by only knowing the basics. Instead, the manual of the equipment gives the purpose and warnings and procedures of how to use the equipment and warranties. That is the reason why most shoppers don’t read manuals, they assume. This also limits the use of the equipment. He says most people know not more than three keys on how to use many pieces of equipment. Taking the equipment to an unauthorized dealer for a fix, you could get a temporary fix but permanent more damage later. The bible is the manual. And he says one should know the bible to understand the full purpose of the self.

5-Purpose is the key to fulfillment.

Fulfillment is measured by the individual against the purpose they had when they were born. If you know your purpose and walk with it then you will probably end your age with fulfillment.

 7 Secrets of success from Dr. Myles Munroe

Sources: Speech Azusa, 1990 “The power of purpose”

3 things unconsciously discourage man from being independent.

The discouragement being a man by society

Being a man is usually discouraged with unintentional and unconscious gesture of the society that deflects away man’s prime instinct in to doubt.

How do you cope up with the cultural boundary that forces you to live inside the fence when the world is outside? And when you wink out through the holes in the fence you see the low class living the life no matter what.

3  things  unconsciously discourage man from being independent.

1-      The cost of living.

This is the cliché of the democratic world where capitalism is widely appreciated and even celebrated. The young is left aside for the wild to figure it out by working in the stinky kitchens of Mc Donands for few dollars an hours. This barley satisfies the appetite of the young age where cost double and income stays consistent. Man prefers to stay at home.

2-      The love of mothers

recently someone told me the prime factor for his marriage was the death of his mother. He no more could not bear to live single with his other 4 brothers who were all over the place and having fun. He decided to get married and within few months, guess what, he was married man. One of the reasons, other than finding a mature person that replaces his mother, that man don’t be a man is his mother made him immature with her unreasonable affection.

3-      Lack of real responsibilities

society fluctuates and forgets the youth form giving a formal responsibility like our ancestors have. If you noticed the culture of some preserved cultures, almost all have steps and initiations that he youth should pass through. In this age a man can marry at 30 or 50. It is up to him, no matter what the reason is. A specific goal is better

being a man _ grand selfSo, what Is the best way to be a man, responsible for both gender.

1-      Learn your strength.

Your strength makes your purpose. And what you do all your day, your habit makes your purpose. If you know what makes you stronger, then that was is easy to win. Be more on than d learn to solve your weakness with it.

2-      Separate from your mother.  

As long as the mother is around, you are dependent. The society learnt to judge a man based on his separation from his mother. In fact, animals have the tendency to push the young away, especially the male, to force it in to creating its own family. The lion chases off its young when food is not enough. The young lions should go out and find and make a family.

3-      Take responsibility

For a man to be one, write a book, make a family or travel. That is the wise advice of Greek philosopher? Do something worthwhile that goes with your interest.                



10 simple lifestyle changes that will change your life forever

lifestyle changes

That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” , said he astronaut when stepped on the surface of the moon. Some things seem to be small when done at the time but their effect has a giant impact.

Here are 10 simple but effective lifestyle changes that will make your life better.


Exercising is ignored in the contemporary life style where everything becomes fast food, long office and education hours and social media. People prefer to sit idle than physical activity. However, we humans are made for the work. If you see the ancient man, they worked and produced with tear and sweat. They fought with each other on the rest of their time; they fought to tame animals and struggled through the harsh climate and infertile ground. The body cannot survive for long without exercise. A daily 30-minute jogging would make a giant change in your health, body size and even your confidence.

lifestyle changes 1: exercise 30 minutes a day.

2-Have private peaceful time.

Some call it meditation others call it calmness. And it is necessary in this fast-changing world. Efforts are nothing without protecting the one’s self. You can be the hardest working person alive, but the world won’t recognize it for you unless you live to tell it. You should learn to have a reflection time alone. Question your ways, plan your future and criticize your purpose. Here you become the master of your ship.

lifestyle changes 2: have private time

3-Cut negative people out.

Years before I met a dark woman whose hope, she claimed, was death. Her attitude about life stressed me out with in few minutes of our engagement. The more we talked, the more I discovered that she was surrounded with negative people who fed off her meek and introvert personality. These people were so endearing to her that it was hard for her to admit that. But after a few discussions, she was able to let them be independent and she became free. Guess what? Within a month time she changed her clothing and she returned her natural hair. Within 6 months, she became the happiest person I knew.

lifestyle changes: cut negative people

life style change _grandself4-Learn something new

The mind is like the body, without exercise and challenges it becomes weak. When you learn something new each day, you become mentally stronger. Learn to learn something new each day. This could be as simple as saying good morning in another language. Or learn about your cat. These simple tasks create new habits or interests in your life.

lifestyle changes: learn something new

5-Learn to make your work tangible

Success is not measured,lets agree, and is relative. Most successful people are not successful only because they read a book a day. They are successful they used the information to create something tangible. This is ambiguous issue but true. For the world to appreciate you, they should be able to see something. This means, instead of telling you are a musician, show them your clips or recordings. Instead of telling you can paint, why not show your paintings. That is where you are successful.

lifestyle changes: do something tangible each day.

6-Learn to smile and to greet

Especially the west has trained itself to become so individualistic everyone becomes a robot. We socialize on occasions. Social gestures are not appreciated. We ignore people as if we communicate telepathically. Learn the very simple art of a smile. Learn to greet people and to thank them on necessary occasions. This is the basis of social interaction, in case you are not born in the era where people used to interact physically.

lifestyle changes: communicate

7-Say “no” often

Who would have thought that a simple gesture of saying no would change a lot in life? Life is full of choices. You can go left or right. It is a matter of choice. And each choice has consequences. The amazing part is you can’t blame anyone for your choices. In this age no one can force you in to choosing against your will. Your parents can’t be a reason for your failure. One thing the world does not teach us is to say no. This is considered not polite. Here are what matters most, to say no. When you say no to things that doesn’t benefit you in the long run, then you become confident and you save yourself from trouble.

lifestyle changes: say no

Simple life style changes are the basis for a giant productive life. When you decide to exercise and to mediate and learn new things, you make your body and your mind become stronger. Negative people are bad for your life. learn to filter them out. Make sure your work is tangible so that other can see. And your social life is also necessary. Learn to smile, to say “Hi” and to say “I love y”ou to those who matter to you. In the rest of your life say no to push the unnecessary away.


What is life about? Reflection on the purpose of life on eart

What is life about? Reflection on the purpose of life on earth

What is life about? Sex, money, drugs, power? what is all this about.

When comparing the life of those who pursue these paths and others who sit dormant negating these. All have same destiny, of course death. But what is all this about it death is inevitable? What is life about above the pain and despair in our hearts.

What is life about? Serving god, being happy, or being spiritually fulfilled?

Is life being like these monks who sneak in to a forest, departing oneself from the rest of the world? Or is life about finding what it is about or theorizing your suffering as a purpose?

It is all a loop. What every you do you still have one think that one question that you still ask what is life about?

Here is what makes sense. Think of yourself as a person who lived it all and you are 70 sitting on your bed waiting to die. What would be that one thing that you would say would made you a better person? Just think of the time that you lived up to now and criticize it from the 70 years old of you.

What would you have done?

Life is about daring and doing your best. That is it. There is no perfection or the right way but being a better person each time.

There are two things that drag us down and make us doubt thinking what life is about.


Fear is the first killer. It has been a hormonal change to keep our ancestors safer in the woods. In this age, it is mostly a negative response. If you fear things would go wrong, you avoid doing.


This is the second life killer.

Then the purpose is to live for yourself than for others. This world is mostly a lie. Don’t tell me you are working on these thick papers at office to make a better world? You obviously do it for the money. And I tell you that does not fulfill your path.

The world is built when destroyed. The world is unfair settlement of human history. One throws a fist and others crumble on skeletons of their children. Nothing is fair and that is life. you can’t change that. The question is to find what life is about among this chaos.

First, is doing your part. Do what you do as perfect. Don’t do things that does not make you better person. Don’t waste energy on things that you think are hip. Never follow the crowed. Do what you do and what you like best.

Then, give as much as you received. If you have two shares one. But never give yours that is important.

Love your wife, your children no matter what they think of you. Don’t tell them show them. Don’t think do. Instead of telling your husband you love him, give him something he likes, be with him, do something for him to make him happy. Never follow a cause that doesn’t fulfil you. Causes has been here for long that we thing they are culture and obvious. But the world is a portion of what is accepted of these causes. Don’t be the sheep for these causes no matter what. Instead examine and take what is good for you. Don’t expect unrealistic and what you don’t have, instead look back to yourself. Start from what you have. Appreciate it. Don’t despise your body, instead embrace it and work to change it.

What is life about?

Life is living for one self and living for others. It is a way of surviving for a better life. Don’t be jealous or cruel instead be humble. Protect your beloved. Never every see them being harmed. Do whatever is necessary to protect them. Do as much as you can to put a legacy, not for yourself, but for the generation. And that is stupid to think on in terms of only yourself. This is the curse of youth as the young thinks only in terms of the life without the conception of death at the end of the tunnel.

But life is temporary and you soon will be forgotten. What matters is to put a legacy in terms of the world and the people. Think also of your spiritual life. As man is not purely a flesh, we need spiritual food. Love others, love god, live to benefit other, help the poor. And lastly, make your own list and make your own principles. And follow them have a vision of what you want to be in 10 years and grind to get to it.







life has no meaning

Life has no meaning: 4 ways to make meaning in life

”Life has no meaning.”

That is a great leap for a layman to define the whole in four words. What is life anyways and what is the meaning of it? How do you identify when something has no meaning?

Well that needs some scientific explanation. But that is irrelevant to this article.

I speak in terms of experience, only in terms of the limited understanding that we all acquire, but probably won’t use anyways.

My empirical engagement in life suggests that we make meaning in life as we move through. Our decisions, our actions and our interactions make the smaller images that we individually want to see in the world possibly without a grand comprehension of the big image.

So, how do we make meaning in life in the world that has no meaning.

1-We live to experience and through the experience.

What is life for you? List the things that makes you believe that you have life or the things that makes a meaning in your life. These meanings are probably your experiences. For example, your personal meaning for life could be to make others happy. And making happy involves your love life, your family life or your work life. It is, therefore, all about your experiences and your engagement in the world.

What you do every day makes the meaning in your life. My life meaning and yours is different in shape and form.

A meaning of life for some is dark and dangerous. For others, it is a prison to escape. For some it is all about the short-term happiness no matter the consequences.

I can’t tell you about the experience that you should enjoy. It is in fact true that our life is in congruent with that we call moral or immoral. Live your life in the moral side, without affecting the world negatively.

Life has no meaning; we make meaning through the experience. Live to the fullest of what you can and what you have. Identify things that you want to do based on your experiences and do them.

2-Life has no meaning. Life is living now.

Tomorrow or yesterday are out of our natural control. No matter what quantum physics or others teach, the reality is we don’t know what happens within an hour. The only true control you have is on now. You can continue reading this text or you can escape it. You can shout at the very moment or you can sit still. Or you can do it as long as the conscious agrees.

If now is the time, why not enjoy now?

Enjoy each moment. Refuse to live a second of mediocrity. Say no if it does not fit you no matter the risk.

Recently I had a discussion with a group of stakeholders for some project. In fact, some were smart people from different parts of the world. In the middle of the meeting, I noticed that most of the things discussed were not useful for the project in any way. It was not useful for me or for the project. I had to ask the boss to conclude the meeting and move on with our lives.

I decided not to waste time on something that don’t see fit my limited time.

And this decision doesn’t go without risk. I could lost friendship from some and others probably hated my bold move.

No matter how it turns out live the life you enjoy.

3-Life has no meaning. We make meaning though purpose.

To make a life meaning, always think about your purpose. What is that one thing that bugs you? Do that what makes meaning to your existence.

I believe discovering your purpose could take time. Follow your passion and do that for a year. check if you still want to do that even after a year.

In order to define the meaning of your life, define what you want it to be in 10 years. How do you want to live life, how do you want to be seen what problems you want to solve? If you answer this question. You can define your life. and the meaning comes in the very moment when you live that big picture.

Everyone has one thing that they will be known with. Some are drunk others are inventors. It depends on your dedication to your purpose. You might know record-breaking athletes with good business skills. After 100 years people remember their records, probably not the money they make. Then focus on what you are good at, treat it like your purpose and live that. Life will make a meaning.

Life has no meaning. You’re make your meaning through your purpose.

life has no meaning _grandself

4- life has no meaning. The meaning is individual.

Life is like opinion. You live it as you see it. It is the Individual that makes meaning.

Then how do you make your meaning? How do you define your life at this very moment?

A day in athlete’s life is not on a sofa but your’s could be. It is about the individual meaning and what you are willing to do.

Life has no meaning. You make the meaning through your individual experience. This means your experience makes the meaning and not otherwise.

life changing events _grand self

Life changing events. How to use life changing events for good?

Life changing events are everywhere. They are around us. In fact, every event in our life has the potential to change our lives. But some events put us in danger, to challenge us and make us better.

I just watched a movie with a twist when a family moved to town for retreat and caught up with gang affiliated individuals. The movie ends with every one getting noting out of it but a little kid learning a lesson of his life from one of the gangs. He seemed to learn how to put bully away and feel better before passing through fear and shock.

If you look closer to your life, most of things that challenge you actually made you become better.

Life changing events are all around us. We can’t escape them unless we sit tight waiting for them to pass. But it is up to us how to take care of the events. You can challenge them and learn from then and become better or stay there crying and weeping for them to pass.

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Finding your purpose _image

Finding your purpose : A short guide on finding your purpose for success

Finding your purpose is a tough task. Finding your purpose is a life time job. There is no ultimate answer for what your purpose is. Because the idea of purpose grows with age and a maturity. Finding your purpose is indeed a person responsibility. People usually wait for eternal involvement for finding their purpose. We might have encountered people who are lost and pass their days on a couch, thinking what their purpose before birth is.

Others struggle through paying thousands to attend consultation, consulting astrology and other similar sciences for finding their purpose.

Finding your purpose _imageIs it you who should find your purpose?

We have talked how purpose of life could be seen from personal or general perspective. Some have assigned personal purpose from state perspective others from religion and other from mystical and philosophical.

But when it comes to an average person whose resources are limited to a bound point, finding a purpose from all this point is irrational.

Life is indeed to be appreciated. It is good to do good. At the same time, every person should find their purpose in this vast world. Only this was one can become a useful part of the society.

How: finding your purpose.

To find your purpose,  follow three major criteria. As I said before purpose is something you want to live for. For some, it is service, or others is it is creative field. For others, it is entrepreneurial arena.

1-Stick to your DNA.

Gary Venyrchuck in his book talks about DNA. DNA in his understanding is a person’s strength. For some physical is easier than mental. For tall people playing basketball is easier that the average height people. Some are shy and they need to communicate through text. Others are obsessed with self so they like to be the spot light. If you believe your instinct and stick to what your DNA says to you, then you can start with that.

Check Gary’s best selling book on how to cash in on your passion.

2-What you know and what you do.

A practising doctor has thousands of times better chance of living with same job as a purpose than an average person. What you know is what you learnt in school or at home or anywhere else. What you do can be your skills and hobbies. If you’re good at fixing things this could be your purpose.

3-what makes you happy.

What is that one things that you won’t see your watch to stop. What is that one thing that ticks you and takes you all night without being tired. If you have one you are lucky, you should stick to that, even as part timer.

Finding your purpose what to do next.

Finding your purpose this way needs to list the things that you have unique things under the points discussed above. After that you need to reorganise these in to their relations. For example, you might be good at sewing cloths. But if you curse your fate while doing that, then that might not be you. Move on. In everything you do, happiness should be the centre.

See the book on amazon

Three tips for finding your purpose faster

When one becomes mature, its obsession with death begins. A man/woman is known with their fair attitude in life that is life is not fair and that is OK. And I shall do something about it. That is, it. Whatever you want to do, if you don’t do it as fast, you are not that useful. So, don’t overthink do it.

If you agree with this here are three pointers that are useful for finding your purpose.

1-Don’t over think.

Your life is not better than others until you become useful. A useful person has many lives as they live for others, above themselves. Overthinking is a way of the mind to escape reality. Doing is better than thinking. Testing in doing should be the method. If you find one big vision in life test if for some months and find out. if you don’t like it move on to the next. That is why we said finding purpose is a life time job.

2-Have a time off. Mind wobbles.

Thoughts are not reliable. They are managed according to the environment you are in. When you are happy with what you do, you want to do it for life until you are not happy with it once again. Instead of relying on your wobbling mind in the chaos world, find a peaceful time, away from the work and life. Take a week or 3 weeks’ time off and think deep on what you want.

3-write it.

As I said the mind wobbles. Finding your purpose is big. You should see it in fractions. You should divide it in to days and hour. What you have thought every hour could be useful. Start writing, if you don’t until now. You don’t know what you are missing. Read it once a week and reflect on it.

4-Ask others of what you are good on.

We human are good in criticizing others but not ourselves. We tend to run away from self-examinations. People tell you when you do bad but they don’t tell you what good you have. That is part of the critical culture. To know that you have then you shall ask.

Finding your purpose in life begins with finding what you are good an , what you can do and what makes you happy.

For more read Gary’s book.



grandself layers of success

The three layers of success only few know and how to become successful in each


” Am I successful? ” is a question in many people’s minds. Many have asked similar questions throughout history.

Who is successful then? Are you successful? Are these tattooed, drug-induced gang musicians on the TV successful? Are these low IQ senior year university students successful for graduating? What is a success after all?

This question bugged my mind for long, since elementary school, for a deep desire to be successful in life. Back then, my passion and dreams were not based in the real world, rather in the ‘perfect’ image of the world in the mind. My tomorrow was obscured with the fight of the existing world and the fancy dream path I wanted to take. When the going got tough, I felt a loser. This was a constant question: ” am I successful, yet? ” You probably also wanted to figure out if you are successful or not.

After finishing reading this article you will never doubt and ask ” am I successful? ” again.

When your read this article I want you to understand that life is about potential. Even though your past matters what count is how you decide to live your future.

So, am I successful?Are you successful?

Think of success as multidimensional concept rather than cause and effect. It has various shape and form and it definitely is not unidimensional. To understand success is to understand something that changes it self every time you see it. Because after all, it is the people that determine success. For the sake of simplicity, let’s define success based on the observer.

So, success has three layers where it is defined or achieved.

The first layer is the wider layer, that is success in the eyes of the general society.

This is how society defines your achievement. Success, after all, is relative. Passing classes or going to school is enough on this layer. Starting a job and feeding a family makes you a success in society. They call you a good citizen of society or something. The people you barely know attend your wedding, they talk about the suit and the makeup and the ceremony with great delight. 

Most people you know, probably 80%,are classified in this group.People in this level of success do what is required: they learn, they get jobs, they marry and have children. They work hard and they don’t go to sleep without food. Unless you are a stoner or drunk, wasting time idle, you are successful. After all, if society thinks you as successful, you are successful.

So, are you successful? If you answered no, leave this post and go to the end of this post to learn how to become successful in this layer, if yes continue reading.

Second layer: the acquaintance layer

This is more critical than the general massei opinion of success. You cannot live a mediocre life at this stage. You get things done and you don’t live to pass through the weekdays.

This layer is more real because your success is determined with people who have direct or indirect authority upon you. Passing from class to class does not impress parents like it impressed the society on the first layer. You should be able to get a grade that could compensate the expenses parents put out on you. Feeding family or being on time at home does not count here. You should be able to give attention to details, practically care for your family.

How many people you know have a beautiful but disfunctional family ? How many graduates you know who passed with struggled to pass through the years?

This layer is a practical, and quality layer.

Only a few people, probably 25%, are successful in this layer.

So are you successful? Is your success quality success? If no, go to the end of this post to learn how to become successful in each layer, how you can make your life a quality life. If yes, continue reading. I will show you another higher layer.

The third layer is the personal layer.

The third layer is for the dreamers. It is for the world changers. It is for those who are obsessed to be unique, to be more than the average. This layer is called the self-layer. Not more than 5% of people you know are in this layer. This layer is not judged based on what the society says or what the close ones want, but with what the self want. Here, achievement is criticized based on purpose and potential.

When you are in this stage of development, you care less for what others value, but you care more about what your dream values. The only thing that makes you happy is achieveing your high standard. Graduation does not overwhelm you because you have higher goal in life. You don’t party all night for a single success of on a project(even if celebrating your success is necessary) because you see life in the bigger vision.

Therefore, this layer is not about the ordinary or the quality, it is about value. Have you heard the saying “seek not to be a person of success but a person of value ” ?

How to become successful _grand self

On how to become successful

If you know on which success layer you are on, it is easy to understand how to improve your situation.

Here, I will show you how to become successful based on your current success status.

To be successful, in the society layers, you don’t necessarily have to work that hard. You only have to cooperate with the norm. Go to school, respect others, finish home work on time, have friends, get a job, have a family: live the norm. That is enough. Quality of life is not that high here. Life is pretty much easy. How to become successful in this layer is by understanding the norm and by living it.

If you are not satisfied the first stage, it is time to grow. In the second layer, you can’t just be a husband, you have to be a lover; you can’t just be a student, you should excel; you can’t be a boss, you should be a leader. You have to buy flowers, you should say ” I love you” . When you can get above c, passing with D does not work here.

People in this layer of success know that they are accountable for their deeds, they learn and put their knowledge in to action.

Remember, life is celebration in the first layer. But it is a work in this layer. Live life to the fullest.

Success in the third layer is harder. You should be able to work harder and smarter. People in this layer live their life purpose.  Life here has no specific worldly measure. The person himself measures the success with his/her own guidelines. For example, a doctor could become a teacher on weekends. An inventor like Steve Wozniak could become an elementary school teacher. This is up to the mind of the actor. This is what makes one to live for someting and leave their mark.

How you become successful in this layer is by finding your purpose , living that purpose and by influencing the world.

Read more: 10 things you should know about purpose.

What do you think? On which layer of success are you in? Comment.

what is the point of life _ grand self

what is the point of life? How to understand life to be successful

We have all asked same question at least once in our lives. What is the point of life? What is the point of all this.  Especially this generation is weak and whiny always asking “what is the point of education, what is the point of having a girlfriend. What is the point of me involving when others can do it better?”

We prefer sleeping and wishing than working. Most of the “what is the point”questions are not asked from the point of getting answers but from getting despaired. Many are tired of the way in their head before getting started on the first step.

Why do people ask what is the point of life? The misunderstanding.

Before talking about what the point of life is ,it is necessary to talk about why we question the worth of living.

1-Religion is misunderstood.

Most children brought up with relation have the idea of the temporary world. They later ask “what is the point of life” when the world is very temporary and our struggle are futile. Why should I have to work this hard and why should I solve a problem of a world that passes like a wind. Religion is misunderstood because of ignorant teachers and ignorant us.

Most religious revolutionists have made an impact in the world. They have developed their own way to interact with the world so that the people could benefit from it. They live their life with their own standards and they worked their things off and made a change. But their ways are confusion for the rest.

2-Hard work is left out.

People this days get prize for any think, worst actor of the year, worst student of the year and more. Students get prize for not coming to class and for being lazy. What is the point becoming a way out of hard work? Our visions and our deeds are left and right. We became a generation of story tellers and not doers. We have nothing to show for our life but we have a lot of images on our phones. So, if you want to easily answer what is the point of life, then you should embrace hard work.

3-The internet motivation of life is people jumping off mountains in parachute and jumping on trampoline.

This is considered to be living the life you want in this age. What is the point of life. “I have to live a life the way I like.” Believe me we all need to live that that jumping and falling 365 days a year. But we have something to do. we have something we should do that is much harder than jumping off a cliff. That is called purpose.

4-Schools become a breeding compound for useless habits.

The western education does not solve a social and economic problem the student will have after school. They are usually theories and useless facts that not one benefit from, except to win arguments. Knowing about Mitochondria only helped these who joined zoology or related field. The rest of us have no idea why we wasted their time learning about it. Our schools teach about electric current where the students could not even fix their room bulb. The excessive parties and immorality kills the morals of students. Most are confused before asking what is the point.

5-Parents have no idea how to raise a child.

A primitive child is raised as cruel as possible to teach him the cruelty of the outside world. A single mistake could land him or her in a lion cage. The parents should be as specific as possible to keep their families alive. This is not the case today. But still the world is full of dangers and every activity needs struggle and effort. The parents are not example for children. They don’t tell them how to live life better. Most parents are obsessed with their personal life. One author said most boys are not masculine because they have grown without fathers, in mother’s hands. No one is there to tell them what the point is of life.

6-The world is pretending to be perfect.

The makeup celebrities, the perfect life, the pretentious society all seems to be on a perfect place where individuals are suffering from mediocre life. Without further study, the world seems to be perfect. The people we know have perfect mirage, perfect body, perfect skin, until we experiment closely. Reality and what it looks like are different. Usually despair of not having the perfect thing makes us ask what is the point of life , I am not that perfect.

So, what is the point of life. To say the least, I believe, life has no point. This is accidental life for bible. Whatever you do,surely, you will pass away. It is like living for a while. A person paints and decorate its house even though they don’t know how long they live in it.  What matters is not how long you live, what matter is how you live.

When trump was bankrupted again, the bank promised to give him some money but on one contingency, if he stops his luxurious life that costs him a great bunch of the money. But he refused, he refused even under bankruptcy.

Here are 4 things to do to figure out ” what is the point of life .”

1-Work is the primary point of the world.

Without work, you are nothing. Success and happiness are in achievement from work. You can try it yourself. Live a week without work on you couch, you will get bored. And you will ask what is the point of life. The one thing that Adam was told to do was cultivate. In other words, work. Once you find your purpose, what makes you intrinsically happy, then you have to work your things off to fulfil your vision.

2-Question everything.

Don’t accept everything written and published. Start from this article. The point is not having fun but to be fulfilled and help others. To care for yourself and care for one another. You should know that life on earth is not the end. It can’t be. Our soul is superior than our flesh that is the bag, the container.

what is the point of life _ grand self

 but test them all; hold on to what is good, 1 Thessalonians 5:21

No one have the full answer, you should question yourself.

3-Take care of others opinion.

The schools are becoming business places. And parent don’t care until you behave. You can watch TV for hours or drink and nude dance like we have seen in some schools, the teachers don’t care much.  What is the point is a wise man question here? The point is to question that as well. You could be the idealist that question everything.

4-The world is pretentious.

The ads are fake. The pretty face is makeup. The perfect body figure is because of the cloths. The height is from the extra sole. Don’t blindly follow the perfect image of this pretentious world. You are better off with your own ideas and day dreams.

What is the point of life is appropriate question, but without perfect answer. For one to answer this question, one has to leave this pretentious, false world and has to question and live life itself.